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  • 4.0 star rating

    Like cars, options = expensive... basic = delicious, sufficient.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Everyone kept telling me that burger baby is the best burger place in Frankfurt thats why i decided to test it on a friday night. It is indeed really good, theres a lot of choice and the service is nice. We sat outside (ie next to the loud road) just because i had nowhere to park my bike. We both took different burgers and fries.
    While i have absolutely nothing to complain about i also don't find all the hype justified, there are many burger places in ffm and many of them are in a nicer location with rooms in which you can sit.
    If you are in the area it is worth the try (though i would recommend going to heroes burger instead).

  • 4.0 star rating

    Really great juicy burgers - my medium-rare blue cheese/avacado was really tasty, albeit a bit too heavy on the "grilled-meat spices". The bun was perfectly toasted and tasted like real bread, not that
    crumbly foam nonsense. Would highly recommend! Seems a little small, so you might have to fight a crowd, but we were there on a rainy weeknight and had the place to ourselves.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Finally! Hands down - a DARN GOOD BURGER-producing locale. Period. Exclamation mark! Times three!

    There are a few cuisines/genres/foods for which I am loath to eat out, burgers being one of them. And why is that? They aren't anything extraordinary, nor are they particularly difficult to make well. So why bother going out if it's so easy to make? Well, when not cooking for two or more, it can be a bit resource and time consuming, right? All those toppings, chopping up fresh veggies for a single patty, opening up an entire package of buns for just one lonely burger... Hey, get off my case! Sometimes I just don't want to cook, alright?! :)

    But now, without a second thought, I have an immediate go-to in Frankfurt when the hankering for a burger overcomes me far more than the hankering to get my apron on and the BBQ fired up.

    Burgers are one of those ubiquitous menu items, found the world over, most of the time in its lazy, half-arsed, and most bastardized form. Time and time again I'm left feeling physically full but so under-satisfied. My own fault for trying, for hoping that this time, maybe this time, it'll be better! The ever-hopeless optimist. This time, it'll be really good! Just one of those rather easy foods that is so easily made terribly...time and time again. And we, the gullible public, we keep letting it happen! Are we not enablers, each and every one of us?! Guilty to the last!

    Ladies and gents, a form of pressed ground animal (by-)product forced into a perfectly circular shaped round thing betwixt two lifeless cardboard-like buns doth not a decent burger make. [Enter, stage right: the good and noble folks of Burger Baby] The patties here are made fresh to order with high-quality beef. The meat may not come from Japanese livestock that has been massaged, sung and read poetry to, but you can taste the difference. You can get them in one of two sizes, cooked medium-well as a default (but also with the option of going rarer or more well-done), the buns are nice and lightly toasted, and the rest is customizable to your preferences - all from a simple but solid offering of toppings at a very fair price. Ready, set, burgers up: the first bite leaves a steady dribbling of meat juice onto your plate (or down your shirt - oops!), to be sopped up with any remaining bun or a very generous side order chips.

    Being someone who loves ketchup...coming from the land where it flows quite freely at every decent joint...currently living in a land where I am handed ONE SINGLE LONELY SAD packet for an entire order of sammie plus fries... At first I laughed, then I cried. And now - je suis prêt - now I know to carry my own extra ketchup. Oh, but not here! Here it comes in a giant tub, with a giant pump, for my giant ketchup-loving ways. I am no longer discriminated against. I am home.

    The lads are still figuring out their rhythm and timing with the whole ordering and delivering routine. Hence one star removed. But once they get that down pat, this place is destined for greatness! legends! Or at least, long lines... The room is small and can get a little stuffy, a longer stay will leave a hint of that classic grill-scent in your clothing... so best to call your order ahead for take-out. And then let the meat juices dribble down your shirt in the comfort and privacy of your own home. And with all the ketchup and mayo that your soon-to-be-clogged heart desires.

    Bon appetit xo

  • 3.0 star rating

    No doubt about it, Burger Baby makes the finest burgers in Frankfurt. I've been to Meat Us and Die Kun Die Lacht a few times already, and I've liked them, but this restaurant is entirely in a class of its own. The menu is small and unpretentious (albeit lacking the rudimentary milkshake), and the prices are low. Pick your burger size, toppings and sauce, and then sit back and wait.
    You can see the chef go about their business in the open-plan kitchen, weighing and assembling the ingredients with precision and efficiency. The burgers we were presented with were juicy and succulent, the meat grilled to perfection and sandwiched in a fresh spongy bun and salad. I had my burger with swiss cheese, jalapenos and chipotle sauce, my dining partner had cheddar cheese and bacon, and both of us came away satisfied.
    BUT there is trouble in paradise. A fly in the tomato relish, so to speak. Upon entry, you're going to be hit in the face by the smoke and stink of grilled meat. The extractor fan over the grill seems to be on the fritz, and the result is that the entire restaurant is clogged with the smell of burger fat. This isn't a problem if you're prepared to take it away or eat outside, but it will certainly detract from your enjoyment of your burger if you choose to sit at a table inside.
    Hopefully this is a temporary issue and will be resolved shortly. I'll certainly be back again to find out.

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