• “The ghost train was great too, if absolutely terrifying to a seven-year-old.” in 6 reviews

  • “I always feel a bit worried that the whole thing may sink into the sea from the added weight of the rides.” in 13 reviews

  • “Brighton Pier is one of those must-do activities when visiting the city, if only to gorge on fish and chips, candy floss and doughnuts!” in 5 reviews

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    There is not much to say about it that has not been said before! It may be tacky but I do love this kind of stuff (amusement park, theme park, whatever you wanna call it..)! It's not too big but enough to have a wonderful view over Brighton.

    The deck-chairs are free for hire, so grab one (if you are lucky enough to find one available) take a seat and contemplate the view! At the sunset is even better when the lights are on and mixed with music, sounds and sunset colours making it perfect!

    I might not have been in any of the rides, my heart wouldn't allow me to but they were so appealing and being over the water adds extra adrenaline. Also, there is something for everyone like attractions, candy floss, fish and chips, doughnuts etc. However I will just stick with the great view!

    I do love a colourful sunset! And yes, I do love a tacky amusement park! So what's not to like?!?

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    Listed in Pip Pip Cheerio!

    Brighton Pier was one of the first tourist spots I hit up during my time abroad at University of Sussex. It was a very pretty area, especially around sunset and at night when the lights are on. The pier is next to the beach which is unique since it's not sand but stone/small smooth pebbles next to the water. It allows you to do a stroll up and done with lots of activities to do and sights to see. There are a good amount of street performers.

    Around the pier, there are lots of bars and restaurants to check out. I definitely suggest taking the special someone here for a first date or taking a tourist out of town for a chill night out.

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    You've not really 'been' to Brighton until you've been to Brighton pier.
    *ahem* I mean the 'Palace Pier' to give her real name!

    Grade II listed and 115 years old - it's a really impressive landmark. Structurally it still holds its late Victorian grandeur, but suffers a bit of an identity crisis with the mix of vintage charm and garishly modern amusements.

    The old theatre was removed in the 1980s and replaced with a domed amusement arcade. I usually swerve this section as it is like being trapped in a nightmare. The noise. The lights. The crowds. It's so generic, you could be anywhere. My advice would be to continue your stroll around the building and admire the landscape and seascape from the boardwalk.

    Now the back end is a lot of fun. It's a bit like a miniature Coney Island. This is the kind of silly fairground excitement I can deal with. The Horror Hotel, Wild River log flume, Turbo rollercoaster, the bumper cars, the carousel and more. There is something for everyone.
    There is also an amazing view to be had from the top of the Helter Skelter.

    The only ride I haven't been on is the Super Booster because I'm not that crazy! Good luck to all who dare.

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    I always find these 'theme parks on piers' to be a little tacky but it was clear on the faces of the children and teenagers on the rides that they were loving it. AND I guess there's nothing better than rising up on the roller-coaster high above the sea below. There's plenty to do on the pier, rides, photography, restaurants and arcades plus little souvineery stores. We tried the fish and chips that are at the start of the pier and they were good. If you walk down to the end you get a great view back onto the beach. Not to mention the view from the beach itself. It's a great landmark and very cool to see. I think they should bring back to the old theatre, have something other than arcade style shows, that would be very cool.

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    Rides are a bit expensive and the staff weren't very engaged. Overall not too bad but they could use some sprucing up in the game centre area as well.

  • 5.0 star rating

    A must visit that always entertains.

    It's noisy, and smelly, and crowded, and gaudy, and an icon that must never change. I adore Brighton Pier. Nothing beats a wind-lashed walk to the very end, past the gangs of Hen Nighters, to gaze out across the waters. I love the section just over the shore line when the tide is coming in and huge waves crash and break. The noises and colours and flickering lights in the arcades are alluring and repellant in equal measure. But the best thing to do, is grab a drink and a bag of melt-in-the-mouth doughnuts, and sit and people watch for an hour.

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    Not entirely sure what everyone expects from Piers like this, but I have come to associate piers with random, sketchy amusement rides, arcades, junk food, tacky souvenirs... and it wouldn't be the same without them.  While I kept sniffing those mini-doughnuts, I resisted the urge, but Mr. Snarky gave in on the milkshake.  The Oreo Milkshake was really good... too bad I am a lactard.  That's probably why he ordered it.  

    We sauntered down the pier and ended up playing some of the arcade games... but not the slot machines or the new video games... we played the fun, older games:  air hockey, ski ball, whack-a-mole, and that one where you roll the ball and it moves your person/animal across a course as you race others (I have no clue what it is called).  It was actually a lot of fun!  They have a new version of air hockey... the Pac-Man air hockey table.  Looks innocent enough with one puck... and then... a squillion smaller pucks just flood the table and it is pure chaos and loads of laughs for a minute.  We ended up giving our tickets to some random child.  Figured he would probably appreciate a cheap little toy more than we would.

    They have some... rides... I think the only thing I would give a go would be the Bumper Cars... the rest I'd give a miss.  I think the fact that a number of them were closed as they were trying to repair them said it all.  I think if you go with very high hopes, you'll be disappointed every time, but if you go, with an idea of what it is... it can just be a walk down memory lane and the chance to be a big kid for the day!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Anyone who's watched David Suchet's Poirot will have a special place in their hearts for Brighton Pier. Featured in many mysteries, I was excited to finally walk along the very same path where Poirot & his little gray cells solved the crime

    Beautiful views from the boardwalk looking onto the Pier & beautiful views from the Pier looking out on the ocean, onto the beach & into the city.... it's a win-win

    There are fast-food-type restaurants like fish n chips; there are candy & ice cream shops...... the food is greasy & overpriced but totally expected & I can safely say Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles boasts the same wares & fares

    Rickety amusement park rides complete the full Pier experience & the overall feel definitely offers a sense of nostalgia & a glimpse of what it must have been like for newcomers years & years ago, who came to Brighton for their trip of the year - to sea bathe, drink in culture, & be amazed by the lights & sounds of Brighton Pier.... I can almost see the Victorian-dressed ladies in their umbrellas right now ...

    Great excuse to come to the beach!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Bright lights
    Wide floorboards
    Loud music
    Fast rides
    Candy floss
    Slot machines
    Fortune tellers
    & breath-taking views of the wild sea

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    I don't care that the fairground is overpriced (I wouldn't ride on those rides anyway, saltwater+iron=rust!) or some of the food looks yuck. This is what the British seaside is all about.

    Wander around with your camera stuck to your face and document this relic to a bygone era. Brighton pier actually looks pretty good and has embraced it's kitchness, we know this stuff is a bit out of fashion but who cares?

    I don't go there to spend money, ride rides or play computer games. I go there to walk over the sea and imagine I'm in one of my grandmother's holiday photos from many years ago when Brighton was the holiday destination of choice for thousands of British holidaymakers.

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    It's not sophisticated or clever, but Brighton Pier (although I still call it the Palace Pier - we're supposed to be a 2 pier town, dammitt!) is fun, shiny and silly.
    There are two big amusement arcades, beeping and glowing with various games. A selection of spinning and whirring rides, including dodgems, waltzer, ghost train. Stalls where you can win a fluffy fish or have your palm read. Candy floss, doughnuts and fish and chips. And of course, the legendary Horatio's karaoke bar.
    The British seaside in all its tacky glory.

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    Technically this is the Palace Pier. But, name weirdness aside, it's lovely.

    Penny slots and Brighton rock and silly rides and deck chairs and fun. Classic.

  • 3.0 star rating

    My oh my, this place can be a little ridiculous!  Walk into the arcade and you can hear nothing except 2pence and 10pence coins clanging together.  I still can't fathom the attraction for those games.  If you've been there you know what I mean.

    Other than the awful Arcade games, the boardwalk is awesome (unless its too crowded, but we were there on a cloudy/cold day - I can just envision a sea of people crammed onto the boardwalk during warmer days).  The rides are fun, if expensive, so pick and choose the best!  Whatever you do, don't go on the Horror House ride, it's a total waste of time.

    I love walking along the beach, even if it's rocky.  I could spend hours skipping rocks and watching the waves.

    The food shops on the pier aren't outrageously expensive, but maybe that's just because I'm from London.  So I was pleased with my 3.75 large fried noodles with Chicken.  Super tasty and it warmed me up despite the cold weather.

    A final warning: the chairs along the beach cost money!  Don't bother, the rocks are just as comfy.  If you really must sit in one, try to bargain with the person who comes around to make you pay.  They are bored and a little banter softens them up :)

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    Brighton Pier was everything I hoped and feared it would be: a windswept pier extending into the sea, of dubious health and safety credentials and densely packed with shops offering 'world-famous' Brighton rock, rides precariously close to the edge and an amusement arcade.

    I and my fellow London Yelpers didn't partake in any of the entertainment or produce on offer, but no matter, as there was plenty of other thrills and chuckles to be had marvelling at all that was around us. In fact, for someone such as myself who finds the innocent and spirited tackiness of dated theme parks (think the film 'Adventureland') somewhat amusing, Brighton Pier is a dependable source of constant hilarity.

    Despite this, it's not somewhere I'd rush to go back to. Indeed, probably the best things the Pier offers are the excellent views of Brigton and its beaches, which are worth checking out even if you're adverse to everything else on the Pier.

    One tip if you do go: don't look down! If you do, you'll notice yet another aspect of the Pier that makes you feel slightly unsafe: the wooden planks you're walking on have a one inch gap between them, allowing you to see the foaming sea directly below! I was completely unaware of this until half-way down the Pier Alex S oh-so-unhelpfully pointed it out. So keep your eyes ahead!

  • 4.0 star rating

    The pier is always gonna have a spot in my heart. As a kid I used to regularly walk out across the rickety boards to play arcade machines for 20p a go. There are still both of the arcades here, although they tend to focus on the big simulators rather than street fighter or Mario these days.

    If a room filled with flashing lights and electronic instrumentation is not your thing then there are also a number of fairground style rides and roller coasters. I always feel a bit worried that the whole thing may sink into the sea from the added weight of the rides. Perhaps I'm just being a touch paranoia, but keep in mind that these rides will cost you a fair bit to have a go.

    It can still be a nice location to just have a  stroll on a good day and there are enough booths selling donuts, candy and a few bars fora  beer if you want a change of scenery. It's certainly not gonna win an epic award for entertainment innovation, but it's kind of a British institution to have a pier at the seaside and Brighton's offering is better than many.

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    Listed in Brighton

    Ah, a seedy, British, coastal town - just what I always envisioned traveling to -thanks Morrissey!

    To the untrained eye, it's quite a garish spectacle of a bygone time.  The pier has been standing since the 1890s and I don't think much has changed!  My favourite part is the signage, especially when it is lit. I was in awe walking through the pier taking in all its sights and smells.  

    It's incredible that there is a domed amusement arcade (with cheesy games - one such raking in all the pennies during a play!), a couple of bars, small kiosks, deck chairs all leading to the fairground rides which are located at the end of the pier.  The rides include several thrill rides, children's rides and roller coasters. All of which I would not ride for fear of not making it alive. I am sure it is structurally sound, but I don't want to risk it!

    It's overly tacky, garish, and cheesy. But I embraced the spectacle and fell in love with Brighton Pier.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Come ye bombs and fall on Brighton Pier... it really is that bad. There's little to redeem this temple of tat, this horrible tourist trap that is Brighton's second most famous landmark. Honestly, don't go here: let the tourists be the one's there when the gods tire of its madness and let the pier crack off Brighton's coast and float out into the sea. Really, really rubbish entertainment for none of the family.

    What does the Pier offer? Overpriced, rubbish amusement park rides? Check. Overpriced, tasteless food? Check. An overpriced amusement arcade? Check. The worst bit about the amusement arcade is that there is a serious casino towards the end of it, and serious gamblers seem to congregate there... Who says: "Guys, let's play serious blackjack off the coast of Brighton when there are plenty of nice casinos in town"? Apart from all of this hogwash, the pier also sports various bars of the kareoke and normal variety. They too are overpriced (are you sensing the pattern here?), and normally full of the kind of denizen of Brighton you'd rather avoid. Unpleasant at best.

    To top it all off, there are vendors selling inedible (and yes, overpriced) food on the way in and out. There are no redeeming features here: the Palace Pier is officially Brighton's worst place to be. The views off the side are impressive, but to get out there you have to run the gamut of awful shops and horrible people. Just give it a miss!

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    Don't look down, don't look down. How many miles into the sea am I? None? Well my fear makes me feel like in well into the ocean!

    Walking down Brighton, passed the Pavilion and ending up on the Pier was pretty awesome. I knew it was very popular so u decided to check it out. It was a beautifully sunny day, 'Everyday is like Sunday' was on repeat in my head and I decided to walk to the end.

    But I'm deathly afraid of heights, I can't swim on command (need to get my bearings first) and I had my precious iPod that I couldn't get wet! But onward I went.

    Aside from the fear it was pretty coolZ the huge arcade in the center was a bit odd but I loved that they had a bathroom and a break from the spaces between the planks.

    After the arcade I made it to the end and it was worth it. The view was just pretty amazing! Here I was looking out into the sea on the Brighton Pier and my friends were stuck in boring NYC offices. Yes, I sent them all photos as I walked.

    I didn't eat anywhere or play arcades or go to the casino part but it was cool. I'd love to go back on a day when the ocean isn't so calm. Must be amazing!

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    From looking at recent reviews.You either love it OR hate it!!

    For meYeah, I can sit outside The Victoria Bar, on a sunny day, with a pint and a good cigar, watching the kids enjoy themselves. People is such good fun, especially with a camera and waitingfor that special shot.

    We always have some laughs on the Pier..people should try and relax!!!

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    Listed in Greater London

    Its gaudy.  Its a cacophony of lights, sounds, deep fried foods and candies of all sorts.  And I love it!

    I'm not a huge amusement park fan, so I never came to Britghton Pier for the rides.  But, I did love coming here for the food and people watching.  It was so nice on a sunny day to get an ice cream and maybe even a doughnut to go with it, and walk down the pier listening to the people on the rides laughing and joking.  Its definitely someplace you should see if you're ever in Brighten (and try some of the rock candy!).

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    Listed in Brighton

    It's pretty much what you'd expect from a pier.  There are loads of candy shops, chippies, souvenir shops, arcade games, amusement park rides and yes, people.

    There are several bars situated around the place which can make for some nice people watching or just a great place to sit and enjoy watching the water.

    It still had an old feel with the wooden planks and the weathered Brighton Pier sign.

    Its just a bit too touristy for my likes.

  • 4.0 star rating

    "Welcome to the world-famous Brighton Pier" reads the sign.

    I am not sure if people in say, New York are as aware of Brighton Pier as we are of the Statue of Liberty for example, but it's definitely famous in Brighton!

    Oddly for a Brighton & Hove resident I detest seaside resorts. The tat, the hoards of people in summer and the emptiness in the winter make me feel uneasy, but I guess this isn't really odd for a Brighton & Hove resident, because Brighton defies usual seaside town conventions. I could write an essay about why I love Brighton, but I will stick to my point.

    Brighton Pier is very "seaside" (it'd kind of be a bit stupid to have a pier without the sea!), but there is something just perfect about it. The pier reminds us where Brighton came from and just how far it has come. We can look fondly at the pier, not with pitiful, or condescending stares, but with a genuine sense of pride and achievement. Brighton has transcended what many seaside towns fail to do: there is depth beyond the "Kiss me quick" hats and the hen parties. There is a real and vibrant city that exists after the season has ended.

    The pier works as a tourist attraction, but also as a place where locals can enjoy great views of the sea and a bit of fun on the slot machines or fairground attractions. It is also a great vantage point to look back at our fair city and realise what a great place Brighton is.

    A word of warning though: it isn't teenage gangs you should fear on the pier, rather, the swarms of seagulls - they're evil and will try to steal your food. Don't believe me? Don't say I didn't warn you!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Who wants to party Las Vegas style??

    Well you'd probably be best off in Las Vegas then, this is a poor man's Fear and Loathing-but in for a penny, in for a pound.

    The Pier is loads of fun, games, rides, food and all the fresh air your lungs can handle.

    In the winter there is something rather sad about seeing lots of elderly people spend entire afternoons relentlessly pushing 2p coins in the vein but achievable pursuit of more 2p's.

    Two tips: if you're eating food, look out for the seagulls.And don't waste your money on the Ghost Train.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Well, where would be without the pier. I don't mind taking a stroll down there in the daytime. Especially if we have people visiting from fields a far. I do however avoid the place like the black death as soon as the sun goes down as you do get some rather horrid people lurking around and generally vomiting over the side.

    The restaurant sells a pretty good fish and chips and is lovely to sit outside on a nice sunny day but do beware! It gets horrendously crowded at the weekend and you have to wait a fair old while.

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    Brighton Pier. Brighton Pier? Brighton Pier!

    The very name sticks in the throat. To any Brightonian the name Brighton Pier raises the hackles and causes foaming of the mouth. Visitors may merrily stroll up and down it, take a turn on the helter skelter and buy some of those awful doughnuts that people seem to buy so many of. But Brighton Pier just makes me angry.

    Why? Because there is no such animal as Brighton Pier. Whatever happened to the Palace Pier? What's in a name? Everything. Even the Argus still calls it the Palace Pier.

    It's like calling the Eiffel Tower, the Paris Tower. Or the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausilito Crossing. Would we love the Statue of Liberty as much if it was the New York Monument.?The Cistine Chapel would lose its cache as the Vatican Ceiling Mural. Sometimes rebranding is offensive because it is simply a change.

    Brighton, you see, has two piers, to quote the old song: there's a pier for people to sit on and a pier for starlings to shit on. The grand dame, the West Pier, may now be no more of a skeleton, but she was a fine girl in her day.

    Such is the betrayal that, whilst I will sometimes walk up the Palace Pier to look back and take in the vista of our beautiful city I will never spend a penny on it.

    Give us back our Palace Pier!

  • 3.0 star rating

    Any visit to Brighton wouldn't be complete with a walk on Brighton Pier. Once you get past the tacky lights and carnival games/rides it can be very enjoyable. It's a really long pier and it offers great sea views.

    There are places to eat here and even a full pub. The seagulls are a constant factor and if you have exposed food and you're walking along the pier it is imperative that you pay attention. I was eating and out of nowhere a gull came from behind me and took a run at my food. So as silly as it sounds look out for sea gulls. They can be a huge menace.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I had a blast on Brighton Pier!  Fish, chips, candy floss, mini-donuts, lots of people watching and carnival rides!  Who wouldn't have a fun time?

    The carnival rides are quite pricy (£6 for one person one ride?!) and not very thrilling.  The candy floss is a good price and quite enjoyable, especially if you order it on a stick because they make it fresh for you!

    On a warm summy Summer afternoon, Brighton Pier is the perfect date spot, albiet not cheap!  It's fun, romantic and out of the norm-dinner&a-movie-date.

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    For many visitors, the Palace Pier is synonymous with Brighton.

    One of the last piers to be constructed in England, it was built to replace the famous but decaying 'Chain Pier' opened in 1823. Work on the new pier started in 1891 and was completed ten years later, although the formal opening took place in 1899.

    Designed by R St George Moore, it was built solely as an amusement and pleasure enterprise. 1,760ft (533.3m) long and covering 2.5 acres with a 1,500-seater pavilion at the seaward end, it was complimented by smaller pavilions containing dining rooms, grill rooms, smoking rooms and (!) reading rooms. There was an electric tramway running along the centre, and provision was made for bathers at the pier head, as well as a landing stage for pleasure boats. In 1910, an ornate pavilion and winter garden was added towards the landward end.

    The disused landing stage was demolished in 1973, but a heavy storm during the works also damaged the Oriental Theatre building. This was dismantled in 1986, supposedly for restoration, and the present amusement arcade erected in its place. Despite pleas from various heritage organisations, it now looks unlikely that the theatre will be rebuilt. The current owners also changed the name to the 'Brighton Pier' from 'Palace Pier' in 2000 (ignoring the West Pier less than a mile away).

    The Pier to-day contains all the usual tacky amusements you'd expect, from candy-floss and fish'n'chips to 'try your luck' stalls, and at the far end is a small funfair  the rides being given an extra element of thrill by the fact you are so high above (and sometimes literally suspended over) the sea.

    The Pier features in both the iconic book and film 'Brighton Rock', as well as other novels, films and TV series. However, one would now search in vain for one of the 'reading rooms' with which the original was provided

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    Okay people, you know my infatuation with doughnuts (especially my favourite cart in Camden), but I have discovered for the first time the doughnut shop on the pier in Brighton!

    One of my mates drove me down there last night, it was my first time in Brighton and he said I just had to try their doughnuts, they are homemade and they cook them right in front of you!

    Yep we walked out to the pier, had a go on the arcade motorbikes, but the night just wasn't complete without half a dozen freshly-cooked cinnamon doughnuts that we munched while walking along the boardwalk.

    Does that not sound like a perfect way to enjoy Brighton?!

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    5.0 star rating

    I'm with Hartingale on this place. As a boy I used to come to Brighton for day coach trips with my Nan and Uncle and I always headed straight for the pier. Does anybody remember the joke shop at the entrance? I do. Only then would I hit the beach, usually armed with a selection of cheap tricks, electric hand shakers and whoopee cushions. I'd also happily feed coppers into those cascade amusement machines. For hours & hours.

    Nowadays, I love those memories that the pier still gives me. I also love the view of the seafront from the end of the pier. Those lovely clotted cream coloured terraces never cease to impress me.

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    5.0 star rating

    I haven't reviewed Brighton Pier yet? Right, this needs to be rectified. When I was a kid and we used to come to Brighton on day trips to the seaside, the Palace Pier WAS Brighton to me.

    I used to love going to the arcades, getting my little purse containing £2 changed up into 100 two penny pieces, slotting them into those machines where the big metal thing slides back and forth and waiting for the ever-increasing stack of coins to topple in my favour. I seem to remember being fairly good at those. The ghost train was great too, if absolutely terrifying to a seven-year-old.

    Then, when I got older, my daredevil friends would go on those horrendous rides that spin you round and dip you over the edge of the pier as I watched on in horror and ate my ice cream along with all the other cowards.

    Then, as I got even OLDER, the bars on the pier were a fantastic place to go for a drink before browsing the insanely tacky souvenir shops, making a fool of yourself on the bucking bronco and giving in to the fabulous smell of fish and chips.

    Piers are a landmark of every seaside town and Brighton's is definitely one of the best. Even though I've lived here for five years now, it just never gets old.

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    5.0 star rating

    Brighton Pier is a little slice of holiday happiness. I adore it here. In fact, I only ever come here when I'm running away from London for the day. I'm absolutely certain the all life's problems can be solved with a walk to the end with a bag of overpriced chips. Works for me anyway.

    Yes, it's expensive. Yes, it's a tacky horrible tourist trap. But hello!!!! We're at the seaside! What more did you expect?! I don't think that's the kind of thing that should be shunned. The penny falls machines are far too exciting for a start. I would have a very twee gambling addiction if I lived by the beach. I love those machines. They remind me of being a kid with my mum. That makes me happy. The jingly music makes me happy. The seaside wouldn't be the same without a rubbish arcade.

    Best (and cheapest) chips are at the front of the Pier before you go in. Grab some and walk all the way down to the end, maybe have a go on the Helter Skelter. And enjoy the fact that you're not at work, you're at the seaside.

  • 4.0 star rating
    2/12/2012 Updated review

    Genuinely loved the pier. I visited late November 2012, and it was freezing  I can only imagine how great it is in springtime!
    The doughnut stands and fish & chip shops you get halfway down were closed, however the pub was open. Also you're able to get doughnuts or chips when you first enter.
    We intended to go for lunch at the restaurant next to the pub half way down, however they were closed when we got there at 2:30pm! Turns out everything closes on the pier if they're not getting many customers. It's the same for the rides, amusements and shops.
    The amusement arcade is VERY addictive. You will spend more money than you keep track of on the 2p machines (I recommend the snake one for tokens)
    We bought 30 ride tokens for £20 which is a heck of a lot of money, as most of the rides are 3 tokens per person. It's the only deal they do, plus it's £1 per token if you don't choose the offer.

    4.0 star rating
    2/12/2012 Previous review
    Nobody can resist the magnetic pull that is a doughnut machine moulding little rings of teeth… Read more
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    Brighton Pier is one of those must-do activities when visiting the city, if only to gorge on fish and chips, candy floss and doughnuts! The more brave follow this up with a go on one of the rollercoasters, but it's equally fun just observing the terrified faces of others from a safe distance.

    Always a great place to spend a couple of hours, though expect to be hassled by any kids that are with you for money for the amusements!

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    3.0 star rating

    As far as British piers go, Brighton is probably the best looking one, especially at night when it is lit up like a christmas tree.
    As others have said though, the attractions and shops are a bit pricey and commercialised, but the views are great.
    The best attraction I found on the pier is the hundreds of starlings that gather there just before sunset and entertain us with some formation flying around the pier!
    Video link: uk.youtube.com/watch?v=-…

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    Oh we do like to be beside the seaside...

    Brighton Pier has it all, a fish and chip shop at its foot, hordes of quirky shops and stalls on the long walk down to the massive amusements arcade with penny-slots and claw machines, a few pubs and cafes to while away summer days, and ending with a bunch of slightly scary rides for the more adventurous seaside goers.

    Popular with locals and visitors alike, the Pier is literally heaving in the summer, as Brighton flocks to enjoy its nostalgic charm, banging about in bumper cars, splashing around in the log flume, chomping on candy floss and playing to win teddy bears.

    It's easy to get swept up in the Pier's charisma, it drags you in and keeps you hostage, turns you into a child again and makes you break all those promises to yourself and splash your cash like you've never spent before.


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    5.0 star rating

    Being originally from the USA, there's nothing really like it back in the States.
    I love it. It's a hodge podge of things. Tatty gifts, sickening sweet food stuff, fish & chips, cheap and crappy games people waste their money on and it's great.
    A walk through the sections is just fantastic and great people watching.
    The architecture of this pier and its buildings are magical.
    If I lived in Brighton, I probably wouldn't visit that often but going as a tourist is just great. You can feel the history and the enjoyment many people have felt breathing through its structure.
    And such a great place just to stand and breathe in the sea air.

    • Qype User george…
    • Brighton
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    5.0 star rating

    This pier is the image of Brighton for many tourist. After ten years of living in Brighton I still like to enjoy its experience t least once a year.
    The fun fair section is kept up to date with the latest rides that can be incorporated on the pier. No doubt the management would love bigger and better rides but they are limited on the size of the pier platform. The ghost train is not as good as the old one that burnt down. Its more child friendly, which means adult won't enjoy it so much.
    The doughnuts are a dream. But, a word of warning the sea gulls love them too! My friend had one snatched right out of her hand in broad daylight!
    I don't care much for the slot machines but its obvious others do.
    All in all piers are asset to a sea side resort. Many piers are falling into disrepair. Brighton should be proud of this gem.

    • Qype User aaron…
    • Brighton
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    3.0 star rating

    The pier itself is beautiful- a true piece of brighton's history. Iconic in fact. However, the place itself has been turned into a cheap overpriced tourist rip off centre. For one, everyone knows everything on there is rigged which basically destroys 80% of what the pier is. The rides have rocketed in prices over the years and they seem less and less safe. The majority of the food their is ok, but when you're in brighton, you really have to step up your game.

    Basically go there, spend a quid or two on some arcade machines, buy some doughnuts (which is a redeeming feature), and see the sights. THAT'S IT. Just don't watse your money their like many people do. 3 stars for the views on the pier, the pier's beuaty itself and the dougnuts.

    • Qype User rockyr…
    • Brighton
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    1.0 star rating

    Over priced rides, a multitude of amusement arcades that have your ears ringing with there inane constant mechanical whirrings. Plastic tasting icecream, staff who do not want to be there let alone serve you and a giant invisible sign above its entrance that reads "Welcome to Brighton All You Wonderful Visitors Do Come In and Marvel at the Wonderous and Numerous Ways We Have To Rip You Off".
    If you are a visitor as you near it vear sharp right and go for a walk along the seafront then vear sharp right again and treat yourself with all that money you've saved to a coffee in the Lanes.
    And remember this "Its on Brighton Pier that no one can hear you scream!!!!!!"

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