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  • 4.0 star rating

    (Review is for the Rooftop Bar)

    In a Nutshell: The Arguable Crown Jewel of Rooftop Bars in East London

    I went on a whim with a few friends Saturday evening in early May, and we were all glad we visited.  

    The rooftop is modern and chic, the view not exactly tantamount to Duck & Waffle or Paramount, yet still nice enough.  The loungey seating felt like VIP sections in a trendy club (but in a good way) and I have no complaints with the service.  I'm a stickler for background music, and the lounge/deep house soundtrack gets a thumbs up.

    An open-air year-round rooftop bar doesn't sound like the best strategy within UK's bipolar weather, but they have "designer heaters" for each section and will even provide blankets should you want to brave the cold.  Our group definitely used both amenities, because London clearly doesn't start getting warm at night until late July.  

    We ordered a pitcher to share for 4.  The Summer Garden (Ketel One Citroen vodka, berneroy calvados, benedictine, lemonade) was refreshing, though at £25 was not cheap.  It proved itself to be one of those "silent killer" cocktails that creeps on you later in the evening...which I don't mind :)

    It's a great place to start a spiffy/posh night out on the East End; I will definitely return!

    Golden Tip: There's not a lot of standing/solo people, as it all appears to be sectional seating...come with a group to maximize the experience!

  • 3.0 star rating

    I'm writing a review based on the rooftop bar.  When I came here it was pretty much the first sunny warm day in London.  A kickoff for spring.  The wait for this place was a  little ridiculous which I heard isn't the norm.  Once you are up there, its really beautiful with the view around just as the sun is about to set.

    When up here you are guaranteed a table so not a lot of people were standing around.  And as soon as it starts to get a little chilly they offer the ladies blankets to keep their legs warm.  Definitely nice gesture.  This place is a good place to grab a drink and very loungey and chill.  Not crazy pack and I liked that.

    Only downfall, they have horrible service! Be prepared to wait for a really really long time for your drink to come and also you find yourself having to wave down the waitress to try and get you either another drink or the check.

    Tip: Don't wait no more than 45 min for this place.  If longer I don't think its worth it.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I went to the Boundary Rooftop for lunch with a friend on a sunny, but not overly warm day. We walked in at 12.10pm and asked if there were any tables. The hostess downstairs told us that she could give us a table inside, but nothing was available outside. We were fine with that and went upstairs to the rooftop.

    It's a beautiful place, with an outside area full of comfy sofas and chairs and a covered area that is more like a restaurant dining room in a greenhouse.

    We were sat (inside) by the window with a great view over Dishoom. It was actually a little chilly to be sitting outside, so we were very happy inside. We had a good view of the kitchen and it was lovely and airy.

    The food was amazing, I had the burger (which wasn't actually called a burger on the menu, it was actually described as: "Boundary Pan Bagnat - a Niçoise-inspired sandwich with a flame-grilled beef patty, goat's cheese, roast vegetables and green salad") and my friend had the muscles with the amazing bread basket. We shared a carafe of white wine that the waiter recommended. For pudding my friend had the mango and pineapple eclair (sooooo scrummy) and I had the ice cream, that was home made and a revelation in taste! We both had lovely coffees and in total, I think we were there for over two hours.

    What was really outstanding, was the service. Everyone was extremely attentive, friendly, warm and really made us feel welcome and looked after. I would heartily recommend a visit here.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Want to feel exclusive and a bit special? - I suggest a visit at the Boundary and sit on the rooftop terrace on a warm London night (yes, they exist). Do order a bottle of wine or champagne and just enjoy the atmosphere of a warm fireplace, cozy sofas and armchairs and the view over Shoreditch.

    I'm not so taking but their service nor by the menu itself (a bit pompous) - in fact, if it weren't for the rooftop bar and the views that come along with it, I would give this place only three stars...

  • 4.0 star rating

    Boundary was tight! This is a review of the restaurant.

    We were hoping to score dinner at the main spot downstairs in the basement/dungeon area. We walked in without a reservation and the front desk ladies were extra nice to us. They invited us to have a drink at the bar while they found a table, which took them no time at all.

    The bar was great!  A dude named Giovanni was kind and skillful. He should teach the bartender at Alimentum (in Cambridge) how to make a negroni. Because Giovanni's negroni was spot on, right down to his use of Carpano (fist pump).

    Dinner was baller. I had a smile on my face the whole time. The sommelier was really funny and enjoyed chatting with us almost as much as we enjoyed chatting with him. He told us about a fun strip club up the street. See my review of the White Horse!

    We had oysters, steak tartare, crab, caviar, veal, and some other stuff. It was all amazing. I was really happy. I kept patting my little tummy (my abs are shredded!) and making content little noises like a jaguar cub up on a tree branch.

    We bought drinks for another couple who didn't have a reservation either. They couldn't get a table :( so we got them into the bar and at least made sure they had some good drinks! That is just how we roll.

  • 4.0 star rating

    So many sides to Boundary... I've been here for the basement bar and the rooftop bar, but it is actually a boutique hotel and I hear that the restaurant downstairs quite nice too (and you can also have brunch on the rooftop apparently). The basement bar is elegant and intimate, good for a catch up drink with a friend, but the time we were there, there was a loud drunk family reunion going on, which was not ideal. The rooftop is a place you'd have to queue up for on a clear weekend night, as they seat you at a table with large weathered wooden chairs, like the type you might see at a beach. There are also nice fires around to keep warm. I went last night for an event and they have a glass enclosed indoor space as well, which was divided between 2 events and could fit 20-30 people on each side. It wasn't a warm day but the outdoor space didn't have very many guests, so I think it wouldn't be too hard to get in on a weeknight. I think this is the classier version of Queen of Hoxton around the corner, where you would come after work when you want to sit at a table instead of on the fake grass at QoH.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Came here for a company function a couple days ago, we had the corner of the rooftop bar on a beautiful slightly cloudy night.

    First off. The rooftop is absolutely beautiful. We came here with about an hour left of light - so watching the sun set over the city as the city lights came on was very surreal. Pair that with a 13 degree night and a Peroni, and you're set.

    They have an "indoor" section with sliding glass wall windows for open air exposure. There are also space heaters so you can have open air dining and not be freezing. The ceiling doubles as a vineyard, and I did see baby grapes growing along the ceiling. I thought that was a nice and charming touch. The noise level was modest, and you could carry on a conversation very easily without having to fight to be heard. There were sofas as well as plenty of standing room, the servers were nice and filled glasses before they were fully emptied.

    We had the usual beers & wine, along with some of their own cocktail mixtures. Their mojito-like drink was by far the best one they offered, with enough alcohol in there to make it a dangerous drink. We had finger food, and by far the fish cakes were the highlight of the night. I'm not sure if those are on the appetizer menu or not, but they were delicious.

    As I made my way to the exit, I saw that people sitting outside in the seats were huddled under blankets (I assume provided by the bar) as they enjoyed their champagne. Enjoying watching the stars with some champagne on a rooftop bar while watching the stars - sounds brilliant.

    Will definitely be back.

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins
    Listed in 2013 Destroyer

    This is a review of the rooftop bar, which I was drawn toward like bees to flowers a few weeks back when the weather turned truly glorious one fine Sunday afternoon. Friends and I donned our best comfortable summery frocks, and sipped sangria in the sun, and yes, I got sunburned.

    It was very nice, relaxing and quiet, and most of the tables were simply enjoying the fine views and weather as we were. There's both a covered and uncovered area, which is nice for when the weather doesn't agree as well as it did when I was there. There's also a great serving staff, lounging tables and seated tables, and basically everything you might need for various times of day and weather and occasions.

    The location is great, just a few minutes from Shoreditch High Street. That means, it's also a great place to start afternoon drinking, and carry on into the evening with the wide array of options in the area.

    All in all, a great rooftop bar, and I really enjoyed in being my first one of the season. Definitely worth a drink or two if you're on the east side on a sunny day.

  • 5.0 star rating
    6 check-ins

    After nearly two weeks on the road, I needed a vacation. At home, in London.

    Seeing as how it was an unseasonably sunny day in Shoreditch, the Boundary rooftop seemed a sweet site to settle in. I took the lift up, snagged a sofa and ordered gazpacho, grilled vegetables and a glass of white wine and started in on a book that had previously been collecting dust in my empty flat.

    There aren't so many places in Blighty that let you feel as if you've escaped without so much as skirting the city limits but this one does! I passed three rejuvenating hours up here and the Boundary rooftop secured a spot on my London shortlist.

  • 5.0 star rating

    You know the feeling when you just adore something so much you lose all ability to form complete sentences and can only manage to wave fists gleefully while vocally squeezing out glottal stops, falling diphthongs, Proto-Germanic voiceless fricatives and other guttural verbal formations that haunt linguists' worst nightmares?  (As well as pen lengthy run-on sentences describing them?)


    "YYYYYeeehhhhhhhhhEEEEiiiiiyyyyyyyyyaaaaaiiIIIIIeE­EE!!! Iloveit,Iloveit,Iloveit!!!"

    Boundary, you just found a new home in my "Top 10 London Gems" list.
    Trust: yelp.co.uk/list/top-10-l…

  • 4.0 star rating

    Go here just for the view. It's a perfect picturesque just-about-360 degree panorama of the London skyline, lots of clouds, and the occasional airplane. The comfy couches and the wool blankets are pretty sweet too. And even though it's a bit annoying at first that they charge 2 quid for bread and olive oil, it's a big basket of four different types of really good bread, one stuffed with a peppery olive tapenade, and a plate of good spicy olive oil.

    Overall it's an amazing space although the whole atmosphere can at times verge on pretentiousness. It's not their fault, but you know there's always a high likelihood of douchebaggery at swanky rooftop bars, kind of like the dude with the expensive sunglasses, overly styled hair, and artfully unbuttoned shirt reclining creepily by himself along a sofabed.

    But the place itself is beautifully designed and spectacular in good weather. Avoid the d-bag and you should have a great time.

  • 3.0 star rating
    23/4/2011 Updated review
    1 check-in

    It's almost summer. How do I know? The Boundary have opened up their roof top terrace again and all of London seems to want in on it. Yes folks I have knocked off a star because this place is designed for the  masses who work from home or are too damn wealthy to work. Essentially, you can't get a seat for the evening unless you get here in the lull after lunch and spend your whole afternoon drinking cocktails. Well okay, maybe you don't need to order cocktails but you will need to order something.

    They don't take bookings you see, and as a result, you end up rushing out of work to get here and desperately queuing for over and hour. Even then you won't be guaranteed a seat, it could just be a ledge that they have thrown a blanket on top of. Saying that, their cocktails are divine and I do still love this place, I just wish everyone else didn't too!

    4.0 star rating
    18/6/2009 Previous review
    When you hang out here you really do feel that little bit closer to god, nope it ain't no church,… Read more
  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I went to the roof top bar for brunch on Saturday only to realize that they only serve brunch on Sundays, so we only had the lunch menu to choose from. The food looked Middle Eastern/Mediterranean and I didn't find the options to be overly exciting. My friend and I finally decided on lamb tagine and seafood Bouillabaisse. The lamb was quite delicious, but it was really nothing special. The Bouillabaisse was a bit blend and I was glad that wasn't my main dish. The food was meh, but the rooftop was quite nice and I can see it being a very popular spot in a nice summer evening.

  • 4.0 star rating

    *review is for the basement dining room, not rooftop*

    Dungeon-like entrance, basement room with church-like arcs and all exposed brickwork, a window all along the kitchen to peek in, a very cosy and well-stocked bar at the entrance ... Boundary is quite a visual stunner once you enter, but it even manages to keep the spirits up during a dinner. A Friday night dinner service wasn't packed, but well-visited. Service was flawless - very helpful and non-fussy sommelier (and his choice was perfect), non-intrusive waiting staff, friendly smiles and nods both when entering and exiting the dining room.

    Now to the nosh: helps if you eat meat, or better still, if you crave meat. Following this unofficial motto, I ordered steak tartare for starter and filet for main - like the service, it was non-fussy but flawless (in a good sense). Pistachio souffle was a stunner. My dinner companion also raved about her lamb roast.

    Perfect place for a date. Tucked into the walls are little semi-booths, where you sit fairly close and next to your companion, rather than opposite. I wasn't actually on a date, but the table to our left understood the charms of Boundary: judging from a ring being exchanged there at some point during the evening, there was engagement written all over them ...

  • 4.0 star rating

    I've been to the BASEMENT dining room twice and it has been excellent both times.

    The restaurant is very up market, but you get what you pay for. If you are looking for a cheap eat then don't go. However if you don't mind pay for quality then give it a try. It's typically Conran: excelllent service, someillers, great wine and geat food but you pay through the nose.

    As I said the food is top notch. My friend is a chef and the first time I went was the opening night. We got 50% off and special treatment. That night would have been 5/5 stars. The food was excellent. I had a rare steak which had been marinated in pepper and dijion. The meat was fantastic and it was cooked to perfection. The somellier recommended some nice wine and we had a great evening. I returned another time with my parents and was not disappointed. Of course we payed twice the price, but the food and service was excellent again.

    If you don't mid shelling out, then you'll have a great time here.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Well hopefully yelp will allow me to add a separate listing for the rooftop restaurant as it is very very different from Albion and presumably a world apart from the subterranean restaurant (which I haven't yet been to).

    Seeing the weather reports were saying sunny we got there early, at 12.15, and grabbed ourselves a big outside table.  

    The location is just about perfect, high up, next to Shoreditch House, but with a more comfortable lounging area.  You sit and look out over the city in a style of restaurant which reminds me of the rooftop scene in Istanbul.  

    It is a grill.  Which on a sunny day means a chunk of steak, a slab of fish or a side of chicken.  Pretty much perfect.  The drinks are also summer time classics.  They have a few jugs of cocktails and we started on the sangrias and kept them flowing whilst we applied the suncream.

    After a lot of distraction on the excellent booze choices we finally started on the food.  It was what it was meant to be; grilled food done well. My poussin was the perfect accompaniment to the sunburn I didn't manage to avoid. However, it is merely well done grilled food, don't expect to experience something revolutionary.

    The place was great and the staff were charming. The clientele is, so far, a bit of a hodge podge.  I will be quite interested to see if it turns into a non Shoreditch House kind of a place or a City escape.  Whatever, go now.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Boundary is a lovely restaurant with a great atmosphere, but there's better food to be had for the money.

    There's a number of reviews here that mention the rooftop view. Our dinner at Boundary was in the basement dining room which was modern and bustling without being overly loud. If there's a rooftop dining area it escaped our notice.

    The food was nice enough but it took its time in getting out to us - the wait staff was visibly busy throughout our dinner. The hosts were very pleasant, as was the sommelier but the waiters seemed like they had better things to do than talk to us.

    Boundary is definitely the nicest dining room in the area, but the unremarkable food and below-par service won't be luring us back anytime soon.

  • 1.0 star rating

    I went to The boundary hotel rooftop yesterday with my friends for quality dinner.
    We queued for an hour to get in but I definitely understand that because it was a saturday night.
    We ordered some drinks and food and everything was okay.
    But we are all smokers so after we finished food, we politely asked one of waiters that we are going for cigarettes so please keep the table. and waiter said okay.
    Because we wanted to stay there a bit longer with coffee and desert too as we waited an hour to get in there before..

    While we were having cigarettes, the waiter came to us and told us very rudely we have to pay right now. If we knew it before smoking, we would happily pay! but he was literally saying like "Where is your card?"  
    Also, The waiter kept being so rude to us and I was about to pay but then one of my friends said she does not want to pay service charge because the service was absolutely horrible. (Other waiters and waitress were all fine though)
    But i just handed out my card but the waiter took it very rudely and he said he is going to ask his boss about the service charge issue. and he was still keeping my card!
    I told him that he needed to give it back to me if you are going to be away from me but he did not answer and still he was still keeping it and went away!! I was really furious about how he treated us like THIEVES.
    The way he treated us was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE and I haven't seen any waiter like him so RUDE!!
    The boundary hotel should have had more lessons about how to manage customers really.

    We did not need to pay service charge in the end. but what makes me really annoyed is, the boss did not even come to us for asking what was the problem.
    I don't really understand what is the difference between Mcdonald's and the rooftop at boundary hotel.

    I would never ever visit here again.

    P.S. Mussels were absolutely salty so I had to finish one bottle of water after I had a meal here.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Rooftop bars are the norm in Singapore so it was a pleasant surprise that a good friend took me to one in London and that the skies in September hed up to make it a pleasant experience.

    The shoreditch sling is a refreshing cocktail for daytime drinking.

    To keep a place like this pleasant even in this month we are using gas heaters. Maybe a little too decadent for the environment?

  • 3.0 star rating

    Too much fawning for my liking. Totally obtrusive when we were trying to have a conversation. I don't know how many times I politely said I could pour my own wine only for a new person to come up and do it all over again.

    Having said that the food was pretty good and the place was quite cool.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Ugh. Ok fine, I can expand on this.

    I was so excited to go here FORREAL. Rooftop bar, pleasing aesthetics, lengthy daylight hours. Twas a recipe for sure success. Boundary is how I'd always imagine life to be if you were privileged enough to find yourself invited to those day drinking brofest afternoon meals that Bobby Flay is always making for "Boy Meets Grill." Life is perrrrfect, thought I.

    First of all, the doorman told me the estimated wait time in line was an hour. Still high off my delighted mood at having finally made it to Boundary, I thought he was merely jesting as a sign of friendliness as there were only FOUR PEOPLE in front of us in line. So I laughed. He was not amused. ONE HOUR, QUOTH HE.

    After around 15 minutes, we are ushered inside. "Take the elevator to the fourth floor and walk down one level," instructed hostess. Ok what? That makes no sense. Anyway, we arrive at the fourth floor and decide to disobey her directions and head up, to the roof, for I dunno, maybe a bar. On the roof. Or something.

    The seating hostess spots us and we inquire, "this is the rooftop bar right?" She gives us a look like we just asked if we could eat her babies. I guess it was sort of obvious where we were but after so many misdirections, we were in sort of a confused haze. Whatever, just seat us already and give me beveraaaages.

    We decide to also order food since there was seating and several things on the menu looked intriguing. Yes, it's overpriced BS that I could cook at home and yes, we still ordered it anywaaay. But our waitress totally gave us the third degree about all our food choices. I wanted the strawberries and cream and the ratatouille. THEN THIS EXCHANGE HAPPENED:

    waitress: wait what?
    me: yes, strawberries and cream and I guess also ratatouille.
    her: don't you want some real food to eat?
    me: well it's ok, I will just be eating that


    her: .... ok so which do you want to come out first?
    me: I guess what ever is ready first?
    her: you're sitting right by the kitchen, IT WILL BE READY WHEN YOU ORDER IT
    me: ...ok I guess bring them out in whatever order is most convenient for you?
    her: I'm not the one who wants these things, it's you who ordered them.



    Everything was just downhill from there. The other patrons were nice but service here is weird. The food is mediocre. The cocktails were OK. Well Boundary, GOODBYE FOREVER.

  • 3.0 star rating

    This place is truly a victim of its own success. Can I ever get in?? No.

    Well, actually I did manage it once. Up in the lift to the top with beautiful views and pretentious people galore guffawing and drinking cocktails and wine.

    I didn't fit in so I left :-(

    I'd go again if I wasn't made to loiter in the street to wait for a table and may even give it an extra star.

  • 4.0 star rating

    As I mentioned earlier, the East End was my home for more than 3 years and when I do go back it would be hard to go past that fantastic area.  Keep in mind the Olympics are in East London this year so the prices will most probably skyrocket.  An interesting fact is that this area of London was 'back in the day' (Father WordMonkey loves that phrase) this was the absolute worst area of London to live.  And what you would have found back in the 19th century was a marked line on Redchurch Street, which was known as the Boundary Line - a line that served as a reminder of the part of London that was policed and the other side, which every policeman knew never to step over into.

    It is then apt that a hotel and café have opened up on that exact spot where death, crime and debauchery had an undisturbed home. The café is on the corner called Albion and the hotel, Boundary, has a fantastic roof bar, which is great to visit on the two weeks of summer London receives each year.

  • 3.0 star rating

    A cool upmarket place. With good weather, the Rooftop would be a terrific spot for drinks. I ate dinner there but wasn't blown away. The menu needs to a few more items, perhaps daily specials and a soup du jour would help. The food we ordered was of quality, but not incredible tasting. Also, if it's windy, your food is gonna get cold fast, that just comes with the Al Fresco territory, not a knock on the establishment. The staff didn't seem very coordinated nor super smiley, although the chilly temperature at the time could take the happiness from a few people. You should still check back at lest once during the meal!

    I'm giving 3 stars here as the balanced between taste bud bliss and wallet were a miss.

  • 3.0 star rating

    First off, props to the Yank bartender. A real pro. High-end place with a rooftop bar. Food was 90% spot-on except for one thing..the frickin' steak. That's the one thing you don't want to screw up. Mine was easily medium-well with little pink leftover for my inner carnivore. Not really much excuse for it. EVERYTHING else was really great.

    Annoying that after dropping GBP 500 they wouldn#t let us grab a beer on the rooftop but apparently they struggle with zoning laws or some such. Would still go back, if nothing else just to have one of their Old-fashioneds.

    There's a really sorry-assed pub across the street if you're into mixing dives with your posh joints.

  • 5.0 star rating
    First to Review

    Conran in back in the restaurant business. And it's good to have him back. Opposite the uber trendy Shoreditch House this new restaurant popped up a few weeks ago. Turns out it has a lovely deli, cafe, rooftop venue and designer hotel rooms available too. But I just ate in the main restaurant and it was a pleasure.

    The focus is on seasonal classic English and French dishes. I had to go for the daily special, each day there is a different option from the rotisserie although the chicken is available any day. The day I was there the special was a Coulibiac, somthing I have never come across before. It was delicious though, essentially a salmon dish in a giant brioche.

    The staff were attentive and knowledgable, in fact our sommelier decanted our red wine as apparently it was a little colder then she would have liked it. It's rare to find that level of service these days. My friends steak au poivre was melt in the mouth gastro-fest. The sides and deserts were all spot on. Add in the lovely crisp white linen and proper sized cutlery along with silver salvers all over the walls and it makes it a great place to go for a celebratory night out. A little pricey for a casual dinner but well worth it for a special ocassion.

    Check out the numerous bits of art work across the building too, from the contemporary mural all the way through the staircases to the large installation pieces. I didn't love the odd astronomy patterned lighting panels in the main dining room but how much time do you spend staring upwards anyway.

    A very pleasant relaxed evening, I will definitely be going back here.

    • Qype User Donn…
    • London
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    3.0 star rating

    A good friend took me to the rooftop bar on a Wednesday night (7pm).
    So impressed by it, was I - great views, a little bit decadent, good elderflower cocktails, swift service - that I subsequently took my in-town-for-the-weekend friend on the following weekend.

    The two visits, in less than a week, could not have been more different.

    On the Wednesday, the staff were friendly, efficient & helpful - if somewhat judgemental about the speed of our drinks ordering! There was a small queue to get in but everything was handled well. So all in all, I didn't mind the expense and came away suitably impressed.

    On the Saturday we queued for 30mins, managing to just get in before they closed the doors at 9pm, only to get up to the roof and see several tables + chairs free. And to think some people had queued for 90mins and some had left after being told by reception that there was no point in them queuing!!

    It became obvious that the downstairs reception rely on a sporadic telephone chat with the rooftop manager, in order to determine availability.
    The same manager appears to be doing this whilst dishing out menus, serving drinks, dealing with staff & customers...etc etc

    Perhaps they were short-staffed on Saturday?

    Unfortunately we were then subjected to service by the unfriendliest waitress ever. I had to ask her 3 times for drinks and then felt guilty for bothering her. And it wasn't just us - a chap on the neighbouring table complained to the manager.

    We paid £22 for carafe of Planters Punch. Stick to glasses, else it's a case of "can we have some cocktail with our ice please?"

    The waitress toured the tables at around 9.30pm advising all that the kitchen was closing soon. We made a last minute request for snacks, which was a mistake - we got the been-out-all-day, bottom-of-the-pan dregs.
    I begrudged the service charge and did not leave a tip.

    The views were, of course, great on both evenings.

    Would I go again? Maybe. But not on a Saturday.

    • Qype User Roaste…
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    5.0 star rating

    For pics: roastedmontreal.blogspot…

    I had read snippets about The Boundary here and there and was excited to give it a try. I thought it was a Conran restaurant, but that's only half true. It's part of the Prescott & Conran group of companies which according to The Boundary website is '...a joint venture between Terence Conran, Vicki Conran and Peter Prescott.' However, it's still got the Conran name attached and is a swish place as you would expect. It's located on Redchurch Street which is in the middle of grotty but trendy Shoreditch. Somehow, Redchurch Street has turned itself into a bit of a destination with design stores, high end clothing shops, and a variety of other random stores selling all sorts of luxury stuff you don't really need. I wonder how all these expensive shops will fare over the long term.

    Our group of five arrived somewhat lost at the reception of The Boundary (which is also a hotel) where our name was taken and we were directed to the elevator. Riding in an elevator to a restaurant in the basement could be a bit of a downer, but instead it only heightened the excitement and when the doors opened we were not disappointed.

    Once seated the service was excellent and despite our many many questions, the waiter was very accommodating. I started with the Cornish Crab (GBP 12) which was excellent. Two members of our group had fresh oysters. I am no oyster fan, but I was told they were spot on. My main of Sea Bass and Shrimps (GBP 22) was stunning and I was very pleased. My friends tried the veal and the steak. Everyone was enamored with the restaurant - the service, the scenery and the food. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a destination restaurant.


  • 1.0 star rating

    Terrible service. Lovely rooftop though but not worth the rudeness of the staff. Moved us from the inside Terrasse in sunny corner to outside near the garbage in the shade. Just one word to say that they were doing it to make sure we are leaving and they can take new customers queuing downstairs! It will have cost us 60£ for 3 cocktails and a share tapas. At least they make their business!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I recently went to the restaurant downstairs, this is a great quality French restaurant with excellent service and extensive wine list. In short i can't fault the food. However I think there are similar places nearby - This is not a criticism but if the food was a little more experimental then they would definitely deserve five stars.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Downstairs food is great but not too expensive. excellent wine list too

  • 3.0 star rating

    Good place to look at the city at the rooftop but doesn't offer much.

    Overpriced but more importantly, food isn't that good.

    Service isn't really there as well.

    I will not go back here.

    • Qype User Minima…
    • London
    • 62 friends
    • 75 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    5* French cuisine romance experience. Perfect for a relaxed dinner with your other half ;)

  • 3.0 star rating

    I only went to the rooftop for drinks. The drinks themselves are pretty resonably priced considering the view (£6.50 for a G&T, £9 for a cocktail) but beware the added service charge! I like that they provide blankets but the coal fire might need a rethink bits of coal dust and smoke were blowing into everyone's eyes

  • 4.0 star rating

    I was taken to BOUNDARY on a date with my London Beau and I was impressed. Firstly I love the concept of the hotel, cafe, dining, rooftop bevvies combo. I thought our food was great and the portions were generous and in ratio to the price. I thought the crowd was JUST okay--but I l did like the ambiance of the place as an entirety---in impressed our waitress by flat out asking if she was Canadian...BINGO! she impressed me with her knowledge of the building, the concept, her thougts on the place and her amazing service that was neither STIFF nor SMOTHERING. I would go back for sure. V. cute.

    • Qype User Monika…
    • London
    • 2 friends
    • 31 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Boundary which is a slick restaurant/ roof top bar (no pool though)/ deli/ caf/ hotel combo right opposite Shoreditch House heralds Conran's return in true fanfare style. This is the bee's knees. The food is French with perfectly cooked dover sole, impressive displays of fruit de mer, luscious lobster, confit de canard and the mouth-watering rotisserie les landes chicken.. I have been 4 times and want to go again and again and again. (Monikasays.com)

    • Qype User SeaB…
    • Sydney, Australia
    • 2 friends
    • 2 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Took my family here after it being suggested by a friend at work. Had to book early in the day (midday) as was fully booked from 2pm ad it was easy to see why. I didn't know what to expect and we were immediately surprised that the main restaurant is in the basement. It is an amazing space though and has enough light streaming in from the pavement skylights, wasn't sure about some of the decoration though. We headed for the roast and it was amazing, my Lamb was one of the best I have eaten, and a really generous portion of roasties and vedge. Some of the service was a bit restrained and found it pretty hard to get a smile out of our main waiter, but generally a really great meal and experience. Would definitely go again but would make a route for the roof garden when it's finished for summer.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Ahhh drinking on a London rooftop on a sunny evening with friends - nothing beats that! We got lucky with the weather on a Tues evening and this place was perfect for showing off London to some of our out of town mates. Read some of the reviews and was a bit worried it might be a bit pretentious e.g. queues for the sake of queuing etc (and there was a tiny bit of that, like 2 mins while they sorted out a table for us - not complaining!). Got upstairs and it was buzzing and lively, yet still fairly relaxed - did not feel any of that hip pretentiousness that i read from some other reviews. The waitstaff were friendly and attentive, and i didn't think the drinks were outrageously priced or anything - completely reasonable for a nice space and brilliant view, with a really nice chilled crowd to boot. A fab place for a drink when you're feeling like something special and a bit more chic than your local pub, and to catch a nice sunset over east London. Can imagine getting a spot on the weekends could be a bit of a challenge so go mid-week if you can knock off work a bit early!

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