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  • 5.0 star rating
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    Wowee! Spending an extended period of time here is one sure fire way to feel like a princess! I recently attended the Hansel & Gretel Scottish Ballet insider event held at Blythswood Square and was blown away by the sheer luxury of it all. Causal bottles of Moët at the reception desk, cocktails a-plenty, a quirky little cinema that you can hire and the luxurious spa...Is this some kind of heaven on earth!?

    Staff were really passionate about the hotel, the spa manager in particular, who enthusiastically told us about the spa treatments and their new skin care range.
    I think the spa would make for an amazingly relaxing day out as a treat and definitely something I'll consider in the future! (My complimentary hand and arm massage were off the relaxation scale!)

    As part of the event, we received afternoon tea which was lovely! A mixed variety of fresh sandwiches and cakes! (Although the macarons were deceptive. - They're more like meringues!) I'm not sure if I would pay the £22 for afternoon tea as it's a little pricey but the quality was great!

    Visually, it's stunning and a wonder to be in. - Very beautiful and ornate but with a fresh, modern feel. I loved the romantic velvet booths in the reception! Although, I haven't been to the spa or had an overnight stay in the hotel, I did enjoy the day of lavish surroundings!

    In short, whilst you'll pay for your slice of luxury with £9.95 cocktails(!), it's definitely somewhere I'd consider when I'm feeling like I want to be whisked away! So I'd better start saving my pennies for a spa day...

  • 4.0 star rating

    Treated myself to a Thermal Experience followed by a glass of bubbly and, for no good reason whatever, a prawn cocktail.
    The Thermal Experience was great, particularly the Tepidarium which if I have got the right one, was a heated lounger.  Absolutely wonderful.
    Bubbly, prawn cocktail and a lovely lounge to relax in put the cherry on the top of the cake.

  • 4.0 star rating
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    What a luxurious place to spend an afternoon/evening. It is just gorgeous inside.  

    I was there for cocktails and nibbles with my mate. The cocktail menu was extensive and informative! Who knew that a French Martini was invented as part of a cocktail range called Daisies! Thw wine list was not as extensive but had all the favourites, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir etc.

    We were going to have afternoon tea but decided to go for a tapas platter instead. This was yummy. Buffalo mozzarella, Parma ham, roasted peppers, crusty bread, prawns, salami, olives, pickles...what's not to like.

    There were a couple of annoying things:

    1. The waiters kept taking the cocktail menus away after we ordered. This meant that I could not pick my next cocktail whilst drinking current one (the menu was more like a book!!) and we had to keep getting a waiters attention to ask for menu. This was annoying. I am not sure if they just did not have enough menus but from a hotel like this, that's a bit tight!
    2. The waiters kept asking us what our plans were for the night! Now, I am not sure if they were asking as needed table back or if they were hitting on us!

    I would go back as the cocktails were pretty and delicious.

  • 3.0 star rating
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    This girl loves a good proper pamper and The Blythswood has been the setting for many of these sessions in Glasgow.

    The Blythswood Square Spa offers a subterranean retreat in the middle of the hustle and bustle Scotland's largest city. Modern sleek lines and contemporary design, it's the ideal sanctuary for road warriors and work-worn urban professionals.

    As a former dancer, I have had the pleasure of having my feet seen to by their podiatry clinic. My often calloused feet are transformed into baby-soft perfection. Their thermal spa experience is the ultimate escape for the evening or a weekend spa day. If you're not a regular user of saunas and spas, you'll enjoy the detoxifying effects steam has on your skin.

    Their spa lunches are fairly standard--what you'd expect from any respectable cafe.

    The only negative experience happened a while back. I was booked in for an ila Spa Day, which included a Chakra Well-Being treatment. The day was complete bliss until up to the very end. As part of the treatment hot oil is poured over the forehead (third eye). The therapist warned me it would be warm (as it was also described on the treatment menu), but I hadn't realised that it would be hot (very hot that I felt my delicate skin sizzle). A few days passed after the treatment and I noticed the spot where the oil was poured left a scar. Obviously I got in touch with the spa to express my anxiety and disappointment (especially for a £200+ treatment). After several communications back and forth, the best the manager could offer was to purchase a tube of aloe vera from Holland and Barrett.

    I ended up seeking medical advice and treatment from a dermatologist while I was visiting family in NYC. After being burned and left with a scar from Blythswood Square's ila Chakra Well-Being treatment, it took a few microdermabrasions and chemical peels to lighten the scar.

    If there is hot oil being poured, proceed with caution... Otherwise the Blythswood is a convenient urban retreat.

  • 4.0 star rating
    5 check-ins

    The Blythswood is of course located on Blythswood Square, it is a stunning 1820s building, previously home to The Royal Scottish Automobile Club which is reflected in little touches throughout the decor. The interior of the hotel is amazing -  its ultra glamorous & fabulous....think sexy lighting, beautiful intimate Saloon bar for pre-dinner cocktails, amazing reception area and ornate staircase. It really is a spectacular hotel.

    The staff were all really great, attentive and friendly. My only slight complaint would be that we had to chase drinks on 2 separate occasions, a tiny thing but Blythswood Square are charging absolute top dollar (like all hotels) for food and drink for that I expect sensational service.

    To being the evening we had quick pre-dinner drinks in the sexy Saloon bar on the first floor, which turned into an entire bottle of champagne making us 45 mins late for our bookin....woops! Sign of a good bar/hotel/restaurant they didn't bat an eyelid and told us to take our time.

    The menu is a good size, it has plenty of choice and a very nice grill section on the menu. My friends guided me to their favourites and gave some excellent recommendations. To being with I selected the Blythswood Square prawn cocktail which was delicious, it consisted of lots of baby prawns, 2 king prawns served with large parmesan crisps and some prawn cocktail sauce on the side..nothing much I can really add over it was really tasty and I would recommend it to anyone.

    For my main, again being guided I chose the 10oz Sirloin Steak which is served with amazing huge hand cut twice fried chips, I went for a blue cheese sauce and added four Hebridean tiger prawns to the dish. It was delicious and perfectly cooked to my liking, the chips were crazy good and such a big portion cooked to crispy perfection. I would say as lovely as the steak was it's not the best I've had in Glasgow, it wasn't really charred enough on the outside for my liking and the blue cheese sauce was pretty thin and watery....however I did really enjoy the dish.

    For dessert I went for a few of the small dessert plates which I think is a great idea - designed to share of if you're feeling greedy like I was you can scoff the lot yourself. I opted to try the Sticky toffee pudding with caramel sauce, a
    Treacle tart and a scoop of condensed milk ice cream. I am not even going to waste your time trying to tell you how amazing all three of the small plates were, the condensed milk ice cream was amazing...sweet, creamy, insanely good!

    All in it was a great night with LOTS of alcohol consumed, the surrounding were very cool and the food was great. This is absolutely going to become a regular haunt for us now.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Blythswood Square

    This is an opulent boutique hotel spread over 3 massive building on Blythwood Square. The entrance hall has full blood red velour alcoves as a waiting section.. wow.. it looked like something out of 'Vogue' or 'Wallpaper'. I will definitely try to come back and take more pictures.

    We were expected in the Cocktail Lounge for champagne (Moet) and hand baked crisps.
    The booths were seating 6 very easily. It is wide, white and it is - oh the words escape me - mmh - simply stunning. Very tasteful and yet over the top. Incredibly ostentatious and flamboyant, but somehow without being uncomfortable.

    Service was spot on and very attentive as one would expect.

    It is difficult to write about the decor and experience without getting all lyrical.
    So all that I will say is: visit it and you'll know.

  • 4.0 star rating

    This is a spectacular hotel in three Georgian townhouses which once housed the Scottish Automobile Club. The architecture has been lovingly restored to a refined crispness and been enhanced by a tasteful, but with a touch of decadence, sensibility.

    The spa is lovely, and free to guests for a couple hours in the morning and the evening.

    The beds are very comfortable and the rooms maintain the attention to space and architecture of the rest of the building.

    Every single staff member made us feel welcome and went out of their way to help us enjoy Glasgow.

    Then why only four stars? Two reasons only: crap wifi and lack of temperature controls in the rooms. We visited in the hottest UK summer in years, and being restricted to a closed window and feather duvet made for some sweaty sleeping.

  • 4.0 star rating
    11/2/2013 Updated review
    1 check-in

    So I attended this place last week for a charity gig and was escorted... that's not the right word is it?... I was shown? Aye, let's go with that. I was shown downstairs to a the function room of all function rooms. Paneled in dark wood, wooden flooring, two large rooms, healthy bar and classy vibe, this space felt like somewhere that was crafted to hold events, rather than just a space that was crowbarred in and left as blank as possible so as to appeal to as many 'function' opportunities as possible.

    The night itself (Glasgow Gentleman's Club in aid of prostate cancer) was a roaring success, however it must be said that the highlight for me was the free cocktail upon entry. Now I'd heard alot about the caliber of cocktails and mixologist working in the bar upstairs and have to say that the Whisky Sour served up to me upon entirely was... *searches for right wordage*... splendiforous!

    Will I be back to check out more of the cocktails on offer in the main bar? Well, if the wages allowed so, then YES!

    3.0 star rating
    31/12/2009 Previous review
    " Hell on a stick Farquar, i do feel that the world has gone straight to the dogs since those damn… Read more
  • 4.0 star rating
    7 check-ins

    2nd visit here, nice welcoming check in, lovely comfortable rooms and good choice for breakfast. Not the cheapest but one of my favourites.
    Building was the Scottish AA headquarters

  • 5.0 star rating

    Dinner at the Blythswood one Friday evening could be summarized thus: unfailing courtesy from the moment you step off the pavement, a sparkling airy room with dark wood furniture and accents in mirror tiles, friendly (not overly formal) service, a decent wine list with a New World emphasis and catering to all price ranges and some memorable food.

    You can choose from the market menu and the usual a la carte, including a grill menu. No shortage of choice - mains, starters and desserts are grouped as 'contemporary' and 'classic'. Prawn cocktail: huge and succulent. Fioe gras: amazingly smooth. Rump of lamb: perfectly cooked. Aberdeen Angus ribeye with peppercorn steak: arguably the best steak I've ever eaten - the handcut twice-cooked chips here have convinced me that 'frites' are just NOT the right thing to eat with steak - it has to be good ole British chips. Date pudding and ice cream only required a large open fire and a big hairy dog to complete that "I'm at home and it's raining outside on Sunday" feeling.

    All fantastic? Well, the service could have been a little tighter (but the restaurant was at capacity) and the cheeseboard a bit heavy on the blue cheese but these are niggles.

    It's not cheap but well worth saving up for a special occasion.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I have been here for drinks and food a few times now and it never disappoints me. I went again recently for afternoon tea and despite it not being the cheapest thing in the world, it was worth every penny. All the cakes and sandwiches were perfectly fresh, the cocktails were delicious, the decor, mood, service, in fact everything about this place I love. I think I need to stay over one time too...

  • 5.0 star rating

    This place was absolutely marvelous!

    I can honestly say that the next time I need a hotel while I'm in Glasgow, this will be IT!

    I can also say that all my family and friends will be referred to this hotel.

    I had a fantastic experience there. The staff were incredibly attentive, and went out ofntheir way to help us every chance they got. The rooms were wonderful, the beds were comfortable and warm, and the bathrooms were equally as wonderful! Overall, there are no complaints about the entire stay there.

    The restaurant was fantastic, though busy on the weekends, so you must book! While staying at the hotel, we had breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffees, drinks, and desserts there. None of which came anywhere NEAR being disappointing.

    The Blythswood Square Hotel, and the bars and restaurant within, are amazing. Overall, GO THERE.

  • 5.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    I have long since come to terms with the fact that, for better or worse, I will never be as much of a man as Don Draper.

    Take a step into the beautiful bar of the Blythswood Square Hotel though, and you can console yourself with the fact that whilst you may never be as much of a man as Don Draper, if he were to frequent a bar in Glasgow, this is where you would find him. Sitting at the bar, drinking an Old Fashioned.

    I went for the New York Sour, (I'm making a point of trying a whiskey sour in every bar in Glasgow) and whilst it wasn't the best I've had in the city, it was still an excellent cocktail.

    But the story doesn't end there, after a trivial amount of persuasion from my companion I decided to go for a dessert too. 'Jelly and Ice Cream,' I explained, 'is a classic British dessert. Strawberry Jelly with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.' 'That's all?' she said. ' Yeah.' I shrugged. Thankfully I was proven wrong.

    What I got was an apple jelly, vanilla ice cream, and the magic third ingredient of beetroot granita.   It shouldn't work, but it was glorious, and I was happy to be proven wrong. (My companion had some equally unorthodox and equally delicious ingredients in her dessert, Valrhona Guanaja Chocolate Crème with Cocoa Soil, Pea Emulsion and Avocado Gelato)

    It's expensive sure, but reassuringly so. It is one of the best new bars to open in Glasgow in quite some time, it is grand without being patronising, and it makes you feel cool. I can't think of a better compliment. To quote Don Draper, 'You are the product, you feeling something, that's what sells.'

  • 3.0 star rating

    We met a couple of friends for drinks here recently and decided to eat in the restaurant as the place was not too busy. My first impressions were good and the staff were friendly and helpful. I liked that idea that the draught beer is from a local Glasgow brewery (Wellpark) and I enjoyed a pint of the fruity Hefeweizen wheat beer whilst the others had a G&T and a couple of Margaritas which could have been fuller as they looked a short measure.

    The restaurant is an extension of the bar which, given the meal prices, was a disappointment and the decor looks dated - mirror ball glass arch and over sized circular lamp shades but perhaps it is meant to be 'retro' rather than naff! Another 'bug bear' of mine in expensive places is the proximity of your dining neighbours, fortunately ours left almost as soon as we sat down and so we were not left feeling we had to whisper so as not to disturb others.

    The menu was very good and the food, whilst pricey, was excellent. I had scallops to start and I shared the Cote de beouf (£60.00) whilst the ladies had lamb and salmon, all of which was thoroughly enjoyed, we also had a very pleasant red wine called 'Innocent Bystander'  along with the meal.

    A couple of minus points: The gents is one floor up and is not as 'high class' as one would expect in a 5 star establishment (a trough urinal!!) and both our bar and restaurant tables were a bit wobbly. However, to sum up, we had a very pleasant evening and the meal was very enjoyable. Watch out for the fabulous tap water imbued with cucumber!

    One final point, due to the cost of the meal we are unlikely to be returning soon unless we have something to celebrate!

  • 4.0 star rating
    22/8/2013 Updated review

    Revisited the hotel for a treatment with a friend. The spa downstairs is dark and relaxing.  Had a back massage which didn't concentrate on massaging my back enough for my liking, instead they give you a back treatment of potions which took up too much time for my liking.  The masseur didn't use enough pressure although I did tell her to.  Another point is that although the massage was £80 you weren't allowed access to the pools or thermal suites, you had to pay extra.  In other luxury spas I've been to you've allowed to use these facilities if you're spending above a certain amount.  At the Scotsman I think you can use the facilities if you spend £50 or more on a treatment.  It's a bit stingy of Blythswood not to allow you to do the same when you and your friend are spending at least £150 and it's not peak time.

    5.0 star rating
    4/5/2011 Previous review
    This is a beautiful hotel with all the usual luxury facilities one would expect and the upper floor… Read more
  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    The Librarian had an annual leave day so we continued our quest for the second city's perfect afternoon tea. So far our search had turned up a desultory offering by Rogano and the abysmal effort of Ingram Wynd.
    Today we drifted west to Blythswood Square where we had reserved a table at the eponymous hotel. They offer differently priced options, all named after Anna Maria Russell, Duchess of Bedford.
    We decided on the Champagne Afternoon Tea at £30 per person. The interest of science demanded that we make our order as close as possible to the order at Rogano.
    The Blythswood Square Hotel occupies the magnificent neoclassical building that was once the home of the Royal Scottish Automobile Club and in all the improvements they have made, the hoteliers have managed to retain the air of an exclusive club. Tea is served in the Salon on the first floor, and we were seated in a window that gave a commanding view of the square.
    The "Leaf Tea" that they advertise turned out to be a Brodie's tea bag ( with string ) so at least it was possible to arrest the infusion before our Earl Gray turned to tar.
    The wait for our champagne, sandwiches, cakes and scones was longer than we'd have liked, but was rewarded by a selection of delights:
    Salmon, beef, gammon and egg sandwiches were cosying up to each other on the bottom tier. A delightful cluster cakes occupied the middle and a brace of scones commanded the upper level.
    The champagne glass could hardly have been smaller, and this stood out as the worst value for money; a tiny glass of fizz costing £10.
    For the first time in the current quest, the librarian and I had found an afternoon tea that we could recommend unequivocally. In future we'll save some cash by foregoing the champagne, but this will not be our last visit to Blythswood Square.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Although I've not been bowled over by the food I've had in here, the opulence of the hotel is hard to beat. I've always found the service to be of a very high standard and the staff nice and polite.
    By far my favourite part of the hotel however is the spa... such luxury!! The treatments, although quite pricey, are excellent. A visit here is really my ultimate treat!

  • 5.0 star rating

    A tremendous hotel. Excellent rooms, food (try the Buccleuch fillet), cocktails (try the Black Pearl), and spa (try the tepiderium)!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    We did not have dinner there but had breakfast on two occasions. We also had drinks there.  Food was good. Great ambiance.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Excellent hotel in a quiet city centre square. Decor modern tending towards minimilistic.  The rooms are very comfortable and well designed, particularly the bathroom. The lack of a decent view is a bit of a negative - we looked out onto an internal small courtyard. Very comfortable beds. Food was good but pricey if you go a la carte. Service was friendly and informal.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Had a great time in Glasgow at this hotel, the entire hotel is beautiful and clean. The staff greeted us when we arrived and were so friendly and helpful. The rooms were great with flat screens, jacuzzi bath and marble shower, pure luxury....I would definitely stay here again, loved it!

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    5.0 star rating

    Lovely hotel, pleasant staff, amazing bathrooms, good food, but a bit noisy. Well worth a try though.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I've been 4 times so far and each time I've been excited and disappointed - I keep thinking it will get better! The service is ok, the food is ok (ish) but the cocktail bar is in a hallway and the restaurant lacks charm. I'm not going back it just doesn't match my idea of 5 star - my best buddy however loves it so each to his/her own

  • 5.0 star rating

    Just back from The Blythswood Hotel Restaurant, and couldn't have asked for more. Got the 5pm deal, 3 courses for £20 including a bottle of wine to share. The 'Market Menu' changes fortnightly/monthly depending on produce, and when we went there were 3 starters, mains and desserts to choose from, I chose the crab mayonnaise with pickled beetroot & apple jelly, looked like something from Masterchef when it arrived and tasted delicious, my main of fillet of coley with asparagus mash and parmesan was also gorgeous, and the chocolate cheesecake with toasted marshmallows was huge. The wine was also lovely and the service was great, the waitress didn't hang around and was very helpful, refilled our drinks and took away plates when we were finished, and had a laugh with us about our empty plates and our limited knowledge of wines! I expected it to be quite formal and stuffy inside, but despite the extravagant decor it's actually quite relaxed and has good atmosphere. Would definitely recommend, couldn't fault it.

  • 5.0 star rating

    This by far the best hotels I've stayed in. This hotel knows what it's doing. I stayed here at the tail end of a European vacation and wanted a hotel that was nice, comfortable and relaxing and at the blythswood I got that and more. The staff is top notch extremely warm, polite and extremely genuine. We found ourselves constantly wrapped in a conversation with them. The location is great everything is in walking distance or if you are too relaxed, a 3 minute cab ride. The rooms are, might I say, the epitome of the perfect hotel room. They have the warm Scottish touches with a modern touch and the softtest cashmere blanket i've ever touched, that I ordered one. The classic room is large and the beds are a remarkable and imposible to leave. The room comes with every amenity one might need and not even think of. A forty inch tv in each room plus surround sound and a iPod docking system to route through the surround sound. All in all this is the only hotel I would stay at in Glasgow!

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    4.0 star rating

    I only used the Spa so can't comment on the hotel itself. A true Spa set in luxurious setting. Well looked after from start to finish. Left feeling pampered and relaxed.

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