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  • “I thoroughly recommend the Black Pudding with chutney, and it goes really well with the honey-chicken.” in 8 reviews

  • “I recently visited my sister in Seville, Spain, and enjoyed lots of authentic and delicious tapas.” in 6 reviews

  • “I had the chorizo and red wine, patatas bravas, pork meatballs and the lemon and paprika chicken.” in 6 reviews

Recommended Reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating

    Up until a few months ago, my knowledge of tapas was all theoretical. As part of one of the classes I was supporting in this year we were learning all about Spanish culture and food, was a big part of the culture.

    As a treat to the class, we went on a field trip to Cafe Andaluz and we all tried two dishes each from the tapas menu.

    Upon walking in you enter into a little corridor, almost like walking into your parents house, and we were very quickly greeted by a member of star and shown to our reserved table, there were jugs of juices and water on the table within moments of us being seated and then we were given time to assess the menu. And what a menu, obviously it is all traditional Spanish cuisine, and most of the young people went for the safe options such as the albondigas and the tortilla, I was desperate to try good calamares and was not disappointed by them, but the star of the show was my plate of Scallops.

    I've never eaten scallops before and so was not sure what was about to happen, but from the first bite, I knew I was on to a good thing, up until this point we had all shared a little of each thing, but the more expensive things were only eaten by the person who had put up the money for them, to keep it fair, and I have never been happier, because I couldn't have shared my scallops, even if I'd wanted to. Frankly three was not enough.

    The only downside to the day was the fact that although we were in a Spanish restaurant, we could not order in Spanish, even though the young people tried really hard to do so. The waiter serving us was French, the other waiter was Italian I believe, and then another waitress was another nationality. It made for a fun conversation with each of them, when our young people tried there hardest to talk to them in Spanish, to be told I don't speak Spanish but I can speak English if that helps?

    Such a good day, and my only qualm is that I haven't been back yet, although this time, I might just have to have a glass of wine with my meal.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I love tapas. No, I love LOVE tapas, but I wasn't exactly swept off my feet by Café Andaluz.

    I had the goats cheese with marmalade (ok), the calamari (ok) and the spicy lamb meatballs (quite nice). I didn't feel like the food was really made with passion which is imperative for a good, authentic tapas experience. Possibly because it is a chain and it was rather busy. It was a fairly dear lunch deal at three tapas for £11.95 per person, but I suppose that's reasonable for a George Street location.

    The interior is quite charming. I loved the Spanish fares and the round tiled tables (which are plentiful - it's quite large inside). The location is handy and because it is tapas, it might be alright to come back with a large group for a birthday or a farewell type do.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Have been several time with different types of people - business colleagues, friends, family etc - and every time have really enjoyed myself.

    It's a big restaurant, always seems busy but always able to cope with the hustle and bustle.

    Last night came with family. We had about two dishes per person which was just about right for a meal but we weren't stuffed (which is good!)

    My particular favourites were pigs cheeks and gambas pil pil - highly recommend.

    Defo worth going to - would probably book to make sure you get a table and I think would work with a group as you can order lots and lots of dishes to share. :)

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Cafe Andaluz is a perfectly respectable place to stop for a bite when you're on George St and want to fill your belly and have a long chat over some sangria.

    It's not exactly going to win any culinary awards, and the scale of the place can make you feel a bit like you're being churned through a system, but the food is perfectly acceptable and the staff don't seem to mind when you stretch a few tapas over a loooooooong lunch.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I've been here a few times with friends and a family. What I like about this place is that you can order more food than you would eat at a normal restaurant and it be acceptable. Sure ... order 3-4 tapas ... they're small portions right?

    So, if your ever feeling like you deserve a good filling meal, then head here! You get the full sensation without the guilt trip!

    Aside from the ridiculously important points above. The food is pretty amazing, the service excellent and all for a good price. I will return!

  • 5.0 star rating

    We decided to eat here after reading good reviews of the place. Tapas is such a great option and always first choice wherever we go. This place didn't just meet expectations but surpassed on all levels! Mojito cocktails great, service was fantastic. A dropped spoon on the floor was replaced by the time I picked it up!
    Food came super fast and was very fresh, Prawns were so nice we got an extra portion! And I recommend the black pudding.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    4 stars maybe a little bit too high but hey ho, I think they have the best tapas in town. Mariscos y Pescados is my favourite menu section. Great taste, very light flavour. Service is not bad and staff is friendly. The only thing is....I broke soap holder in the bathroom (yes, it was me) and when I came back to the restaurant 5 days later it was still broken and exactly as I left it. Maintenance team maybe need to check señoritas rest room more often ;-)

  • 3.0 star rating

    Spanish tapas, from a chain that doesn't feel too much like a chain. The restaurant is huge inside, the staff are friendly and (reassuringly?) Spanish, and the food menu is extensive.

    It's nice that they label things that are GF, and they have extensive vegetarian options too. So not too much chorizo. Although there is chorizo, and black pudding. Mm.

    I came by for lunch. I've previously eaten a lot in the Glasgow West End Café Andaluz, set in a basement, it feels like a proper Spanish taverna. I also remember the food being quite nice particularly the honest and mustard battered chicken.

    The food I had for lunch was fine, but very lacking in any real passion. It feels like production line food. The salad with goats cheese and beetroot was quite small with not much cheese; contrasted to the goats cheese and marmalade which is a whole piece of goats cheese. The mackerel was also tiny and just a bit, meh. Mackerel on top of some wiry lettuce. The mussells were reportedly good, the black pudding and chorizo was also ok, but the black pudding had disintegrated turning it into a black pudding stodgy soup with chunks of chorizo.

    I think the food is nice in that the ingredients are good. Chorizo, good. Goats cheese, good. But the method of cooking and presenting the food is a bit lack lustre, both in passion and taste.

    I would come back here for a friend's birthday dinner (I can imagine it'd be good for this) and wouldn't complain. I'd be satisfied and probably eating some tasty chorizo and goats cheese. But it's not that cheap (George Street location) and the food is rather forgettable. Fine, but just that.

  • 3.0 star rating

    What Jenny L said.  Food here is much better than La Tasca but still doesn't blow your socks off or anything near it.  Bit too pricey for the quality and skill that's gone into the dishes.  My friend and I ordered a sharing menu for two that was £19 each and we got 9 dishes to share along with bread and olives. Goats cheese and marmalde is really good.  I think we got a better deal than the other that we were lunching with as they were choosing individually and the bill came to around the same price for less food.

    We ordered house wine and I only tried the red which wasn't great so I was annoyed to find at the end of the meal that we were charged £20 for the privilege.  If I'd known the wine was that expensive I would have paid a few more pounds for a better bottle.

    I only have two other tapas restaurants to compare to and I would say in order of quality Indaba at Tollcross, this place, then La Tasca last.  Think I'll keep going to Indaba.

  • 4.0 star rating

    You may or may not have gathered that I love food, and ordering food is a massive ordeal to me. WHAT TO PICK? I am famous for the words "Can I try a wee bit?" when other people's food hits the table. I like to try loads of different things, and I always panic that I order something and then lust after someone else's food! If you suffer this dilemma, then tapas is for you!

    Tapas is simply a small serving of a dish, which means you can order two or three dishes (each!) at a time NOT look like a fatty!

    Café Andaluz is one of my favourite tapas restaurants. After a few visits I realised that the owners of the restaurant are in fact the same as my good old friend Di Maggios! I have been in the Glasgow and Edinburgh restaurants, and both are lovely. I've taken the photos below from their website to show the traditional Spanish decor.

    The restaurants are rustic mediterranean and packed with character! There are patterns, cushions, lanterns and artwork everywhere. The restaurants are dimly lit to give a cosy atmosphere. But as great as all that is, the food is why you're here. And the food doesn't disappoint!

    There were two of us and we decided to get six tapas dishes between us, which was plenty. We were starving and cleared the lot in about 15 minutes - we felt that was worthy of an award!

    Their menu has an amazing range - I try a couple of new dishes each time I go and I am yet to be disappointed! It can be as big or small a meal as you'd like, but regardless of the portion size I con confidently say you'll love it and continue to love it as you return! The food is scrumptious.

    The staff were all really friendly and helpful. I really enjoyed my meal here! Please see my full review here: houseofherby.com

  • 5.0 star rating

    Love, love, love this place!

    So far this is the best tapas experience I've had........ and it was in Edinburgh. So, way to go Café Andaluz!

    We *gorged* ourselves on a truly decadent meal that I'd have to rattle my brain to remember every single thing we ordered.. but everything was delicious and we all walked away stuffed to the brim. It all tasted authentic. Authentic Spanish food. In Edinburgh! Holy crap! As an extra sign of it, I spotted several tables of Spanish people surrounding us, chattering away in their native tongue. The chorizo was extra delicious, which is the first thing I always gauge the yummy-factor on in a Spanish restaurant. I remember the paella was very tasty as well.

    The wine was great, the food was magnificent, it was really my most memorable meal I think I had in the country.. and for a pretty fair price. The service was wonderful, too. I'd really recommend it.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Food was ok, but atmosphere was lacking along with the service.  I enjoy the small plate concept, It often allows you to explore and try many new and interesting dishes.  Andaluz menu was too long and the plates uninspiring.

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I really wanted to like this place but I was a bit underwhelmed which is a real shame as I love Spanish food. It does seem to be something that is surprisingly easy to not do very well. Our tapas selection was mainly meat, fish and cheese but didnt have as much flavour nor quality of ingredients as the price justified in my opinion. The Chipirones were very over cooked and cold when they arrived, the pork was really dry and the spicy bravas sauce was not spicy nor was the garlic mayo particularly garlicky. The jamon was also some cheap parma style stuff and the lomo disappointing but no flavour but the chorizo slice was nice. Good decor though and nice staff so on the whole not a repeat visit in the pipeline for this one.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Spent two weeks abroad in Scotland this summer and this place, as an American who loves Spanish tapas, a godsend. Authentic food and lovely atmosphere, great service to boot. One of the better restaurants I tried in Edinburgh and genuinely just a great stop!

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    I love tapas, i am terrible at making decisions so it helps being able to order a few different dishes instead of just one. I recently visited my sister in Seville, Spain, and enjoyed lots of authentic and delicious tapas. So Cafe Andaluz had a lot to live up to.

    Kelly F and i visited last night and neither of us had been before. It is huge inside and not waht i expected, in a good way. The staff were nice, although we did struggle slightly when ordering drinks due to the language barrier, probably more to do with my funny accent.

    We went for the set menu and of 3 tapas and a dessert for about £12, however, we were both starving and ordered four tapas each. The waiter asked if we wanted to substitute our desserts for the extra tapas which was great as neither of us were fussed about dessert.

    We ordered patatas bavas, baby squid, meat balls, black tiger prawns, marinated chicken, black pudding with chutney, and pork cheek. The dish i as most excited about was the baby squid, but unfortunately i was very disappointed. The bits of squid were tiny, overcooked and covered in far too much batter. The pork cheek was tender and lovely, but the sauce it was in was awful, tasted really peculiar and burnt. However, those are my only 2 complaints. Everything else was delicious, the tiger prawns were really big and juicy and the black pudding was sooooo tasty!

    I had a lovely time there and will definitely be back, i just won't order the pork cheek or baby squid. I will try the calamari next time and hopefully that will be better.

  • 5.0 star rating

    My Boyfriend and I came across this place by accident and loved it.

    As we were visiting Edinburgh for just one night we weren't sure of where to go but came across this place as we wandered around. Its fantastic.

    The place has an excellent vibe and atmosphere. I loved the decor. As always with tapas i struggled to decided what to have so decided to go with the set menu. The food was fantastic and there was plenty.

    The waiters were very friendly and helpful and all in all I give this place top marks. Defo worth a visit!

  • 5.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    I love Tapas so when the suggestion of visiting Café Andaluz was suggested last week I didn't need any convincing. Everyone I know has a good thing to say about the place not to mention their own favourite dishes they can't help but recommend so I was excited to go along and try some dishes for myself.

    My dining partner, Miss Jennie S, and I both had the pre theatre menu which includes 3 tapas dishes and a dessert for £12.95. As neither of us wanted dessert our waiter very kindly let us order an extra tapas dish instead...one more dish to try.

    I had the chorizo and red wine, patatas bravas, pork meatballs and the lemon and paprika chicken. Tapas being community food I also got to taste some of the food Jennie S ordered. (She had baby squid, battered king prawns, black pudding and chutney and pork cheeks.)

    The food was divine! It was genuinely the best tapas I've had, everything was full of flavour and tasted really fresh. The pre theatre menu is amazingly good value when you consider both the quality and the sheer amount of food you get to eat. By the end of the meal there was loads of food left and I was completely stuffed but I didn't want to leave any...it felt like such a crime to leave any of this yummy food. Eventually I had to admit defeat and stop before they had to roll me out of the joint (or worse offer me a wafer thin mint).

    I would absolutely go back to Café Andaluz any time. I need to plan another trip soon, I want to try the paella this time!

  • 5.0 star rating

    If you love tapas than Cafe Andaluz offers the best tapas around and it's always a struggle for me to pick what I want off the menu as everything always looks so good. My favourites are;

    Patatas Gratinadas - which is to die for, layered potatoes with a creamy sauce over it, has to be my favourite.
    Paella Valenciana - a mixed paella with fish and meats, amazing.
    Pollo Marinado - Chicken with a lemon and coriander dressing with yoghurt
    and last but not least; squid rings. Yum!

    I had a rather embarrassing experience here once, we went with a big group and a friend brought along his new girlfriend who was a complete pain in the backside, always trying to outdo everyone else. She decided she would be "smart" and spoke to the waiter in Spanish and ordered everything in Spanish too, to which he just replied; "right, so you want the prawns, the potatoes and the asparagus?". Hilarious!

    It's worthwhile joining their mailing list as they often send special offers, I recently got an e-mail with a 20% off voucher for my next meal here!

  • 1.0 star rating
    1 check-in


    The atmosphere is a very forced slightly more upmarket Spannish in a bottle you see in la Tasca and the food is much the same equation.

    Looking at the service they are actually very good, prompt and non-intrusive they did a fine job all evening.

    The food for me though was a real let down, I tried the following:

    Classic Calamari: now I am a man that loves his squid but as soon as I saw the very pale looking batter you could see it was soggy and I was unhappy, the squid itsself was cooked fine but clearly their oil temperatures are too low creating the soggy mess I had on my plater. Judgement: 1 star

    Chorizo & Black Pudding: cheap chorizo maketh the good meal not. An almost illumonous colour this stuff had no real defined flavours and was very chewy - the black pudding was of a decent quality but was over cooked and suffered from the over powering chorizo infused tomoato sauce. Judgement 1 star.

    Paela Valenciana: 1 prawn - overcooked, 3 pieces of chiecken - overcooked, 2 pieces of pork - overcooked. Now the flavours of this were good but as they clearly microwave the portions for serving the meat goes as tough as old boots. Judgement 1 star.

    Chicken gougons with honey and mustard: nice bit pieces of chicken ina   light crispy batter was very nice. Def the high point of the evening. Judgement: 4 stars.

    Scallops with crispy serrono : lovely crispy serrono - but with scallops do them fresh or not at all. These were frozen efforts that had been undercooked to make then seem soft. Horrid!! Judgement 1 star!!

    The other saving grace of the evening was the drinks, 1 pitcher of sangria helped to wash my mouth out and the braqndy coffee was as good as ive had.

    All in all not a good experience, I have heard this is a poor recreation of their Glasgow restaurant. My tip to them would be either improve or LEAVE!!!

    Jd = not happy man!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I can't tell you if this place is remotely authentic - I've only been to Spain on a couple of business trips and I was vegan at the time ... didn't get to sample much of the tapas menu, as you can imagine. Nice olives? I think I just drank a lot of beer.
    Anyway, I'm now making up for lost time, so when I got invited for lunch I jumped at the chance. And had a delicious feast - at three plates for a tenner it's a good deal. Chorizo, black pudding, mussels, prawns, potatoes in creamy garlicky sauce, and some sweet potato and tahini bake for 'vegetables'. Yeah, I know, I'll have salad later - it was all too good to resist.
    The staff are lovely, the venue is gorgeous - lots of coloured tiles and twirly iron,  and it was just a really good meal.

  • 3.0 star rating

    This place might have a great central location, and it might stand out from all the other multitude of eateries in the George Street area because there aren't that many spanish places around, but I still don't rate it.

    Loads of Spanish restaurants, in my opinion, leave you tasting nothing more than paprika and grease in your mouth for the rest of the evening/week, and Café Andalúz didn't really much to dispel that theory.

    I also couldn't help thinking it was overpriced. Not because the food wasn't good, but because with it being tapas the portions were really small and so I left thinking I could easily go for the same again.

    They do offer really good deals on their website, and in the snapfax for the benefit of students, but everyone I know who's tried to take them up on this has had no end of problems. Unless you quote the offer code or snapfax page at least ten times when calling up to book, or when you first arrive, you can expect to see abosultely nothing of the promos or discounts you thought you were going to receive.

    It's lucky the setting is lovely, and the service is efficient, or I'd definitely be giving this 2 stars.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Only had a coffee and chunk of carrot cake but for the price and the surrounds I feel obliged to reward this place with a reasonable review. Carrot cake was moist, big enough for two and came with a small pot of cream.  It didn't need it but as it was there, on it went.  Coffee was decent and service came with a genuine smile. Perhaps this all sounds run of the mill stuff, but sitting beside the coffee was a melt in the mouth slab of 'fablet' a mixture of tablet and fudge. Little touch meant a lot.

    I'm not sure it would float my boat for an evening meal, maybe a bit manufactured, but for elevenses came up tops.

  • 4.0 star rating

    If you look below, you'll find a fairly accurate description of how your mouth will feel after a visit to Cafe Andaluz. I'm going to be a bit more generous though and say it's paprika and (greasy) olive oil you taste for weeks afterwards. That's not really a problem for me though, as I love paprika, olive oil, and grease if I'm being honest.

    Cafe Andaluz is a small but popular chain, and while it has the usual chain drawbacks of a slightly processed edge to proceedings and a very sanitised ambience, I quite like it. The scallops and paella are particularly tasty, as is a potato dish of which I can't quite remember the name.

    Ladies, watch out for the randy old Spanish waiters, they could really do with a cold shower.

  • 3.0 star rating

    The first time I had a meal at Cafe Andaluz, after it had just recently opened, I have to admit to being quite disappointed. I lived in Spain for a good wee while, so I do know a bit about how tapas are meant to taste, but it's not even that, even if you haven't set foot in Spain in your life before, it's pretty obvious what constitutes something tasty. The tapas were definitely a bit below par on this occasion, but I put that down to early teething problems, because when I decided to revisit Cafe Andaluz again recently to take advantage of a good lunch deal they had going, everything was so much better, and could definitely be described as tasty.

    This is certainly a good option if you're looking to book somewhere for a group in the centre of town, and it's also great banter ordering lots of different dishes and trying out and sharing a variety of different tapas.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I keep getting this idea that George Street is full of soulless cafeterias with high prices and low atmosphere. Cafe Andaluz wasn't that much different. First of all I hate getting fobbed off with things like free olives if you have to wait for your table because deep in your heart you know it's to get you to drink more. "Can I just dab your mouth out with cotton wool while you wait for your table ma'am"...

    The decor was mainly Moroccan themed and give it it's dues, the lighting did make it rather intimate. The night definitely picked up when the food came and it was lovely. I just felt that somewhere down the line it was missing a bit of heart.

  • 5.0 star rating

    This is one of my favourite restaurants in Edinburgh if I'm heading out last-minute. It always gaurantee's quality and the food is delicious! And you don't have to be particularly dressy either - amazing!

    My first visit here was with my dad, after we had just climbed Arthurs Seat (imagine sweat marks, curly hair and muddy shoes) but I didn't feel uncomfortable. Partly because it had a really casual atmosphere, and partly because it's quite dark in here!

    The staff are really friendly and eager to help. As a result of my first visit, I come to Andaluz (what the cool kids call it) every other week or so. My order is always the same....

    Mussels in a white wine and garlic sauce
    Scallops with parma ham and leeks
    Honey-mustard Chicken
    Black Pudding with Apple mango chutney

    I usually go with someone else, and the above selection usually fills us up. I thoroughly recommend the Black Pudding with chutney, and it goes really well with the honey-chicken.

    The only bad thing about Andaluz is the price of wine - the cheapest bottle is around £13, but I suppose the free mints at the door compensate for this.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I don't really do tapas.

    If I'm hungry, then the last thing I want is wee teeny dishes, some of which I might not like, strewn across my table to 'share' with my dining companions. I don't do sharing my lunch. I like to have it on my very own plate. Selfish? Yup, indeed.

    However, I did go to Cafe Andaluz one afternoon for a quick bite to eat and I have to say, I am on the way to being a tapas loving convert. My friend and I had to eat in a hurry and we told the waitress this. She made sure we had our drinks on the table asap, and the food we ordered really did take only about 15 minutes to appear on the table. Perfect for what we needed.

    On my friends recommendation, we had Paella Valenciana, which was a fish and meat paella, which we decided to share, and a tapas dish of honey mustard chicken. Both were nice, filling and hit the spot. It's probably not very authentic, but this is a chain, so did I expect?

    A nice enough lunch, nothing more and nothing less. Efficient service, nice décor and tasty food.

  • 3.0 star rating

    My second meal here (a work Christmas night out) was better than the first (a Hogmanay special  they threw us out at 10.30pm), but only just.
    The food was variable; dreadful beef, ok duck, nasty salsa with the sea bream and some divine Spanish equivalent of a Gratin Dauphinoise. Puddings were equally up and down; up for the chocolate delice, very down, down, down for the butterscotch fat and sugarfest, sorry, cheesecake.
    Two of the above three stars are for the staff: Rushed off their feet in a packed, noisy restaurant they kept their good humour and gave us good service.
    If it weren't for the food this would have been a 5 star night out. Not what you really want from a restaurant.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I went here for dinner on a Sunday and even though they were running a special, two of us split two tapas and paella.  The special runs every Sunday, apparently.  Three tapas and dessert for about 15 quid.  Looking back, I think I'd rather have chosen that option.  The patatas gratinadas and albondigas we ordered were very tasty but the paella was just a bit too oily for me.  

    Other than that, it was a fairly standard dining experience.  Nothing amazing to report.  The lighting is dark and the music is soft, so feel free to take along a hot date.  Just don't count on them being wowed out of their knickers.

    • Qype User sheehl…
    • Edinburgh
    • 9 friends
    • 107 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I have been twice now to cafe andaluz - once for lunch and once for dinner.

    Enjoyed it both times - dinner was a night out with the girls and we lingered over our meal for ages. No one made fuss or kicked us out, they just let us chat and catch up.

    Lunch was with my family and that was also pleasant.

    The menu is what you would expect from Tapas restaurant and is nicely done. Garlic prawns, meat balls, garlic mushrooms and potatoes bravas all tasted great.

    Wine selection is good - by glass and bottle and generally the service is up to par.

    It's on George Street so nice place to stop while out shopping. You can also sometimes get good offers on 5pm website.

    • Qype User CatOnT…
    • Edinburgh
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    • 170 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Having been a fan of its sister restuarants in Glasgow, I had high expectations for Cafe Andaluz on George Street. Did it deliver? Hell yeah! We rocked up on a surprisingly busy Thursday evening but were still greeted by smiley-happy staff who were eager to give us attention. '15 minutes to wait for a table, but would you like some sangria and complimentary olives while you wait?' 'Yes please!'

    Cafe Andaluz is quirky with its Moracan decor. With its subtle lighting it's as good for a romantic dinner as it is a big party. As a vegetarian, I'm always chuffed with the options- lots of delicious tapas ready to be devoured. Cafe Andaluz, I love you.

    • Qype User emmiew…
    • Harlow, Essex
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    5.0 star rating

    My partner and I absolutely loved it here. The food and drink, tho pricey, was delicious, the variety was fantastic and great for a veggie like me! The atmosphere was happy and lively and even though it was a packed Sunday night, the service was good. Nothing has topped the gorgeous toffee cheesecake since either.

    We are looking forward to returning to Cafe Andaluz when we visit Edinburgh again, beautiful city :)

    • Qype User ellyce…
    • Edinburgh
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    • 91 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    I was greatly looking forward to going to Cafe Andaluz, as tapas can be a real delight. My experience was, well, lukewarm. The food was not bad, if a bit mass-produced tasting.
    I had the Piementon de Padron, Paella Valencia, and Honey-chilli glazed pork cheek. I enjoyed it all, had my coffee to wrap-up a meal nicely, tipped my waiter and left, planning to take my fiance back.
    That, however, will not be happening.
    In checking my bank account, I guess my waiter was not happy with my tip because they went ahead and added another one on!
    They may have made a few more quid that evening, but they've lost a potential long-term client.
    I f*ing got robbed.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The two of us went there on a Saturday @ 6pm withought booking, which wasn't a problem, they gave us two hrs which was fine, we had 5 tapas to start and the paella for 2 which was great with 2 Btls wine £67. staff are very friendly and nothings to much bother, a great atmosphere too.


  • 3.0 star rating

    Had a really nice meal with huge selection. Food was top notch and price was very reasonable. Would recommend.

    • Qype User Mumzil…
    • Edinburgh
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    • 32 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    One word to say about this place  WOW! Food is superb, atmosphere is great and staff are very helpful and friendly. Excellent value for money and costs you a lot less than it looks! Went there very recently with a group for our daughter's birthday and, while they couldn't provide a cake, they were happy to bring our own cake out and made sure we had everything we needed. Also  lots of gluten-free dishes on the menu so if, like us, you have coeliac friends and family, you can still all go out together and enjoy a meal.

    • Qype User Americ…
    • Aberdeen
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    • 48 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Went to this restaurant the week after it opened. The front of the restaurant makes it look deceptively small. Once you enter, the restaurant goes on forever. It even has an upstairs. The restaurant is nicely decorated. As for a menu, the restaurant has many choices for every type of eater. The pricing is a little on the high side, think spending about 15 a person plus drinks. But, the food was good and the service was good. I would go back again.

    • Qype User dawnyf…
    • Edinburgh
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    5.0 star rating

    Fab Fab Fab. Was given vouchers for Christmas from my lovely brother. Decided not to let them lie around so off we went for lunch. The food was fab, the service great & the prices not too steep. The decor is authentically Spanish with a lot of attention to detail. The same can be said of the food. Having spent 4 years next door to Spain in Gibraltar, I am no stranger to Tapas. These were as good as they come with a modern twist! A must!!!!!

    • Qype User alexac…
    • Edinburgh
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    4.0 star rating

    I really do love it here. I have been here many times, and I think it will remain as a firm favourite for places to eat in Edinburgh.
    The food is is fantastic everytime, it tastes fresh and full of flavour. I have visited another tapas restaurant and it doesn't even come close to what Cafe Andaluz offer.
    The restaurant itself is beautiful, the owners have really made the effort to make it authentic.
    I do think the pricing on the menus could be better, I myself have enquired about party menus and what they offer on said menus doesn't match the price you pay, it doesn't seem like you would be saving any money, and the options are very limited.
    The only thing I feel lets it down are the staff, sometimes they can be very aloof. On one occasion myself and my partner stood by the desk waiting to be seated and the manager who was on the desk looked up at us but acted as if he hadn't even seen us, more than a little bit rude! Also the waiting staff could do with smiling a little more, it wouldn't and doesn't stop me from going back as I LOVE good food and thats what you get at Cafe Andaluz.
    TIP: I'd book in advance if you plan on going on a Friday and Saturday night as they are very busy and you will be lucky to get a table if you are just walking in.

  • 3.0 star rating

    A real gem, stumbled upon it whilst feeling hungry mid afternoon and just needing a little something to keep us going. A superb glass of sangria, cheese plate and serrano sandwich later we were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves. The service was just right and the small piece of scottish tablet with the espresso at the end was just the right touch. A very enjoyable experience which I hope to enjoy again some time in the future. Perhaps a full meal next time!

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