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  • Plaça de les Olles, 8
    08003 Barcelona
    Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera-Born
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  • Phone number +34 933 107 961
  • Business website calpep.com

Recommended Reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating

    If you love good food - Cal Pep is a must!!!

    Like other reviewers said, if you want to order from a menu specifically & don't want to wait for up to an hour then it's not for you.
    The waiter will ask if you have any allergies or specifications, they take the ordering from there. All the food is FRESH.

    Their specialties: egg omelette, tuna tartare, clams w an amazing broth w tiny jamon bits, sautéed calamari w tiny jamon bits, tomato bread (Don't eat it all when they serve it so you can use it to soak up all the delicious sauces in each tapa), monkfish, cuttlefish

    *don't ask for aioli for your fried calamari like the  guy next to us- to Touristica

    Wine: cava is perfect & they serve an easy white for under $9 euro.

    Our total bill $96EU. 4 plates, 2 cava, 1 bottle of white. Yes we enjoyed;)

    We loved our dinner so much we went back for lunch the next day.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Food is good but there are better places in Barcelona (Tapeo, Quimet & Quimet, El Xampanyet, etc.)  - especially considering the wait (of mostly tourists), this place is a bit overrated and a bit overpriced.   Things we ordered:
    1) razor clams (good, 9 euro for 5)
    2) grilled monkfish (also good, smallish fish for 17 euro, came with amazing potatoes and half a grilled tomato)
    3) squid and chickpeas - 13 euro.  Ask for a half portion if they will let you (if you're only 2 people because it gets mundane after a while) - it's pretty good but was way oversalted.  Wouldn't order this again.

    When I asked about the gambas they said 4 would cost 30 euro.  Wtf?  As I mentioned, overpriced.  Food is good though.

  • 5.0 star rating

    If you wanted something specific, this is not the place.
    If you don't like seafood, you isn't the place for you.

    If you want to have a food adventure and experience the modern version of dinner theatre then, by all means, continue reading:)

    My wife and I came here with no idea what to expect.

    When we walked in, we were a bit overwhelmed because it's not structured like your typical restaurant.  The place looks like a diner with all the seating at the bar.  There are roughly 15 seats, all side by side.  On the other side of the bar, you have 4-5 chefs all cooking madly.  Behind the seats, is the lineup of people waiting to eat.... get in the line and stay there!

    When you get to your seat, you won't get a menu because there is no menu.  They'll ask you a few questions:

    1.What would you like to drink?
    2. Is this your first time here?
    3. How many tapas do you want... 4 or 5?
    4. Do you like seafood?

    That's it, then the food will come... and it will all be amazing.

    The clams were outstanding.  The Spanish omelette is the best.  Their calamari would set a new world record for awesome... if awesome was quantifiable.  Seriously, it will change your mind about how calamari should be done.

    Some tips...

    They don't serve wine by the glass, you get the whole bottle.  The beer is gigantic.  If its just the two of you, it's best that you both order beer or both order wine.  Otherwise, you can be like me and drink a man-sized beer followed by half a bottle of my wife's wine.... although, I was pretty happy with my mistake.

    Go here!

  • 4.0 star rating

    You need to wait at least an hour to find a seat, as the reservations are not accepted. However it is all worth due to tasty tapas, fresh vegetables and tasty Spanish wines !  The neighborhood is also nice to have a walk and enjoy some gelato !

  • 1.0 star rating

    Suggestion of 4 tapas was bad. No menu? Maybe you need to speak Spanish. Can not recommend

  • 4.0 star rating

    Halfway through our meal at Cal Pep, my husband turned to me and said "This is the meal we'll be talking about after our trip." He was right.

    We waited an hour for our seat which wasn't too terrible. At least it gave us time to consider what we wanted to order. Once we sat down, we requested the tortilla trampera, tuna tartare, clams and the pimientos de padrón plus a bottle of white wine. Everything was brought out quickly and mostly one by one with a side of pan con tomate. The experience of sitting at the bar with everyone, watching the cooks at the grill and waiters bustling by with food for everyone was fabulous. Eventually, at the recommendation of the waiter, we also ordered the cuttlefish which was good. The best, of course, was the tortilla.

    For dessert we had the crema catalana which was disappointing but then went for round two which was the pastry dish everyone else seemed to be having. Delicious. We finished off our meal with a dessert wine and then pretended not to care when our large, pricey bill arrived. If we make it back to Barcelona, we'll definitely be visiting Cal Pep again.

  • 5.0 star rating

    If you're a lover of good food, do yourself a favour and come here. That's all I've got to say :)

  • 5.0 star rating

    Best tapas i've ever had!!! If in Barcelana, it is worth the extra euros, because the quality of products is top!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Got there 40 minutes before opening. We were first in line. Worth the wait, both for the food and the theatre. Calamari, shrimp and sardines were fantastic. Tortilla not so much, so the waiter didn't charge us for it but brought a fifth tapas as a replacement. Get the cava. Great alternative to champagne at bargain prices. Great clams also.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I rarely take time to write reviews. Cal pep was the most magnificent lunch I've had. The one hour wait was totally worth it. Definitely check hours of operation and make sure to try the monk fish and sea bass. Awesome service!

  • 4.0 star rating

    This spot requires planning.  We had multiple reasons why we wanted to make it a stop in Barcelona and once seats were secured (we tried in vain one night and had to check back the next day.)  Asking for cava, a bottle was delivered so be sure to specify (while we did drink it, the mid-day buzz and food coma weren't expected Cal Pep plans!)

    Our server pretty much ordered for us and I do recommend it but I'd suggest starting with 2 plates per person.  I think we had 8 tapas when all was said and done...a bit overboard.  My favorite was the marinated mushroom caps and padrone peppers.  Salt and olive oil, what can be better?

  • 1.0 star rating

    My husband & I saved Cal Pep as our last honeymoon meal in Spain as we had heard so many good things.  Unfortunately, we couldn't have been more disappointed.  We are from Chicago & know what good food is, & had experienced incredible tapas all week long.

    The food here wasn't bad, but is was nothing special.  What was awful about this place was the service.  WARNING, if you are a tourist & do not speak Catalán, don't go here.  They will treat you differently by paying little attention to you & give you mostly fried food despite asking for other things.  Look around you... all the tourist will be served the same thing.  I wish we would have spent our $117 somewhere else as this was completely not worth it or the wait in line.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Perfect way to end our trip to Barcelona. We waited for more than an hour and it was well worth it. The waiter was terrific and we loved all his suggestions (potatoes least fav)! The razorback clams were amazing - my only complaint was I didn't have room for calamari and it looked great. Lots of fun.

  • 5.0 star rating

    This is a hidden gem that you should not miss if you are in Barcelona. Check their website for days/times they are open because it varies.

    They opened at 19:30 on Tuesday, so we arrived at 19:00 and were the 15th person in line. You will need to get there early and be patient. There is a front room with seated bar settings as well as a back room with a handful of tables for larger groups.

    There is no menu, just some of the freshest and most delicious tapas you will find. Our server was excellent. He explained the process of hot and cold tapas, bread, main course and dessert.  Our table of 4 included someone allergic to shellfish and the server brought out alternate items and easily worked around that limitation.

    Most Americans may not have experienced this dining format, but I highly recommend Cal Pep. They will take care of you and not gouge you in the process. For all the food we ate and all the wine we drank, I expected the bill to be much higher.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Best meal in Barcelona.  After 9+ meals of Spanish tapas, thought I was over it... But this place (last meal in the city) was amazing!!  Expect at least a 30 min wait, but feel free to order drinks while standing in line.  When it's time to order, there is no menu- but let the waiter take care of you. Fish? Yes. Meat? Yes.  Definitely get the clams. The monk fish and the steak are delicious. And end the meal with a glass of vermouth and espresso. Yum!!

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    As many of the reviewers mentioned, this is one of the highly recommended places to visit in Barcelona by many. We follow the instruction to get there 30 minutes before the opening in order to avoid the longer line of waiting, we were glad we did. The waiting turn out to be the most exciting 30 minutes for me, since you could imagine my anticipation for an awesome meal at this time was quite high.  

    After two of us finished 6 course meal and 120 something euro poorer later, I can't help but develop a mixed feeling towards Cal Pep.

    First of all, let's see what we got:
    -- a bottle of house white (can't go wrong with that)
    -- pan con tomate (good, but I haven't had any pan con tomate that were not good in Barcelona)
    -- clams cooked in chicken broth (delicious but nothing to wow for)
    -- tortilla de patatas (decent and huge)
    -- fried calamari (huge portion as well, and I thought this must be a joke)
    -- tuna tartare (huge portion, good but not great)
    -- grilled monk-fish with grilled veggies (the only awesome dish that reminded me why I were there to begin with - the Mediterranean specials)

    The good news was we were absolutely stuffed and all dishes were nothing but good.

    The bad news? Half way through the course, we realized that we went into this place without a strategy for taking advantage of the culinary skills offer by the Cal Pep. Mind you, you will not get a menu when you come in (at least for the bar line front-room dinning), and you will be asked briefly about what you like to eat, and then just leave it all to the staff/chef to decide what to bring to you. So if you were tourists, who were seeking for culinary adventures, but unfortunately answered like we did: "oh, we love everything and are open to the idea to try whatever...". Well, you will be treated as the typical tourists (rightfully so in someway), who will be fed with massive amount of crowd-pleaser but mediocre dishes in a very fast pace, and probably expected to make spaces for more tourists quickly after.  

    It was funny that we waited 30 minutes in line for eating breads, potato pancake, fried calamari and clams, which we could pretty much find those delicious but common dishes everywhere in Spain.

    Will I come back here again in the future? Maybe, but only if I could build up my courage and assertion to tell the chef/staff up front that I DO NOT want any starches, no potato, no bread, no fried dishes, one meat dish would be okay, and please stay with raw and cooked seasonal seafood, which were what the guests sat next to us did exactly. And boy, as the witness, I can tell you that the dishes they received were absolutely mouth-watering...

    3.5 star for being a tricky place.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Everything was delicious, I usually don't like fried food, but the fried artichoke was great, the tuna tartar was really good, but the meal high light was the grilled monkfish!!! I wish I could eat more! But I was full :( next time...

  • 2.0 star rating

    I went to Cal Pep based on a recommendation, today.

    Below is my honest assessment.

    First of all the customers should be treated better. We waited for  1 hour to be seated. No one seemed to even notice the level of frustration for all of us. For those who made reservations, they were still standing waiting for a table. There were bugs that had attached themselves to the vents and ceilings. The staff seemed frustrated and the chef kept yelling at them. The wine glasses were dirty. The food was good but not fantastic. The food in France and Italy is superior and cheaper. My advice is to speak to the locals and get recommendations, tourist restaurants are usually overpriced and based on hype.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Small, fun, very tasty tapas for sure! 4 people 170 Euro included 2 bottles of wine and few beers, overall reasonably priced. Location is cool.

  • 5.0 star rating

    It's a small place. There will be a wait (~40 min for us). And it will be worth it.

    This is THE best tapas you will get in Barcelona. The owner seems like a character out of "Triplets of Belleville" in the best way. Every single thing we ate was the best we had in our 2-week stay in the city. There was one dish we didn't enjoy (personal taste) and they immediately switched it out for another dish at no charge. The head chef then personally came out to ask us if we enjoyed everything.

    All the recommendations speak the truth, this will be the best tapas meal you will get in Barcelona.

  • 4.0 star rating

    My coworker recommended this place is a must  try in Barcelona, so here I was.
    The place is not easy to find, it's located in the small alley and pretty small.
    We were seated at the bar. Please note that you would be seated next to each other  with the rest of patrons so if you need some privacy with your dining companion, this is not the place :-).
    Don't be intimidated by the long line, they go pretty quickly since the service is pretty quick. First batch, second batch, so on.. got  the idea?
    No menu to choose for, but the the waiters are friendly and would give you recommendation. We tried the fried squid, the tuna tartar, tortilla tamprera and for dessert creme brûlée.  At the end of the meal, they asked for email address and gave us postcard. They have been sending us recipe ever since. I have yet to try the recipe though :-)

  • 5.0 star rating

    I've rarely eaten better food than at Cal Pep. It takes a while to be seated, but while waiting you're given an unique look into the kitchen and how all the food is prepared. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere amazing.

    The food, really, as good as it gets. Definitely recommended!

  • 5.0 star rating

    We found this place through Yelp when we visited Barcelona in November. We arrived before it opened for dinner, and there was a queue. There were four of us - and I'll be honest, three people in our group wanted to leave. But I'd read the reviews! I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

    15 minutes we were seated at the bar, and my dining companions were giggling in delight at the food we were being served. We weren't really sure what we'd ordered - the chef asked us what we don't like and then just served us a mix of tapas dishes. Expect lots of fresh seafood and vegetables, which you watch getting cooked just a meter or so away from you.

    We staggered out after eating until we burst some 45 minutes later - turnaround of seats is quick as there are people waiting for your seat standing behind you. We were all absolutely over the moon and high on the experience at eating somewhere completely different and exciting.

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in The YELP 100

    While a bit touristy, it is a must in Barcelona.  The waiters make the experience very entertaining and the tapas is 100% Barcelona.

    The flash fried peppers and the little fried fish with eggs were delicious as were the croquettes.  The only downside is the majority of the menu are fried dishes.  

    It was a fun experience for the entire family and got my boys trying a lot of new foods - including sardines.

  • 4.0 star rating

    How can I judge Cal Pep. It's my first time in Barcelona and what do I know of Catalan style seafood. I heard of Cal Pep being the food junkie (a term I prefer to foodie, as I've admitted that those of us as obessed with food are total junkies) but I didn't even know it specialized in seafood and I literally was walking down the street, entered a plaza and there it was. I went for lunch at around 1pm. It wasn't busy at all and I got a seat right away. Parties of two had to wait about 10 minutes. Want to avoid the dinner rush, come at lunch.

    The server quickly realized I had no clue and almost no Spanish and there is no menu. I knew I wanted anchovies and I knew I wanted garbanzo beans and he suggested fried seafood. In hindsight I could have skipped the anchoivies but I am so glad I got the garbanzo beans served with spinanch and beautiful crisp bits of blood sausage (i have always had a weakness for blood sausage but never had it cooked like lardons).  The fried seafood was just the way it should be, crisp not greasy, you can taste all the flavours and the prawn were tiny and crisp meant to be eaten heads and all and they were!

    The service was quick but not pushy and it was far cheaper than I thought it would be. My entire meal was 21 euro and would have been less if I was sharing with another person.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    We were walking by and had meant to give Cal Pep a try based on all the good reviews here on yelp and we were able right in and grab a seat with no wait.  

    I didn't have a menu but I used the Yelp photo's to order some things that looked intriguing. I'd recommend the razor clams, mixed fried seafood and gambas "gloriously sweet plump red shrimp."  

    The staff here was wonderfully helpful and hospitable as was Chef Pepe.
    The atmosphere is lively, people are excited and ready to chat as everyone is on vacation and having fun. We ended up sharing most of our food with the people sitting next to us just so we could try more stuff and not overeat or waste such amazing food.
    So if your in Barcelona hit this place. Just remember that you might be waiting a while and if that's not for you find out when they open and go a little early and be cool to the help and they will be quite cool to you!


  • 5.0 star rating

    The best meal we had on our trip to Barcelona!  Also loved that you didn't have to order anything.  They just asked you how many tapas you wanted and to tell them what you didn't like or had allergies towards.  Everything they served us was amazingly delicious.  We devoured each plate within a couple of minutes with no shame.  

    There's actually a full restaurant in the back, which we didn't see and heard that you had to call 10 days ahead to make a reservation.  Where we ate was a long bar kitchen with just stools surrounding it to fit about 15 people.  The place is decorated with a variety of nice paintings.  The line outside was pretty big for lunch on a Saturday and the place wasn't even opened yet!  We waited about an hour and a half, but it was worth it.

    The dishes we had included: delicious bread with tomato/pepper spread?  clams in wine sauce, some sort of omelet (was insanely good), tuna tartare, fish with potatoes, a cream baked dessert.

    Price was comparable to the quality of food.  About 90 American dollars for two.  Will definitely come back here whenever I go back to Barcelona.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Best tapas I've ever had! Hands down.

    Brother told me to come here so my two friends and I decided to go here. After reading online that you needed to get here early we heeded their advice. Service opened at 7:30 and got here at 7. Too late. We missed the first round of service and had to wait until the first wave was over. (Stomachs grumbling)

    After another hour we finally sat down at the bar and were asked what we wanted, any allergies, how much we wanted, and what we wanted to drink. There is no menu and there really are no choices. They brought us out six or seven different dishes with each better than the last. Our favorites were the deep fried anchovies, grilled white fish, and fried artichoke hearts.

    The owner is a great guy who walks around the bar talking to the customers and taking pictures with everyone. If you ask nicely they even give you a place mat to take home.

    You obviously get what you pay for and I was glad to fork over what I did. For the three of us, tapas, beers, dessert, it was €50 each. Like I said I would gladly do it again, I'd just show up earlier.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    We sat at the bar and let the magic happen. Loved their house Rioja and Cava, bruschetta, fried fry with fried egg, clams with ham, tuna tartare, chicken pot pie and spinach croquettes, ham cheese and potato tortilla (omelet), flan. Worth an hour's wait.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Food was fresh and mind blowing. Best tapas bar in Barcelona!  Pretty pricey, but well worth it. Extremely friendly, great atmosphere. They are total professionals and I'll definitely be going back!!!

  • 4.0 star rating

    This place is definitely worth a detour. Definitely a tourist hot spot, but the food is delicious and decor is authentic.

    The servers are warm and inviting but they are kind of pushy by trying to get you to order more food which is NOT cheap. From my observation, the wait is long if you are a party of two. Come early with an empty stomach and some moolah.

    See pictures. See for yourself.

  • 1.0 star rating


    1. Don't go, it's now overrated and over priced.
    2. If you do go, wait for a table at the bar don't book a table in the room behind.
    3. Don't let the waiter create the menu & serve you below average "crowd pleaser" tapas. Order fresh seafood a la plancha.

    After my visit this week, it's slid from one of my favourite restaurants in the world (I had been 3 times previously) to never again.  As we were travelling with a child, we booked a table 2 months in advance so we wouldn't have to queue.  What a disappointment.  

    The idea is that the waiter creates a tasting menu for you. We had the most average of tapas: chicken croquetas, pimentos, fried calamari, fried fish bait with soft boiled egg. The pimentos were just average. The calamari wasn't crispy.  Our tomato bread was soggy & cold, some burnt, and I couldn't taste any olive oil. The razor clams had sat on the pass too long so were cold by the time they got to us. The sauce of steamed clams, an old favourite was so salty we didn't want to mop up the sauce with our bread.  The other tables were served with scallops and when we asked about them the waiter said they might have run out, but when we looked unhappy about that they miraculously appeared.  Even another dish that I remembered so foldly - the tuna tartare - was served with slightly burnt toasts. We had to request the monkfish separately else they would ended there. When we asked about the gambas (prawns) that we had seen on other tables they said it was too expensive, 6-8 euros each. I would have paid for that except they had stuffed us with pedestrian tapas by that stage and I was a little too pissed to want to spend more money there. Perhaps I should have kicked up a fuss early on in the meal but I was still living on the memory of my previous meal. The only good dish from the evening was the tortilla with chorizo.
    We paid 50 euros per person for this meal, with two glasses of house wine in total (not per person).

    So, sadly I've now crossed off this restaurant on my lists, there are much much better tapas joints in the city. I'm now wondering if the previous visits I had enjoyed the food so much because I had been drunk on cava as we had to wait 45 mins in line.

    Ah well - never again.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    This was one of my favorite meals in Spain. The freshness and flavors of all the dishes blew me away.

    Some tips:
    Pay attention to what day and time it is. When we were there a few days ago, they were only open Monday dinner, Saturday lunch, and Tues-Fri L&D, and closed Sundays. Many restaurants in Barcelona in particular are closed Saturday evenings and all day Sunday, so don't learn the hard way!
    There will be a line regardless of when you show up, so be prepared to wait.  However, once you order, the food comes out fairly quickly.
    While you're waiting in line, look at what the other patrons are ordering and keep those dishes in mind. When you sit down, you won't be given a menu and instead you'll be asked what you like and don't like. Some stuff like the scallops are seasonal. (there's a menu outside to peruse while you're waiting)

    Now onto my favorites (which was everything!)
    The prawns were ridiculously expensive (6€ for 1 shrimp) but divine. They were large, succulent, and sweet. If you're in the mood to splurge, go for it!

    The clams are simply presented in a garlic/white wine broth but again very well done.  Definitely get an order of tomato pan (basically bread schmeared with tomato) to sop up the juices.

    The tuna tartare was the best version I ever had.  Go for it if you're a tartare fan.

    Finally, we made the best mistake ever.  I asked for mussels and instead we got mushrooms.  It was literally a dish of sauteed mushrooms, but holy cow, it was the best mushrooms that I've ever had.  So glad he misheard us!

    We left completely satisfied and happy! Definitely make room in your schedule for Cal Pep, you won't regret it.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I stayed in Barcelona for 4 days this summer, and Cal Pep was my hands down favorite tapas joint.  They pegged me as tourist right off the bat, choosing the dishes for me.  I was thankful since my Spanish was terrible.  All the dishes were superbly done, and the simplest dishes were better than I've had anywhere else.  Just unbelievable how fresh and tasty the food was!  The place is not cheap, FYI, but ironically a bottle of white wine was only 8 euros.  We loved the place so much, we came back a second time and were able to choose our dishes instead of letting them pick for us.  If I ever get to go back to Barcelona, get me a chair at Cal Pep!

    Calamari - lightly floured and salted, and I swear garlic found it's way in the flour too.  So simple but easily the best fried calamari I've ever had.

    Tuna tartare - chopped and formed in a cylindrical shape, mixed with herbs, olive oil, and sesame seed, and served with toasted bread.  Mmmm, that's where it's at!

    Potato cake - that's the name I give it.  It looks like a pancake with some white sauce drizzled on it.  I guess it's their version of patatas bravas and it rocks.  The inside is gooey and creamy, and something I did not expect when I took my first bite.

    Clams - fresh as can be.  I had regular clams in a white wine sauce, and razor clams in garlic, butter, and herbs.  Both were fantastic, but the razor clams stole the show with their meaty texture.

    Baby squid and chick peas - this was one of the dishes they picked for me, and I would have never picked it myself.  Cooked together until the chick peas are nice and soft, and the sauce comes from the breakdown of the ingredients.  Verdict - unexpectedly delicious!

    If you ask for wine, you get a bottle, not a glass.  They also serve toasted bread with tomatoes and olive oil rubbed on them with your dishes.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Oh My God!!! Hot Diggity Dog...Yelp has finally made it to Spain! Where were you when I needed you back in April during my vacation???

    Let me tell you this is a must try tapas bar if you make it out to Barcelona. My friend highly recommended this restaurant to me, so I knew I had to try it. I had a local show me where this restaurant was located at. Definitely the walk to this restaurant from La Rambla is a bit tricky! You have to walk through all these cobblestone alleys. The restaurants and shops along the walk was very quaint and lovely.

    You're sitting at the bar and it probably seats up to around 15-20 seats. It's a tight fit, so be prepared for the long wait. People are literally standing outside the door to wait for a spot.

    We ordered some beer to kill the time. It's was a good 40 mins. before we got a seat. There's no menu at this place. You basically tell the waiters what you feel like eating and they will create tapas for you. We ordered 6 dishes (mostly all seafood dishes). The seafood doesn't taste like the seafood you get here in America. It actually taste fresher and it was very flavorful! The menu changes here a lot, so I can't say to order a specific thing. However, if you love seafood just as much as I do go ahead and order a couple of seafood dishes. You won't regret it...the food and experience here was very memorable.

    This place adds up! I paid about 120 Euros here. I can only dream about coming back to Barcelona one day. I love everything about Barcelona!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    This shows up on the top tapas bar lists in every one of our guide books and was highly recommended by a friend, so we booked in advance and got a table in the quieter back room (vs the very crowded bar area where I imagine it'd be hard to feel like you had any privacy at all).

    The fun of this place is warm and friendly servers bringing you plate after plate without you have to order.  It definitely feels like an authentic homestyle restaurant, so the dishes are more basic than those say at Cerverceria Catalana, and not quite as fancy as Paco Meralgo, but boy the food was still fresh and delicious.  

    We had the pan con tomate (good), fried calamari (okay), carpaccio with monkfish and sweet caramelized onions (delicious and refreshing), tuna tartare (okay), chicken croquettes (yummy), spinach croquettes (delicious), the fried poblano peppers (good, not as good as Mordisco), clams with bacon (distinctive, yummy), mussels (excellent and fresh, but a bit salty), potato omelette (good and creamy).  We also had the strawberry cup with lemon mousse, and creme catalon with caramelized ginger.  My friends enjoyed both desserts. We also enjoyed our wine a lot (proto).

    We all loved the experience, family restaurant ambience,
    and the friendly service.   About 230 euros for 5 girls.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Overrated and not worth the wait.  If you can get in without much of a wait (good luck) then I think it's  worth a go.  However, if you find yourself standing towards the end of the line up against the wall (or heaven forbid, OUTSIDE the door), there are many other good (and superior) options nearby.

    Cal Pep opens at 7:30 pm and we arrived at 7:15 pm, which put us squarely at the end of the sorry queue perched along the back wall, watching everyone who had come in ahead of us sitting at the counter and enjoying a delightful meal.  Sometimes coming as a larger group does pay off, as they would take in parties of 4 ahead of smaller parties to sit at tables outside in the back.  But singles, pairs, and trios were otherwise fated to wait for a seat at the counter.

    Thankfully, each service took only about 45-50 minutes, but during that time we noticed that this place probably gets a lot of positive foreign press.  We felt surrounded by many English (or non-Spanish speaking) diners, and even one couple brandishing a Delta Airline Inflight magazine article featuring the restaurant and its owner, seeking an autograph from the man himself.

    So what about the food?  Our waiter simply recommended a series of tapas to which we willingly obliged, although they seemed pretty happy to accommodate requests (one diner next to us said, "I don't really like seafood" - seriously?!?!).  My favourite of the bunch was the deep fried collection of squid, sardines, and shrimp - nothing fancy and nothing I haven't had elsewhere, but I simply have a soft spot in my heart for deep fried piles of goodness.

    The omelet and tuna tartare dishes seemed to be both typical standards, but they did serve us a squid and chickpea dish that I could have done without.  We eyed another couple eating a wonderful squid dish, lightly dressed with olive oil that looked absolutely scrumptious, and were I to do this again, I would have asked for something like that.  We did get a plate of razor clams and clams that were both simply cooked and delicious, so I think that anything that they can pull off with less is certainly more.

    If they ask about dessert, skip their Creme Catalan.  It can be found anywhere, and they manage to Disney-ize their dish by having the restaurant's name emblazoned on top of the dessert without adding much more to the dish.  But if asked whether I would come back again, I would not if I had to line up.  But if the evening was drawing to an end and I saw a few empty seats at the counter, there's very little that would keep me from coming back to that plate of deep fried deliciousness calling out my name.

  • 5.0 star rating

    This place reminds me of the soup Nazi in Seinfeld.  The restaurant (more like a hole in the wall) has no more than 20 seats total. The restaurant opens at 5:30, but knowing that this place is VERY popular and will have a queue, we got there at 5.  We were the first in line, but then some other crazies arrived soon after us.  By the time it opened, there were at least 20 in line.  

    I'm not sure if there is a menu, and if there is, then I sure as heck didn't' see it.  The chef asked us what type of food we like, and we told him seafood, so he cooked us an assortment of seafood right in front of us.  The food was very nicely seasoned and tasted fresh.

    We paired the seafood with a few bottles of white wine and socialized with other customers who were visiting from other countries.  The atmosphere is lively and from their faces, it is obvious that everyone thought the food is superb.  Two hours or so later, we were finally done and our stomachs completely satisfied.  By the time we were ready to leave, the queue was long and people were probably giving us the evil eye as we were the first ones in, but not the first ones to leave.  

    I highly recommend that you check this restaurant out if you are in Barcelona.  Just expect not to find out how much everything is until you get your bill.  We didn't care since we were on holiday and enjoying this exceptional meal, but the damage was pretty bad.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Cal Pep was highly recommended to me before going to Barcelona, so my expectations were high. First off, this is a popular place and not only is it popular, it is very small. If you are not on time (before they open) you will most likely be queuing outside. I think we waited about 45 minutes to get a seat at the bar (you sit and eat at what looks like a bar).

    Once you manage to get your orders in, or rather tell the chef what you like, you are served quite fast while watching the waiters and chefs run on and off shouting behind the counter.

    The quality of the food is good, but for me it wasn't mind blowing good. It is a hectic and noisy atmosphere here, which does make it a bit hard for me to enjoy. The queue goes behind your back, you have people half a meter behind you while you eat, noise levels are high and you are quickly disposed of when finished. For me, I really dislike queuing and noisy restaurants, so as you can see that brings the overall down.

    As a side note, they ask for your email after you are done, so now I have been getting recipes in my email. Nice touch!

  • 1.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Horrible service if you're a tourist. The table next to us got fresh seafood and we got fried food. When we tried to tell them we wanted authentic food they got upset and offered us the check after two appetizers. Beware. It's good but make sure you get Catalan food. Very disappointed

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