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  • 5.0 star rating

    This is the best beer bar in shore ditch, maybe London. Selection of brewdog beers plus mikkeller and 'merican micro brews. They serve Texas BBQ as well. Beer and BBQ happen to be my two favourite things.

    Caution: the plate I brisket is HUGE. Way too much food for one person. But it tastes so good that you will try to eat it all. I thought it tasted better than any of the brisket I had in Austin, except maybe franklins.

  • 4.0 star rating

    i am a big fan of brewdog, not only because they are my scottish homeboys,  but because their punk ipa actually got me into craft beer after forever being a wine drinker. GOOD WORK!

    i've been to quite a few of their locations now. shoreditch is good being just at the end of brick lane, and it also has a fun downstairs cocktail bar (which isn't always open). it seems to be forever busy so can be quite difficult to get a seat, and even though they say that they reserve tables for bigger groups, i have found that they are impossible to get hold of via email or phone, so it would be cool if they could sort that out!

    i love that brewdog is dog friendly. my pup loves coming here - brewdog clientele seem to love him a lot a lot, so it's also nice seeing how much he brightens up everyone else's drinking experience too!

  • 3.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Lovely craft beer and very nice staff. This place can be very crowded during the evening so avoid it at the weekend where it can get too uncomfortable.

    Having said that, Brewdog is one of my favourite drinking places in Shoreditch. If it's not too crowded.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I went on a Friday evening around 10pm and the music was played louder and louder. I had to yell to talk to my cousin but the ambience and atmosphere was still nice. Crafty menus and quirky design really took my heart. I had the Tokyo, which is the tastiest imperial stout I've ever had. I also had the Dead Pony Club to nurse for a longer period and it was not bad. This place would have to be my must-visit if I'm ever over the pond again!

  • 5.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    I think BrewDog is the evolution of bars in the UK.  The craft beer scene in the UK has been bubbling away for a short while now, but BrewDog is one of the best bars I've seen that captures the passion for craft beer that our american friends across the pond have had for 15+ years now.

    No longer should you have to walk into any UK bar and, without looking, ask for any of their 6 bland and boring draught lagers.  Going to a bar should be exciting experience, where you wait in anticipation to see what new brews they have each and every time you turn up.

  • 5.0 star rating
    5/10/2013 Updated review

    I have yet to have eaten something at BrewDog thats not AMAZING. Their menu is always changing, and last night their texas menu pretty much blew me away. Their beef brisket is better than anything i've eaten in the american south, the pulled pork was soooo tender, and the sausage links delicious. How do they manage to make regional food taste so good is beyond me. All I know is that in spite of the crowd and having to fight for a place to sit, I will still come here just to eat something.

    The drinks here are of course what you should be also here for. The great news is that they not only have their own beer, but they also have a good selection of wine and cider. Something for everyone!

    Last time I was here they didn't have the basement opened up. This time around, with the basement opened, it's definitely not as crowded.

    The service is always incredible every time im here.


    4.0 star rating
    30/10/2012 Previous review
    A place for drinks - not so much dinner, though their small menu does have very yummy food. The… Read more
  • 5.0 star rating

    Was not expecting to find a great bar like this in London with California brewed IPAS! Was on zero sleep waiting for a friend to fetch after a flight from San francisco. Bartender was very nice and let me use her phone to make a phone call while I used the internet. Ended up having a few drinks here for the next few weeks I was in London thanks guys!

  • 5.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    BrewDog? I fucking love you and your craft beer.  I love the way your brew tastes, I love the way they make me feel all tingley inside (pissed) I love the way you look, with your stripped back industrial styley interior, I love your hairy men & sexy ladies talking beer at me, it gives me a mahoosive beer boner, so basically BrewDog, I FUCKING LOVE YOU!

    Go there!

  • 1.0 star rating

    I was at BrewDog yesterday after checking out the Oasis expo up the road and the place was pretty full but not heaving.

    Ordered meaty sandwiches and fries for me and 5 friends. 1st meal came after 10 mins, next 2 meals came after another 20mins, another meal came out about 20mins after that.... still leaving one more meal to come over an hour after ordering! Was told it was on the way by a couple of staff, waited, waited some more, accepted a free round of drinks, waited more, still no sandwich and fries!

    I asked for a refund for the meal that never was and they obliged as well as refunding an extra meal for my troubles. The staff were apologetic and I got the idea it was a kitchen issue not an ordering issue.

    Must have been an off day as all the other reviews seem to be pretty good for this this branch of BD.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    BrewDog, how I love you so...

    Would I could, I'd while away the days (and nights) here, playing scrabble, chatting to the strapping Scottish barmen, and drinking half-pint after half-pint of delicious chocolate stout and refreshing cherry sour beer (maybe not together).

    The drinks are fairly standard, in terms of price -- you'll find that most are within the £3-6 range. They do things a little differently here, in that they don't automatically serve everything in pint form when it comes from the tap, as they vary the sizes based on the drink's flavor and strength/alcohol content (for example, you wouldn't want to be drinking something as heavy/uniquely flavored as said chocolate stout in full pints). They are also more than happy to let you taste multiple beers until you've found one that you really love! In a way, it's good that they essentially cut you off before you've gone too far, or end up wasting your drink because you can't finish -- you really enjoy each sip of beer to the fullest, as it should be! If beer isn't your thing, they do have cocktails and wine...however, the bar is called BREWdog, people, so you best be drinking their brews.

    I wish I were rich enough to make this my local, seeing as I live literally three minutes away. Until I win the lottery, however, it will remain a sweet treat for every odd weekend, and I'll work my way through the many different brews in due time. The last few times I've been (usually Fridays), I've tried to go to Underdog, but it's been so busy that I haven't yet gotten the chance. Next time, though!

    If there's nothing you love more than a good craft beer, a board game, and a Scotsman, this is the place for you.

    P.S. Bring cash unless you want to buy drinks in rounds, there's a £5 card minimum.

    P.P.S. Keep some of that cash and go get a bagel from across the street when the night's over. You can thank me later.

  • 5.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    I love this bar.

    I hardcore love this bar.

    If I lived closer to Shroeditch, I would be here all the time. And even then, I'm going out of my way to come here. This bar literally has everything I want from a bar.

    First of all - beer. And not just any beer, but specially made BrewDog beer (they're both a brewery and a bar, with a few spots throughout the UK). And the beer is good. Try something like the (They also have non BrewDog beer if you want it). Get the San Diego Scotch Ale, delicious Raspberry Revolver or a shot of The Tactical Nuclear Penguin, a beer so potent it will destroy you. Or not. Still try it.

    Then the bar is large, which means there is room to sit, stand or a combination or the two at the bar. There's room to move in this place, which is great. Even when it's crowded, it never feels insanely crowded. (Possible weekend nights exception of course.)

    And the staff I've talked to have been top-notch. They know their beers, they're friendly, they are good people all around.

    They also have food, but I haven't had a chance to check it out. Soon though.

    All good things, but what makes this bar a five-star experience? Two more things.

    GAMES! I love bars with board games, even though I rarely play them. But if I ever feel the need, I want to have them, and they've got a full shelf of board games. My god, it's like they read my mind.

    And then, Underdog... I'm not sure I should be telling people about this since I sort of want to keep it a secret, but hell, if you're a Yelper and reading this, then I'm sure I want to hang out with you down there...

    Underdog is the secret speakeasy bar beneath BrewDog. Walk down the stairs and you'll come across a wall with a painting on it. This is actually a hidden door into an amazing underground jazz and voodoo-esq beer cocktail bar. Eventually, I'll review this thing separately to give more details, but for now, just know it exists and is worth checking out.

    Go. Go now. Run. Go. BrewDog. Go.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in Shoreditch

    I needed a beer.
    A beer -- in Shoreditch.
    A Raspberry Revolver...?
    A kind and friendly barman.
    A Raspberry Revolver, indeed.
    I'm revolved.

    Oh, what's this...a Dead Cobbler, you say?
    Ok, why not...tomorrow's Thursday.
    With half a grapefruit, Death's Door Gin
    That one beer turned into a little jammin'.

    Hipsters in Shoreditch?
    Surely not in short supply.
    Now you've got BrewDog
    ...as you watch them breeze by.

    There's secrets I can't tell,
    ...but soon the world shall know.
    You can be sure, I'll be back...
    Update to follow.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Real TEXAN FOOD in London! Great beer, food and atmosphere. You're going to spoil the lot!

  • 5.0 star rating

    During a long stay in London for work, I was eager to find a lowkey bar that wasn't trolling with City types or corporate chit-chat. BrewDog came to my rescue on a few occasions, saving me from having to drink crap on tap or wade through a mess of suits to get to the bar.

    If you're already in Shoreditch, I highly recommend making your way over. If you're not already in Shoreditch, you probably ought to get yourself to Shoreditch. And then make your way to Brewdog. You won't be disappointed.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Linked to the Brew Dog brewery, this bar is a must for anyone that loves their beer...

    With a selection of great lagers, stouts and porters there is something for everyone... and if you don't want to have to make a choice... then why not go for a tasting platter of smaller quarter pints!

    They also serve other drinks, so don't be too worried if you're not into beer...

    But the biggest secret... well that's the underground cocktail bar (called the underdog), where you'll find amazing cocktails that include beer and taste absolutely divine...  They have something for everyone. Also check out the quirky, but morbid victorian freakshow themed artwork in this low lighted, laid back cavern.

    Prices are reasonable.

    A really nice, down to earth bar with a good atmosphere... but perhaps better visited in the week, as this can get very busy at weekends and you often have to queue to get in.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The beer here is incredible. But the seating and food are not.

    I was always a little sceptical of Brewdog ever being disappointed by their Punk IPA a year ago. But trying to keep an open mind and urged on by several other Yelpers, I paid their bar in Shoreditch a visit and am really glad I did.

    The range, quality and price of the beer here is superb and I have to agree with Brewdog's claims to being adventurous in their creations, with ever-stronger beers in ever-smaller serving sizes (so no need to break the bank or your liver - nice!). My favourite is probably the easy drinking Dead Pony Club, but I heartily approve of several of the others too. I also applaud their embrace of beers from other inventive breweries, most notably from perennial favourite of mine, Mikkeller, including their excellent 13% stout aged in Bourbon bottles. Their friendly staff and dimly-lit interior are also worth a shout.

    The downsides of the place are the seating and food. I've been here twice now, and neither time was the group of Yelpers I was with able to sit down together, despite staying for several hours. This holds even in the early part of the week, when bar custom is usually lower than later in the week. The food is also disappointing: Japanese-styled street food that is sub-par and pricey. I hear the food at Brewdog Camden (burgers) is better in both respects.

    Nevertheless, the unique and top quality beer offered by Brewdog Shoreditch makes it an essential stop on any beer tour of London.

  • 5.0 star rating
    ROTD 22/12/2012

    Finally, quality beer in Shoreditch! I checked out BrewDog last night with a large group of fellow Yelpers, and I was not disappointed. The staff is extremely knowledgable about beer, and the selection is pretty extensive for what I've seen in London (and fairly affordable). I had a Zeitgeist and then a Raspberry Revolver, which was absolutely delicious. The one downside of BrewDog is that there is limited seating.

    tldr: thumbs up.

  • 3.0 star rating
    6 check-ins

    Because I'm obviously a massive Corporate type, I'd been sent south far from the Frozen North of Mancunia to soak in the tricks of the trade from my alternates in London town... exciting, said no one.

    In need of tasty beverages to put in my face I was most pleased to learn that one of Londons BrewDog bars was a reasonablish walk from the offices I would inhabit for a few days, and so being a fan of the BrewDog range felt it would be a terrible waste of a journey not  to pay homage.

    BrewDog beer is BrewDog beer so I see no point in dwelling upon it spending time commenting upon such things, it's good beer.

    Gotta say I prefer the layout of the Manchester Bar, not sure what it was about the Shoreditch one it just didn't gel with my brain matter, and really unhelpfully I can't tell you why, plenty of seating, or at least there was with it being Mon and Wed night (who said I couldn't go twice). But this is hardly a reason to avoid by any means.

    bit dissapointed on the food front, Manchester Bar offers Burgers/Pizzas/Chicken wings/Cold meat n Cheese board. Shoreditch just did hotdogs.. Shame

    I like the atmosphere of the place dunno if that's cos it was early week but it felt very chilled out which is just what you want after a day at work.

    Definitely would go again just for the beer, would nice if they upped their food menu a bit too

  • 5.0 star rating
    3 check-ins
    Listed in Date night, Cocktailz

    *NB I've subsequently realised I should have put this review under Underdog, the basement speakeasy of BrewDog.

    My workmate is a craft beer fan and recommended BrewDog, which I wasn't too sure about because unfortunately I do not actually like beer. However, it is in the ideal location to sandwich some drinks in between my afternoon bday party at Benets and my late night bday rave at Bethnal Green Workingmen's Club.

    However, BrewDog was not at all just a filler - it was awesome. I walk past it daily and always thought it looked a bit bland/sterile from the outside but inside is much more inviting and what I didn't realise was that there is an awesome downstairs bar with great music, toilets plastered with 50s pinups and a range of delicious cocktails, some of which feature beer. I was a big fan of the Snakebiterita which was tart and highly drinkable, but the Drunken Pony Negroni was also pretty good and came in an excellent cut glass tumblr.

    We got there early on Saturday night and there was loads of space for a group. I really couldn't recommend it highly enough. Staff were nice from the door to the bar, they also have waiter service for drinks and the incredible hot dogs. I often find hotdogs a bit underwhelming but the Massive Pole (Huge Pole? Some kind of Gargantuan Pole, anyway) was delicious.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I don't like beer that much.  I did.  Growing up.  But then I realized it didn't agree with my internal chemistry, lifestyle, bladder size and emissions.  So I gave it up (mostly).

    Since moving to London, however, I've realized that sometimes you just gotta go with beer.  Especially in a place that makes its own.  And you know what?  I loved their beer.  In particular, the very strong IPA (not its real name).

    After 2-3 of these, I no longer care what I'm drinking or doing.  Which might explain why I woke up in Mexico wrapped in plastic and wearing handcuffs.  Just kidding.  They were leggings.

    Bit really,,, it's a cool joint with a cooler downstairs an the beer on either level is top notch.   Just be sure to wear good leggings.

  • 3.0 star rating

    As with all BrewDog bars, this one has lots of BrewDog on keg in addition to a decent range of guest breweries. The keg lineup is supplemented by an adequate selection of bottles. I think they do some kind of hip food here, like barbecue or burgers or something. Prices are high compared to other, comparable beer bars.  BD Shoreditch is likely the best place to get quality beers in Shoreditch, followed closely by Well & Bucket, which is just East on the same road as BrewDog. Worth a visit.

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    There are two things in this world that brought me to yelp: food trucks, and beer. I consider myself a snob about both, and I'm glad to boast my knowledge of styles, IBUs, etc. So I was eagerly awaiting a chance to try BrewDog, hoping to get a great tasting of local beers close to home.

    I was super excited about the atmosphere--it's filled with beer lovers like me, tucking into wooden booths with good company, emulating the basic elements of construction and hoppy smell that I always associate with a great brewery. The only thing was, the hops were ruling--all of the BrewDog beers on tap were in the family of IPA/pale ales, and those that weren't still boasted a strong hoppy flavor or a high IBU. When I asked about other styles, my only options were guest taps, which defeated by purpose in coming, as I hoped to have a fresh, local beer.

    This meant that both myself and my friend ended up not finishing our beers, because they just weren't the style we wanted a full pint of (I'm up for sampling anything, but I am not the biggest fan of picking a pint of something I'm not sure about). Nonetheless, this is a great bar for beer lovers. Definitely a highlight of the Shoreditch neighborhood.

  • 5.0 star rating
    7 check-ins

    Great beer, great atmosphere, really friendly staff.

    What more could a girl want in her neighborhood BrewDog?

    I've been here twice now with groups of yelpers, and it did not disappoint either time. Buzzing, but not too crowded, extremely competent service, a diverse young crowd... Though it is a narrow space, its layout and large windows give it an openish feel.

    Try the Dead Pony Club.


  • 5.0 star rating

    Great microbrewery -- a lot of creative (and crazy!) beers.  The Camden location is more of a laid back pub vibe and the bartenders spend more time (because they can!) letting you sample all their recommendations before ordering your pint.  Shoreditch is more 'Shoreditchy' so tends to be jam packed.  

    They take reservations for tables up until 6pm but not after.  There's no time limit on your booking so you can stay all night at the same drinking spot if you want (otherwise you're likely to be standing/drinking).  We came here midway through a pub crawl and had a private area in the back of Underdog reserved, almost like a side room.  It was huge and very cool - we were around 20 people and I would say it was too big for us.    There were two separate little couch areas for sitting and a big table.  A very trendy vibe and was separate but you didn't feel away from the Brewdog vibe -- more like a VIP area actually.  And we didn't have to pay anything upfront to reserve -- just called a few weeks in advance so I would definitely recommend this for a group or if you're planning a party.  We ordered loads of different things on the Texan BBQ menu but nothing was amazing.  It just gave me more of an 'eh' feeling.  But in full disclosure I was mid way through a pub crawl (read: I was tanked!), so I'd be interested to give a try again.   If/when the time comes I'll update the post accordingly.

    as a side note Underdog is the bar downstairs of Brewdog.  They're going for a speakeasy vibe.  It's well known and people come and go freely --the door is wide open.

    Overall a great place for drinks with the crew --- a very fun night out.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Yes, a nice beer selection.....but did anyone here go to the previous bar that was here: Mason & Taylor? I'm sorry, I think the BrewDog folks are falling far short of the previous tenants, on three particular counts:

    1. The beer! Yes, they've got a nice selection in bottles, but the on tap selection is quite limited. And the bottle selection, when compared to M&T doesn't come close. And there's no description of any of the bottled beers.

    2. The tables. I mean....there used to be tables. Now there are a few high tables with stools, but there are no longer tables for 2 or 4 people to sit out. There's only these longer high-tables, which is not terribly conducive to two people who want to sit in relative peace and enjoy a few beers. It appears that the idea is allow more people to stand. Fine, that's their prerogative -- to have a bar like they want. I guess I preferred it being less of a "bar". If that's your preference, enjoy.

    3. The food. M&T had a proper menu (and proper tables to sit down at to eat). What's left is -- well, some fine bar snacks.

    In short, they kinda turned it into a beer-focused bar to rival the vomit-soaked places throughout Shoreditch, just a touch nicer. Oh joy.

    Sorry, you ruined the place for us.

  • 5.0 star rating
    4 check-ins

    This will really be a two part review - Part 1 is for Brewdog and Part 2 is for Underdog. What's the difference? Well guess you'll just have to read on to find out!

    Brewdog Shoreditch is, quite obviously, the Shoreditch branch of the popular Brew Dog bar in Camden. This time they've set themselves up in much bigger digs which means a larger bar, less waiting, and a much more comfortable setting for groups. There is even a sizeable outside seating area for you smokers to enjoy your beer while indulging in another vice at the same time.

    The beer, as to be expected, is spectacular and all brewed in house (well not literally in house but you know what I mean). The Tokyo is probably my beer of choice for a dark regular drinking beer. It's full bodied with a bitter undertone so not the easiest of beers to go for but a very good choice for the slow sipping style. Or if in the mood to get a buzz a little faster, the 32% Tactical Nuclear Penguin (they must have so much fun naming these beers) is essentially the beer equivalent of a whiskey and should be sipped slowly and appreciated.

    The core offerings of the Dead Pony Club and the 5am Saint are fan favourites and good for when you expect to have a bigger (volume wise at least) night out. I am curious to try this new Abstrakt range of corked beers that Brewdog is developing but sadly they weren't on offer yet when I was last there.

    Next, we come to Underdog which is a chill cocktail bar underneath Brewdog Shoreditch and accessible through a hidden panel at the bottom of a staircase inside. To get down there, grab the nearest Brewdog staffer and ask to be taken downstairs. Do not, as we did, sneak downstairs and stampede in 20 strong as that completely ruins the atmosphere Underdog is trying to maintain. Still, they were quite nice about it and luckily it was fairly empty (it was the soft-launch at the time).

    Underdog is set up more as a southern jive bar with jazz music and an entire section dedicated to a Voodoo theme. It's a bit freaky but strangely attractive in a "I'm creeped out but I can't look away" sort of way.

    The cocktails revolve around the Brewdog beers offered upstairs and the end result are some very tasty and unique items. I don't want to give away much of the cocktail list as this is a case where trying it out is the best way to really experience it and I think you'll lose some of the effect by knowing ahead of time. I will say this is the alcoholic equivalent of Heston's approach as you read the description, your  mind forms an idea of what it will be like, and then it turns out to be quite a bit different but in a very pleasing way.

    The main takeaway is that you should get your butt over to Brewdog and Underdog. They are the latest and possibly one of the greatest examples of why East London is the place to be.

  • 4.0 star rating

    "This Raspberry Revolver tastes like juice and sparkling water..."

    Maybe not the most hardcore of the brews offered, the Raspberry Revolver was only one of many that we tried that night.  BrewDog has an interesting selection to accommodate different tastes, and perhaps against our better judgement, we tried most of it.

    While the Raspberry Revolver was 4.5% alch and light, the Coffee and Chocolate Stout was 9% and not for the weak.  Wheat beer was delicious with a tinge of fruit, and speaking of fruit, would you like watermelon with your fried chicken?  Chicken burger and beef burger were nothing to write home about, but overall the bar is a cool place to knock back several rounds of beer.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Relaxed spot in Shoreditch to grab a pint. All of the beers are made in house. The guys & gals behind the counter are friendly and aim to please as they ask questions and let you sample to find exactly what you are looking for.

    BrewDog is a convenient place to pop by before or after dinner and is within easy walking distance of Beigel Bake, a mecca for late night cheap eats on the eastside.

    Also, if you want a slight change of scenery head downstairs for UnderDog.

  • 4.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    Fan friggin tastic beer. But you already know that since you're looking at this page, right? You know that BrewDog Shoreditch (BDS) has some of that wonderfully sippable stuff. Once there, don't be shy about asking for a taste or to see one of the bottles in the case behind the counter before making your decision. Good brew deserves deliberation.

    I had the Barrel Aged 77 Lager, Dogma (a scotch ale brewed with Heather honey), as well as tastes of the Tokyo * and a few other things, and a Beaverton brew.

    As for the food, it's a great concept to pair Japanese Izakaya style food with fan friggin tastic BrewDog beer. I tried three of the offerings:
    -katsu skewers, £5
    -the veggie korokke roll at £5
    -JFC for £7

    Katsu usually means something Japanese, breaded with panko. Here, the katsu is really veggie skewers with lotus root, tomato, baby corn, and quail egg. But this was the worst value option of the order. It's really not enough skewers to be worth £5. The dipping sauce is fantastic though.

    Korokke is the Japanese pronunciation of croquette (ko-ro-keh) minus the "t". The korokke roll is a fluffy white bun with sauce and a few vegetable croquettes, soft and veggie/potato on the inside and crunchy crumbs on the outside. Nicely filling.

    JFC is Japanese Fried Chicken, which most people would call kara-age. It comes in bite sized pieces and is served at BDS with watermelon and a lemon wedge. It's a bit pricey but very delicious and an excellent pairing with the Barrel Aged 77 Lager. (This beer also comes in an un-barrel aged version.)

    Cheers, BDS!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Great beer great staff and a lovely surprise in the basement.
    The usual selection brewdog beers and great guests. Check out underdog in the basement for a little surprise.
    Lacking in the great food selection from the other bars round the country but a nice bar to visit none the less.

  • 4.0 star rating
    First to Review

    Nice to have a great beer so close to home. Staff is friendly and helpful.

    Seems to be a big of a battleground between beer drinkers and Shoreditch hipsters, but hipsters won out on the Saturday night. Food was okay, but wouldn't recommend it. Was overpriced, too.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Fairly typical Brewdog bar.

    But that's a good thing.

    You will not get a bad pint in here. You might get a 1/2, 1/3, 2/3. These won't be bad, either. Decent food. Funny sense of humour. Staff who are passionate about beer. Owners who care.

    They famously did not win best bars in the UK after winning it -- the tropy was engraved with their name, but some Diageo rep demanded that it be handed to another shortlistee.

    They did not win this by being a fabulous beer chain that's not chainy at all. Spendy, but beer to savour, not session beers.

    Get in. Drink up. Don't be a douche.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I didn't experience the upstairs, except to walk through a sea of drunken people. We immediately proceeded downstairs to the "Speakeasy". Although it isn't even close to an authentic speakeasy, it does serve as a very pleasant respite from hipster-infested Shoreditch. Everyone is seated so the space is in no way overcrowded (what a relief). The staff are really friendly and helpful. The cocktails are perfectly acceptable - nothing amazing, but pretty tasty on the whole. However, I am not keen on their penchant for including beer as a standard cocktail ingredient. Although I'm not a beer drinker myself, I hear that the selection of craft beers is interesting, varied and in some cases noxious. At least one of the beers is 11% alcohol by volume - be careful!

  • 5.0 star rating

    finally good pale ales in london. from fruity to strong beers you will find anything here.

    love the fact that they have themed evenings. yesterday it felt like you are in a bar in texas. very cool very authentic bar in shoreditch.

    will come again next time i am there.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Big fan of Brewdog Pub. In general, I love the brewdog brand for everything it stands for - or more importantly, what it doesn't. The fact that it's Scottish. The fact that their beers are unorthodox and non-traditional. The fact that it's not like every other carpeted pub in London. The fact that they've got tons of beer on tap and zany names for all of them. The fact that you can sit down at a table and play a board game with your mates while sipping on a beer sampler. The fact that brews are relatively inexpensive. The fact that they have a guy on Sundays making Japanese Okonomiyaki pancakes in this Scottish bar in London. The fact that you can take shelter from the cold here for hours by yourself and not feel the least bit bored. The fact that they write everything in chalk on the walls. The fact that staff are somewhat aloof, but in a cool way, not an arrogant way. The fact that the whole place is anything but conventional. The fact that they have brewed the worlds strongest beer (32% ABV) and named it Tactical Nuclear Penguin.

    The facts: this place is great and must be tried if you're in Shoreditch or at the Sunday Upmarket. You will not be disappointed! And if you can, try to go on Sunday and try that Japanese pancake!

  • 1.0 star rating

    Worst toilet system ever. Worst toilet system ever. Worst toilet system ever. Worst toilet system ever. Worst toilet system ever. Worst toilet system ever. Worst toilet system ever. Worst toilet system ever. Worst toilet system ever.

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    5.0 star rating

    Love this place  only just opened and every time I go we get the same excellent service, great food and lovely drinks. The secret cocktail bar downstairs is a real treat and the Japanese Street food is well worth trying  especially the beef bun and JFC. I'll be back on a weekly basis!

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