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  • 4.0 star rating

    I've seen this place improve a lot recently. The burgers are really yummy as are the onion rings! My boyfriend orders the Jack Daniels burger all the time. The portions are really big so you feel like you are getting what you pay for. Would recommend this place.

  • 1.0 star rating

    I went to this restaurant over a year ago when they first opened and I'm amazed that with all the bad reviews they are still going. How is this possible?
    My experience at this restaurant with my family was dire. Everything we ordered was disgusting, like basic frozen stuff from a supermarket. And as for their claim to be like an American diner, well what an insult to the USA and their wonderful food with best customer service always.

    • Qype User dajay2…
    • London
    • 2 friends
    • 17 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    Used taste card here so had 50% off- I'd need more of a discount to go back.
    The menu was dirty and ripped which annoyed me instantly, but that's just a gripe of mine.
    For starter we ordered 'inferno wings' which were pretty dreadful. They were deep fried tiny winglets, with a pretty basic sweet chilli sauce on- not hot or fresh at all. Massive disappointment. I really dont understand why restaurants market something then try and fob you off with rubbish.
    The ribs for main were fine, nothing to shout about.

  • 4.0 star rating
    First to Review

    A bit of Awesome Americana in the middle of North East London.
    It's probably the last place in London you'd expect to have an american style diner but there it in.. in the middle of Southgate. With bright red diner style booths and rock & roll deco all that it's missing is a juke box.
    In terms of food and drinks.. I'd highly recommend their back back ribs.. you have a choice of 3 sauces: Brook's BBQ, Brook's Texas Spicy or Jack Daniels BBQ sauce. The ribs are amazingly tender and the meat came straight off the bones.. so no problems if you prefer knives & forks. But of course to truly enjoy baby back ribs you have to dive right in with your fingers. Oh yes they also serve soda floats (or spiders as some people call it) that brought me right back to my childhood days.
    Ok, so it may be a bit out of the way, but if you do live in North London and you are nearby Do give it a try I've been back there a few times already As Fat-Bast**d said in Austin Powers: Baby back, baby back, baby back RIBS!. Now get in to my BEL-LY!

    • Qype User Catper…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 2 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    Ate there for 1st time yesterday with family and think all the food is frozen even the burger buns. The shakes were served in a smallish glass at a huge price and were not even as good as MacDonalds shakes, which are only ok. Didn't realise the ketchup was not Heinz (previous reviewer) but not surprised at all. The place doesn't compare to anywhere in the US, certainly not the food or the type of service, perhaps maybe the booth seating only reminded me of the US. The food was very average, but the ribs looked good, so maybe should have ordered them. But too late now  cause we won't be returning.

    • Qype User Sidoni…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 1 review
    1.0 star rating

    I live only a short drive away, and passthis restaurant on my way home as I drive through Southgate at night. So i was thinking it would be an idea to stop there last month as my wife and kids were away. I'd been thinking of going for two reasons really. To find out if it was as bad as some have said and also because someone made a comment here about supporting a local business, which somewhat aggravated me a little, because to be supported, you need to offer a good experience that will help make people decide to support you. No one owes you something because you are local. Anyway I can say that once I'd been in there, I think they get everything they deserve in terms of reviews. As for me I discovered for myself their poor food and bad service. I'm of Sicilian descent and know how good quality pasta should taste. The only way i want to see this place again is from my rear view mirror as I drive past next time. I would speak of all the dishes I had, but in truth why bother. So that the owner can post something rude and sarcastic about my knowledge of pasta?  No thanks, I'm worth more and my palate will be the judge of what's good and what isnt. My feet wont darken their door again. Poor food and bad service. Also worth mention are the two local places I regularly go to. One is Turkish and one Indian. Both greet you warmly from the start and as you get to know them they become warmer. Both treat you like you matter even though I've only been no more than six times. That is service with a smile. Brooks just sneer at you at best.

    • Qype User dee61…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 1 review
    1.0 star rating

    Make no mistake this is an appalling shambles of an establishment, overseen by an equally rude and arrogant restaurateur. To coin an American phrase  they suck big time. So quite how bad was our experience? Well never in all my forty-five years have I walked out of a restaurant. That we ended up in McDonalds when we left, tells you all you need to know. This was the second time we'd visited this place. On the first occasion, the food was mediocre and the service at the low end of acceptable. Oh, and as another reviewer has already mentioned, the owner totally ignored us too (despite the place being virtually empty). Anyhow, we foolishly decided to give them another try, being Tastecard members, finding ourselves in the area, and due to it being our young child's lunchtime. We arrived at twenty to one on a Sunday. As we walked in and waited to be seated, I noted the restaurant was three quarters empty. The waitress came over, and I asked if they accepted Tastecard. She walked over to ask the owner. I watched him as he looked us up and down like something that had been dragged in off the street, before making a face as if I'd asked to sleep with a family member and telling her next time we'd have to book. The waitress came back over and conveyed this message. It was empty for goodness sake! And how rude. I felt like walking outside, dialling in from my phone and making a booking for one minute's time, just to make a point at how ludicrous his attitude was. Frankly we'd have walked out there and then  the only reason we didn't was because our child was tired and hungry. Now here's where the fun starts: American experience? Let's just say I could have flown to New York and been fed quicker. The one positive I would say in how incompetent they were, was that I had ample time, a wasted hour in fact, to survey the tacky décor. As someone has already commented, this place reeks of cheap imitation toot. A poor man's TGI. There are no Wurlitzer jukeboxes, Fender guitars, signed pictures, baseball shirts or indeed any items adorning the walls of any cultural or significant value. No, ladies and gentlemen, that might have cost him some thought and money. Think mass-produced, cheap eighties laminated posters of Marilyn Monroe, The Blues Brothers and James Dean. Let's be frank here  the bungled attempts at an American dining experience are as fake, soulless and uninspiring as the service. Brook's Diner is a tawdry cliché, nestled in an equally drab secondary suburban location. Rebel without a Cause? More like 'restaurant without a clue'. Anyhow, back to our attempts to eat here. Our drinks order was taken at twelve-fifty and our food order at twelve fifty-eight. At five past one a different waiter came over to the table to tell me they'd lost the drinks order  so we reorder again. The original waiter then revisited us at thirteen minutes past one to tell us that they had now lost our food order! So we've now been at Brook's the best part of thirty-five minutes, and they've not only lost two orders, but the owner hasn't even had the decency to show his face and apologise. (Bear in mind that this was the man, so pedantic about Tastecard terms, and had a broom up the proverbial about us not prebooking. Personally I think someone needs to get their priorities straight). No one once came over to ask if we wanted more drinks, or starters in the meantime. Shocking. Eventually, almost one hour after we'd arrived and without sight nor sign of food, they hit the final nail into the coffin when they served a table of four who'd arrived quite some time after us. As it happens, these four men who came in actually got a handshake from the owner when they sat down. Given how unfriendly he is, I can only assume they're mates of his or are so unbelievably masochistic they've returned enough times to finally warrant some form of acknowledgement from him! Either way, they got served before us. Which means the kitchen staff/owner are either incompetent or, worse still, they treat new customers (or Tastecard Customers) like second class citizens, shunting their order to the back. At this point, I decided to call time on this culinary carbuncle. We left and made our feelings known to the waiter, loud enough for the owner to hear. Again, he didn't even bother to apologise, or come to see what the fuss was all about. Par for the course it seems. Honestly, why bother requesting that people 'like' you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter if, when you're going to actually have a face-to-face experience with your customer, you're going to leave them feeling that they'd rather gouge their own eyes out than ever return. As for the food, I can only on this occasion pass comment on their milk shakes that one reviewer laughably describes as 'to die for'. They are of inferior quality and taste to those provided by mainstream burger chains (if you want to know what a good milkshake is, go to Serendipity in Hertford  an English tea room with a twist of

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