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  • 4.0 star rating

    I loved the chicken skewer (white meat) and the grilled red peppers. Fun having it served table side in a casual and comfortable environment. I enjoyed the black beans and the mango slaw was good. Friendly service, fun drink list. Great for lunch or a low-key dinner.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Cabana is a nice brazillian tapas type restaurant, that looks the part. The cocktails are decent enough and the food is quite tasty. The only real downsides are the prices which I reckon are slightly on the higher side for the portion size. A nice touch is that meats are served like rodizio at your table.

    We were here on a free meal up to £100. There were 3 of us and we spent just under that amount and I still felt a little hungry. At around £33 per head you'd expect to leave full.

    The best items are definitely the bbq meats.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Cabana is one of those restaurants that you have to know what is good and stick to that if you want a decent meal.

    Of course on our first visit we didn't know better so everything was like a test and trail. We ordered quite a few starters to start off with but sadly most were disappointing.

    The Passarinho which were fried chicken in breadcrumbs were a bit dry. The meat could have been a lot more moist with more flavour.

    The Chicken Coxinhas were a lot better. The crunchiness of the breadcrumb batter was nicely balanced with the juicy shredded chicken and was a lot more flavoursome although quite standard tasting.  It was also harshly portioned with only three in each serving.

    The crunchy rice bolinho's were average. It had a nice thin crispy breadcrumb coating into a cheesy filling of risotto. Sadly it was bland and needed more depth  in there but the accompanying chilli mayo sauce did it favour and added a bit of creamy sweetness.

    The tortillas and guacomole were probably the most disappointing. The guacamole tasted mass produced from a bottle or something, no zing in there and really bland. The tortilla itself were poor and lost it's crunch as if it's been out the air too long.

    But thankfully we discovered this amazing Malagueta sauce that was available on every table and made everything 10 times tastier. It added a citrusy kick to everything and went well with most of the starters. I advise everyone to look out for this sauce and use it for everything that lacks taste.

    It was no wonder why when it came to the mains the Spicy Malagueta chicken skewer was one of the highlight dish, most likely to be made using the same sauce. Excellent tender pieces of chicken taken off the skewer in front of you with a real depth of flavour. It tasted fresh and juicy and we saw the chef making it behind us so it was piping hot.

    The zingy lime and garlic chicken couldn't match it. It was quite weak as if it wasn't seasoned long enough for the flavour to seep through. However we did enjoy the tenderness and with a bit of that spicy malagueta sauce it was saved.

    The Beirut was my favourite- lovely toasted flatbread filled generously with more of that juicy spicy malagueta chicken. But it was the layers of  extra ingredients such as the avocado, tomatoes and chilli mayo that wrapped things up nicely adding more than just flavour.

    The most pricey dish on the menu were the ribs which were good. They weren't as impressive as the chicken but still very enjoyed. I would recommend this dish to those who love their meat falling of the bone as this was exactly what this was. Except this one still maintain some of it's flavour and sweetness although tasted mostly of the sweet smoky BBQ sauce it was smothered in.

    The prawn moqueca the flavour was quite one noted. It was just sweet and creamy so nothing not to like but not worth £12.95. The extra compliment that included some crispy bits and ferofa gave it a nice varied texture. The prawbs were fresh too which meant they were bouncy and sweet . They could have been more generous with the portion of rice though.

    We completed the meal with a few sides. The sweet potato fries were probably the worse I've had it as they lacked seasoning and somehow lost most of it's sweetness. The fried cassava were even more disappointing. It wasn't fluffy at all but instead hard and dense with a really weird texture as if it was still raw. I've had fried cassava before and I usually love it.

    Best were the tomato palm heart salad. I have never had heart of palm before but they were incredibly soft and delicate, light in flavour and tasted very much like artichokes. They went well with the tomatoes.

    We were too full for desserts but still I went to satisfy my sweet tooth with a hot chocolate and rich and sweet it was, it was very powdery. Better was my friend's mocha - less chocolate meant less powder. It was a fine smooth coffee too,

    I don't know who was on that night but the cocktails were made poorly too. We decided to stick with the Brazilian theme and ordered the Cabana Colada and the Dream Team 1970 both lacking in flavour and fruitness where the Colada was more cream than anything and the Dream Team wasn't fruity at all. The latter was like it was just for novelty as it was served with a flamed passionfruit. Should have stuck with the soft drinks as I really enjoyed my friend's Fresh Limo Nada Suissa- fresh lemon and lime with soda water and sugar to crush in.

    Altogether the meal was a mixed bag although I better mention that meal was free as we won a competition. If we had to pay we would have been more disappointed as we don't feel it represented Brazilian cuisine at all which is known for it's spices. Pricing doesn't justify this either. In the end it's just a chain that splashes out more on it's funky colourful decor than food quality.

    But if you do find yourself in this restaurant I would advise to stick with the grilled items and you should be fine.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Food was really good, chicken was just great, sweet potato fries and fresh fruit juice just makes it great for me. Love the interior design and staff was friendly. Would definately go again when in London

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    The food here is fantastic with a helpful and simple menu. I've had The Beruit and the full rack of ribs. Both have gone down well and those ribs were soft and light best in London I've had. Probably because they are cooked on a real grill/barbecue that has real fire!!!
    The interior is kind of funky now with a lot of denim and jeans everywhere, I don't really get it but it's kind of cool.
    But the service let us down, after paying she just kept the money and assumed there was a tip, otherwise this would be the only chain I would give 5 stars

  • 1.0 star rating

    This is by far the worst restaurant I've ever been. Menu is perfect but when you order the meal, there is no similarity to what it should be. This is not Brazilian food. Would not recommend to anyone! :(

  • 3.0 star rating

    Traditional Brazilian food? No. Clean, okay service, good cocktails.  That being said if you're looking for real Brazilian food - you'll have to continue looking elsewhere.. The meat is fine, but not excellent.

  • 3.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Cabana is a new twist on a Brazilian Churrascaria but instead of one price for all you can eat meat, you pay per skewer. Yes this means if you value quantity over quality, you will likely be disappointed as the price per skewer is rather high (each skewer is color coded with prices ranging from 3.35 - 5.95/skewer). Waiters come by and stamp your menu as you select skewers.

    Although prices are a bit high, the quality of meat is better than I've had at any other Brazilian restaurant in London. The chimichurri rump steak is melt in you mouth good as are the baby back ribs. I'd skip the spicy chicken...it was more spicy than tasty and possibly undercooked.  Of course there is also a wide selection of cocktails available, but when you're dining at a Churrascaria, you surely would only order caipirinhas.

    Overall this is a solid 3 star place, and much like a Yo Sushi you need to watch what you eat as those color coded skewers can add up quickly!

  • 2.0 star rating

    My idea of a bad dining experience would be leaving the restaurant still hungry, feeling poor because of the bill I just paid, and feeling disappointed in the waitress's lack of culinary knowledge.

    Enter Cabana, located in the edgy new Central St Giles Piazza - a Brazilian street food type restaurant, not dissimilar to other chains where large skewers of meat are carried around and you raise your hand when you want some more.

    Unlike the other chains, you're charged per portion (rather than all you can eat), and someone comes along to stamp a card on your table so it can be tallied up at the end. This wouldn't be such a problem if the portions weren't so small, the food wasn't so bland and the prices weren't so high.

    Unfortunately, Cabana fails on almost every front - the waitress, upon being asked for more details about Brazilian food, had absolutely no idea and tried to fluff the question off. Further questioning proved she'd clearly never been to Brazil.

    On the positives, the interior decor is nice and it's pretty nifty that you can decide the music being played through an iPhone app. Except I don't have an iPhone. And I know nothing about Brazilian music.

    But the best thing about Cabana? It's that Union Jacks is just across the street - go have a much better dining experience there, instead.

  • 3.0 star rating
    First to Review

    Went to this Cabana on the first day of their opening and it was very very busy, I would strongly recommend that you book esp on Fri/ Sat. It's based on Brasilian churrascirias where they bring skewees of meat around to your table. We had the pamonahs for starters which were so sweet they tasted like a dessert and deep fried cheesy rice balls. I would probably skip these next time and head straight for the main event, the skewers.

    Because we hadn't booked they ended up seating us in the bar which was fine but it meant that the service was a bit hit and miss as it relies on the waitress bringing the skewers round to your table and we weren't in the bit they were circulating through. I really enjoyed most of the skewers, especially the lamb which was soft and juicy and the baby back ribs, probably my favourite of the night as they were properly spicy with a decent kick. The only one I didn't like was the chimichurri beef rump as it was quite chewy. I would also recommend getting a side of the cassava chips as these were great.

    Desserts other than fro-yo are limited but the banana and dolce du leche cheesecake I tried was brilliant. Not fridge cold and impossible to cut as cheescakes often are but dense and crumbly with delicious candied nuts on top. A winner!

    I would go back to Cabana espcially now I know which of the skewers I like but I would make sure I book first!

  • 4.0 star rating

    wherever you go in london the food is going to be a ok and the price expensive so as long as you are excepting of that then you come out happy.
    this place has a nice ambience and charm that other places dont have, be enjoyed it so much and were so relaxed and leisurely about eating and drinking that we ended up being the last people in the restaurant really late. the place was really busy which was nice, and the food was good. i cant say it was great because i have had better meat and for cheaper but like i said, you know its london. i liked the random find a prize in the denim pocket vibe - though we didnt find anything this time.
    the waiter was really nice too, friendly and gave good suggestions. only thing is the table we had was a little small for two so we didnt have much room for wine and water and sides and our plates! but i guess it added to the all in cosy feel. its a really fun place to go, wouldnt suggest it for an intimate meal but for a big group (there was one next to us) its a winner!

  • 3.0 star rating

    Had a bit of a weird first experience at Cabana as we went on the most quiet Friday evening ever  London was deserted because of the Olympic opening ceremony. Without the crowds the place just doesn't work. All you get is a modern office block with some restaurants on ground level. Even though the interior designers did a good job, without the people it just looks like an office with some wooded floor boards and some funky colour thrown in.
    We opted to sit outside  at least no fumes despite the close proximity to Tottenham Court Road and Centrepoint as the restaurants are located around a massive courtyard, and most of the tables are under cover.
    We both opted for the oddly named Beirut sandwich and shared both regular and sweet potato fries. My overall impression was that of greasiness, especially when I gave the big bottle of chilli sauce a try  just as well everything is served on big wooden boards and paper tablemats.
    Places like Cabana just don't feel genuine to me, the next time I am in the area I am more likely to sample one of the cheap and cheerful Asian kitchens across the road. Apparently some of the chefs are Brazilian, while the waiting staff were well trained in background stories about the food, etc.
    Still, won't be rushing back.

  • 4.0 star rating

    my boyfriend and i came here as part of a theatre deal we booked on lastminute.com. i was fairly sceptical beforehand due to reading reviews like the ones below,  but we have a totally lovely experience here!

    our waiter, alex (at least that's what he was called on our receipt) was completely adorable. i think he was in training, but he really added to our evening as he was so shy but sweet and totally charming, making sure we were well looked after throughout our meal. service overall couldn't have been better - the staff were efficient and attentive.

    i thought it was decently priced in terms of drink - i'm not sure if the value for food would have been quite as good if you eat outwith the pre theatre menu. the food itself was nothing mind-blowing, but it was decent and tasty enough. the peanut butter frozen yoghurt however rocked my socks off, i would come back just for that!

    to put it into comparison, the night before i'd eaten at meatliquor (i'm having a gluttony week - tonight is street feast in dalston!) and was left fairly unimpressed - the fact that i enjoyed cabana more than one of london's most hyped restaurants says a lot for this place.

  • 3.0 star rating

    To start we had snacks of spiced roasted nuts (good spice level), sweetcorn pamonhas (too much coconut, so too sweet but nice to try as a dessert), crunchy rice bolinhos (good and crispy with lovely mayo), and chopped salmon ceviche (ok but not a lot of taste).
    Got beautifully spiced and flavourful tiger prawns, and succulent chilli and cumin lamb. The sticky baby back ribs had a perfect spice level and were so good we were talking about them days later. However, the beef rump was very chewy, as it was served rare, but had an excellent Chimicurri sauce. Also, our sides of cassava chips, sweet potato fries and black beans were so good that we ordered a second round.
    Desserts available are only sorbet, Cabana cheesecake, or frozen yoghurt in one of three types of standard flavours and one flavour of the season. The guava seasonal frozen yoghurt with the acai and doce de leite toppings was refreshing after all the food consumed. The cheesecake was good also.
    We heard that the Beirut (Syrian flatbread sandwiches) are very nice, and may try these next time we visit.
    Overall, pleasant service and good food and will go back.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Lovely service, cute decoration but not really tasty food. I am Brazilian and was dying to feel the taste of home, no chance. There are apparently no Brazilians working here, clearly not in the kitchen. If you haven't been to Brazil, food is correct, but if you have the ambition of tasting my homeland, that's not the place to be.

    • Qype User prince…
    • Romford, London
    • 30 friends
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    5.0 star rating

    I visited Cabana last weekend to try out their combo's  an addition to their mouth-watering menu. I found the food fantastic and the caipirinha's more-ish. I've posted a full review with photo's here foodieclaire.wordpress.c…

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Good beef and pork. The chicken could be better quality. The service is so-so. They kept moving crates ad kitchen stuff at the front of the house which wasn't pleasant. Overall it's mediocre and has a lot of room for improvement especially it's very expensive for what you get.

    • Qype User Squigg…
    • London
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    • 30 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    We tried to find a table outside here for lunch on Friday but the place was PACKED. Didn't mind though, because the inside was really good  big posters all over the walls and kites suspended from the ceiling. The whole place was very bustl-y and the waiters were uber-friendly  greeting us when we came in and helping us with suggestions for what to eat and drink. I wasn't drinking (being Friday lunch, e-hem), so they recommended a berry refresher drink  nice and zingy with a hint of vanilla. My friend had a Brazilian Lemonade which she also said was really good. We started with crispy rice balls  a bit like Italian arancini  which were light and fluffy and not too cheesy, and also shared a salmon ceviche with coconut and lime  very fresh although could have maybe done with a little bit more citrus. Their main thing is big skewers of meat they bring to the table and you pay for what you eat  I don't eat red meat so was a little worried there wouldn't be anything for me to eat, but the spicy chicken skewer was uh-mazing, as were the prawns. My friend had the chicken with bacon and lamb, both of which she said were great. We also shared some sweet potato fries, but next time I'd be tempted to order the Cassava Fries (a Brazilian potatoey type thing) which I saw a couple of other tables having. We were absolutely stuffed but our waiter told us the frozen yogurt wasn't to be missed, and as the world's biggest fro-yo fan, how could I say no? We shared a caramel frozen yogurt with raspberry, which was pretty much The Best fro-yo I've ever had, and they told us we could get the fro-yo to take away if we wanted. I'll be back for seconds!

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