• “We had steak, lobster, crab claws, poppers, calamari, margaritas, chocolate cake... and there was live music.” in 38 reviews

    Music: Live

  • “We were seated downstairs and around 7:45/8pm a live, 2-man band started playing some great tunes.” in 11 reviews

  • “It can be a bit noisy with the live band downstairs, but it is so much fun and time flies.” in 14 reviews

    Noise Level: Loud

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  • 4.0 star rating

    Sometimes I hesitate to give a place like this more than 3 stars.  Feels like I'm falling into a trap where cheap seafood meal deals override quality & service.  I really hope not, but I've been to this location twice, and once to their new location in Covent Garden, and have been pretty happy both times (though, I can't say I recommend the CG location!)

    The atmosphere is slightly stuffy, and most of the time, the tables are so close to each other that your butt will knock over a few things as you try to squeeze your way out to the restroom. For food that cheap that gets pumped out routinely, I wasn't going to have high expectations.  But man, it was good, and I hope they do have a high rate of consistency, as our party was very happy both times!

    The first time around, Cheryl & I got the unlimited fried shrimp basket which came with tartar sauce, fries, coleslaw, and a margarita for £17.  I can't say much for the margarita - its a slush and comes out of a machine, and I didn't enjoy it very much, but its the standard drink that comes with most deals.  The deal is so cheap already, I'll happily pay for a different drink or milkshake from the menu. The popcorn shrimp was definitely hot, fresh and crispy! Loved the crunch of the shrimp, and it was so delicious!  Refills give you about 4 pieces, usually without fries unless you want more fries as well. We EACH got a side of mac n cheese (£3-4?).  All the mac n cheese sides I've ordered are usually a tiny dish, and Cheryl & I are pigs, we admit it - we can usually finish our own sides.  But holy cow, for that price, we each were given a large dish of mac! it was tasty, and more than generously sized! We hardly dented our sides, and had to take it home.  

    Second time, I had the whole 1.5lb lobster (includes fries and marg) for £20.  It was my first whole lobster, and it was cooked really nicely! The flesh was nice and bouncy, not solid & chewy at all! Clarified butter was good, and I did a number on the lobster licked clean every crack and crevice! Definitely great value and tasty for that price! Others were happy with their steak / rib dishes.  Cooked really well, and tender, fall off the bone meat for the ribs.  

    Also, please be cautious of the amount of food you order! These dishes ARE big, so if you do need an appy or side, order 1 between 2 people (especially if you are here on an unlimited night),  If you usually pack up leftovers, then thats fine - but that comment was mainly directed at those who don't usually bother with leftovers.  I've seen so much food wastage here because some people don't realise how large the dishes are!  

    Anyway, I've been happy both times, the quality was consistent, and I hope that if I come back here down the line, it'll continually be good!

  • 1.0 star rating

    This is my idea of hell. Crammed tables, bibs, nearly everything is fried, bread crumbed and served with cheesy creamy dips. How much fat can you cram into one meal? Ugh.
    You don't get a plate, but trays of food. Everyone is overeating, and when you reach your fill, there's no escape. The smell of gluttony pervades every corner.
    Clearly though, I am in the minority on this one. The place was heaving on a Tuesday night, with well groomed Londoners, tying back their hair, to facilitate their binge.

  • 4.0 star rating
    Seated via OpenTable

    I've been wanting to try Big Easy for a while now and finally went last night. Gotta say, the atmosphere is fantastic. We were seated downstairs and around 7:45/8pm a live, 2-man band started playing some great tunes.

    My boyfriend and I both had the steak & lobster Thursday deal. What a great value! 1/2 lobster, steak, chips and a margarita for £19.95. Everything was delicious and we were rightfully stuffed after the meal.

    My only complaint about this place is that they pretty much pack in the tables so there's very little room for the waiters to maneuver about. Everytime someone passed by me, they knocked into my chair which gets annoying after a few times.

    Other than that, all was good and will definitely be back to try out more of the menu.

  • 4.0 star rating

    BIG EASY was a lot of fun my friends and I went (three girls) to eat, laugh, and have a great time. We had to book a week and a half in advance though, so as previous reviews have stated to book early and do not just show up on a Saturday or Sunday executing to be seated within 1hr.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The place to go for a messy feast of a meal. The restaurant is a casual American crab shack but not sloppy. The place is always packed, the margarita jugs are always flowing, the enormous platters of pulled pork and ribs, or giant lobsters are always passing over your head. The lobsters are nothing special (how many different ways can you cook a lobster?) but it's the challenge of dissecting it whilst still looking decent with a bib over your front. It can be a bit noisy with the live band downstairs, but it is so much fun and time flies. A great evening out with mates in a central location.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I had my reservations about this place because anywhere purporting to do BBQ American style AND seafood really well raises a skeptical eyebrow from me. However, we had a great meal Thursday night. I had the steak fajitas (£16.95), which were generous in portion and tasty. The steak had a nice char to it, but there could have been a bit more of it as the three tortillas only had a little bit each. Lots of onions and peppers, and the guac/salsa on the side were delicious. 7/10. My strawberry margarita was excellent.

    My husband had the lobster roll (£16.95) which had 1 pound of lobster in it, and came with a side salad and chips. Good portion size, and he devoured it quickly. He rates it 9/10 - no complaints, but he hates giving out perfect scores. He loved the classic margarita as well. Our food was very good, the vibe was fun and casual, and the service was friendly if slow. Dessert looked great, but we were too stuffed.

    I got a membership card in the mail the next day, too! Nice surprise perk. Would definitely recommend the margaritas and will happily go back to try some BBQ.

  • 4.0 star rating

    This restaurant came highly recommended by a colleague, but I am very surprised that I didn't find this American establishment myself. It has an American flag hanging just inside the door, and country bands that come from the US to play live! With just a glance at the menu, I knew exactly what I wanted: the crab shack combo for some much missed good seafood. I was with a friend that had also lived in the States, and we also ordered the deep fried calamari and a half rack of baby back ribs to cover all the bases. I loved the seafood combo, but have a few suggestions: it would have been better with more prawns (I only saw a few) vs. the mostly mussels selection thrown in there, to pre-crack the two crab claws, halve the potatoes, and it would also be amazing if they had a Southern-style cajun sauce available (you're called the Big Easy, for heavens sake...), even though the garlic white wine sauce was good too! The rib portion was enormous... we easily had 4-5 ribs each, and it comes with coleslaw and beans, so there is plenty to go around. I also liked that the place had Blue Moon, which was one of my favourite beers back in the States, but I found it weird that they did not have any beers or ciders on tap (bottles only). Then around the 9 pm mark, there was live music which seemed to be coming from downstairs, and I bet it would be really cool to come back for a gig. Overall, this was a refreshing bit of Americana in London and a very lively place with some great food!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    The best place for American Food outside the US I have been so far! Burger and Steaks are awesome and the fries legendary! Very good selection of beer! Also the lobster looked delicious but did not try it yet.

    There was very good live music and service was fast! This was my second time here and I will definitely be back on my next trip to London!

    You should make a reservation in advance, the place is really packed!

  • 4.0 star rating

    i finally made the lobster and steak night on a thursday. For £19.95 you get a lobster, steak chips and any margarita or beer, - i can safely say this was great value,
    I booked online and i could only get 2 early sittings as its a very popular night, so book in advance or you might be disappointed if you just turn up.
    Each night has a different menu special from pig gig to  unlimited fajitas as well as a pre 5pm special burger wings and beer for £10
    I will be going back for my lobster duo

  • 4.0 star rating

    Love this place.

    Great food, drinks and atmosphere although sometimes the service can be a bit slow.

    Perfect for a late Sunday lunch but be prepared to be extremely full afterwards.

    Also, if you're going to get a sharing platter as a starter the platter for two is plenty for four.

  • 4.0 star rating
    19/11/2013 Updated review
    1 check-in
    Listed in Best Happy Hour

    This is my second visit and I still give Big Easy a round of applause for keeping it real.

    Great atmosphere, steaks, drinks, lobster and service. It's noisy but fun, I recommend going with friends for a bit of excitement before you hit the bars!!

    The entree sharing platter for two is for ten...massive...user beware!!! Excellent value.
    Sit downstairs there a great little Jazz band playing cheese music!! Great fun!! They have giant churners of cocktail mush.... get into it. I recommend the Pinacolada!!

    Great place. just go

    4.0 star rating
    12/9/2013 Previous review
    This is my second visit and I still give Big Easy a round of applause for keeping it real.

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  • 5.0 star rating

    Amazing food, Good atmosphere very busy but worth the wait. Live music makes it a nice experience overall. (Get the Lobster and steak on a thursday)

  • 5.0 star rating

    I love this place... it is Canadian, and it has great food, and a fun vibe. We had steak, lobster, crab claws, poppers, calamari, margaritas, chocolate cake... and there was live music. We sat downstairs where the music is and we loved it!

  • 5.0 star rating


    You simply can't beat the price! Lobster, fries, salad and a drink for £14.95!!!!!

    Can be abit hard to book a table for when you want so advance bookings are always advisable.  

    Great location, good service, can get abit noisy when they've got a live band playing (you can't hear yourself talk).

    quick service.

    definitely worth a visit or 10.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    American crabshack bar, the BBQ rib is so tender and amazing , shrimps are tasty, the plate is like 3 times of my head's size, with live music court, but not on show when I was there, little bit of space-narrow when sitting around the tables, but worth a 4 stars forsho !

  • 3.0 star rating

    Between Sloane Square and Fulham Broadway, Big Easy is a local institution that is almost always packed out. Booking ahead is highly recommended, especially when it comes to their special nights for July 4th and Thanksgiving.

    Throughout the week there are special deals on certain days for All you can eat BBQ (Monday), all you can eat Shrimp (Tuesday) and all you can eat fajitas (Wednesday) as well as lobster and burger offers. These are probably the best value options if you are looking to stay within a budget, but not necessarily the tastiest options. Personally, I'd check out the specials. There are occasionally huge lobsters on offer and in the summer they sometimes have some absolutely fantastic soft shell crabs (seriously, those critters are huge). Sides tend to be a little bland in comparison, but not entirely inedible.

    Service is friendly, but a little inconsistent. The crowd can vary a little as they are sometimes overwhelmed with drunk, jeering local groups of local city boy types. Ultimately, when you get down to the business of stuffing your gob, everything else is quite likely to be forgiven.

  • 3.0 star rating

    The lobster is too die for. I preferred baked potato over fries. They don't know what a medium steak is they would give you a well done so you'd rather ask for a medium rare. Go on Thursday and get the lobster fest deal. It's really loud downstairs and you can't really talk. Cocktails are good.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Avoid. Like the Plague. The owner doesn't want you there anyway.

    I am not a nitpicker, as my rather generous reviews of other establishments would show. This establishment must have committed some gross error of mistaken identities when they asked my boyfriend and his friend, both of whom were sharing a civilised bottle of champagne to celebrate Chelsea's win that afternoon, to leave. With nary an explanation or reason to support his demand that they leave. Even so, it's a mistake that is somewhat hard to forgive.

    Not cool, sir, not cool at all.

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    My GF and I had been looking forward to this place for a while and wanted to try out the lobster and something a little different hence choosing this place.

    We booked in for Sunday and arrived about 10 minutes early, was told to wait at the bar whilst they sorted the table. I was driving so had a coke and she fancied a chocolate milkshake, although really busy the barman came over pretty quick, we ordered and was told they had just run out of chocolate ice cream!?? so we both opt'd for Coke. Now I know what Coke tastes like and I have no idea what this was, it was a combination of flat KFC Pepsi or some random no name brand cola but hey ho it's only a drink.

    After about a 5 minute wait we were shown to our table which was already empty as I noticed it when I walked in so I assume the bar trip was to get us to buy drinks, cutlery wise the table had only a knife on each on there as people were taking forks from other tables due to the person that brings the food out forgetting to bring the forks (I think they have dedicated waiters and food servers)

    To start we had the Lobster Cocktails which were really nice, we then asked for the 1 1/4 Lobster but was informed that they had run out so she had the ribs and I had the burger (that did not include fries), the ribs were nice however the burger was grim. It was just bland and chewy and the bread just dried it all out and it had that cooked at the same time as the starters and left under the lights warmth to it. The fries (£3.60) were just over salted over cooked fries and the coleslaw was just coleslaw.

    The bill for 3 so called Cokes (not inc bar drinks) and food came to £58 which included the 12% tip in there so you have no option but to just pay this, don't get me wrong I do pay tips where warranted but to have it forced upon you is just wrong!

    The place was in a good location, the decor was good and don't get me wrong it must be popular as the days we wanted to go were fully booked and it was full when we arrived but on this occasion the food didn't pop or wow us, it was just food.

    Would I try it again, maybe as I think it could be nice if the right item was chosen.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I have been going to the Big Easy for over 8 years now and it is still as good as ever!

    The daily deals are definitely worth checking out - Lobster, Steak, Fajitas, Ribs. Just pick your day!

    The starter platter WAS superb value once upon a time at £30 for 6 people to share but it is now doubled and not any bigger. Save it for the mains or order individual apps.

  • 4.0 star rating

    We went to the Big Easy for my wife's birthday, as she was craving some American Style food.  We were early for our reservation so we had drinks at the bar.  It was happy hour so there were lots of 2 for 1 deals on drinks and specials on pitchers as well.  My wife said her frozen Margaritas were tasty.  They were from a machine, but for a frozen margarita this isn't uncommon.  

    The atmosphere was fun, noisy, but not too loud to talk.  The bar had ESPN on showing baseball.  We were seated on the ground floor, but it sounded like there was live music in the basement.

    Typically American appetizers were on the menu, and we split an order of Potato skins with bacon (American style crispy bacon) which were the best we've had in London.  I also had a bowl of the New England Clam Chowder they had that day, which was very good, but much larger than I was expecting (It's a good thing I came hungry).  

    We both ordered one of the special offers for the day for our main course.  Prices on the regular menu looked to be a little expensive, but the portions described were pretty large, so overall not too bad.  Our special included a 200g (7oz for the Americans reading this) steak topped with a couple onion rings, a skewer of three large shrimp, french fries, and half a bottle of red wine for £14.95.  The steak was cooked exactly as ordered and was very tender.  The shrimp was also delicious.

    Overall, we will definitely go back when we are craving an American style meal.  We left absolutely stuffed and very happy

  • 4.0 star rating

    4 for the overall experience.

    Big easy is noisy, it's crowded, the food is average but there's something very comforting about it. It could be the dim lighting or the friendly staff or just the smell of BBQ. I've been there with big groups, small groups and just by myself and it's always nice experience.

    Like yesterday, I was having a bad day and I just wanted to wallow in a bowl of messy saucy wings. So I went to Big Easy and did just that. The place was packed, so I stood by the bar and devoured my wings quietly. The bartender was very nice and attentive. He didn't judge my caveman style eating at the bar, instead he brought me a bunch of wet wipes with a smile. Anyway so I went home feeling satiated and slightly drunk (yes I always chugged 2 glasses of wine caveman-style with the wings).

    There's no bad day a bowl of wings and a glass of wine (or 2) can't fix!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Lets keep it simple for this one-

    GOOD: BBQ restaurant, large portions, inexpensively priced, lots of beers :) Hmm...beer.
    NOT SO GOOD: bit cramped and the time I went, this band was blasting the hell out of my ears.
    if youre likely to go with a bunch of mates, then the pros above are probably all you need to hear!!

    Come hungry, leave full and battered.

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Lobster, shrimp, steak, wings, shaaawing! Excellent.
    Yeah, that's right, this place is great fun. Live band downstairs boosts the atmosphere. You get American style service, so yeah, you actually get service!
    Frozen margaritas, cold beers and lots of different deals are always on. Love it. Just make a reservation. Drove from North London one night and couldn't get a seat. I could have waited, but life's too short and there are other fun places in London.
    So definitely go here, but make a reservation. You'll have an awesome time. Sit downstairs where the band is for added fun. Rock on!

  • 4.0 star rating

    If you are an American living in London and you want a little taste of home, this is a great place to go. The food isn't wonderful but the combination of sports on TV, the lobster vests, live band and checkered table clothes, just cries out 'welcome home' to me. =)

    It is usually a bit of a wait for a table, but there is a bar area to wait in and the margarita's are pretty good.

    There is seating upstairs and downstairs. If you want to be able to easily hear your dinner companions it is best to get a table upstairs. Downstairs, when the band is playing, you will have to strain to hear, or yell. During the summer there are a few tables outside which are great. Although, I love any sort of outdoor seating in London!

  • 3.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    Don't let the name fool you...the Big Easy has nothing to do with New Orleans cuisine. However, it does offer some of the better American style food you can find in Chelsea if not all of London. Although vinyl red and white checkered tablecloths scream TGIFridays....this is actually a fun boisterous environment for a meal and many drinks.

    The menu is a mixed of grilled bbq ribs, chicken, and assorted meats as well as traditional coastal fare like lobster and crab. And yes they do have actually quite tasty chicken fingers served with honey mustard dipping sauce. I went here for the 4th of July festivities (be sure to book in advance), and they had a special---all you can eat ribs and chicken for about 15 pounds/head....score!

    On the main menu of the restaurant they have  a margarita bar --- with a wide selection of pre-made slushy style margaritas. We should have gone with the slushies as I asked the bar tender to make a margarita on the rocks and it was vile. It was just tequila (he forgot the lime and triple sec), upon mentioning that my drink was colourless and foul he added a splash of triple-sec. Really? Come on..Big Easy you need to train your bartenders...anyone working behind a margarita bar should know how to make margaritas!?!

    That said, I was pleased with the BBQ fare and the overall party atmosphere definitely reminded me of the states. Just stick with the pre-made drinks and you'll have a ball.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Not sure how to go about rating this place...

    As an American, well, lol smh. Just no. I don't trust places that call themselves bbq anything but don't serve beef ribs, among other things.

    As an American who has come to realize that while in London I will not get the type, and portions, of food I am used to (and love)... the place isn't too bad.

    Went on a Monday evening. There was quite a wait for a table so we, party of 3 plus a kid, took a smaller bar table. I'd recommend reservations.

    We ordered all you can eat big pig, king crab legs, St. Louis spareribs, voodoo wings, mac & cheese, and kid's ribs.

    The portions are damn good compared to what I have seen since being here (except the crab, more on that later). However, the meat is not seasoned, at all. It's cooked plain, THEN they throw some bbq sauce on it. That's not how you do it, guys.

    All you can eat was fine. Chicken was pretty good. Bbq baked beans. Ahhh. Canned, but, I haven't had any in months, so it seemed like heaven. *cue images of the 'Bush's baked beans' dog trying to sell me the recipe*

    The crab legs? Don't bother, it was about 2 king crab legs, cut up and scattered on a plate to make it appear to be more than it was. 22 pounds for that? Negative. It was sent back for crab shack combo, except there weren't any crab claws or mussels left. Crab shack combo then became the shrimp basket. The shrimp were pretty big, typical battered deal. Zero taste though. Tarter sauce helped a bit, but, well, no.

    St.. Louis ribs are supposed to be meatier than regular ribs, but,  *whispers* they lie. Bottom of the slab didn't even have sauce on it.

    The kids ribs came with sauce on the side? Como? Que? No bueno. My son, a bbq monster, was not happy lol. I wish I had a picture of the look of sheer confusion on his face. He dug in anyway but only ate 2 ribs then filled up on fries. The idea of having to dip the ribs in sauce is just wrong; It's not a chicken finger.

    Voodoo wings were decent, you only get 5 though. I was pretty shocked by that. The mac & cheese was ok too.

    The vibe was nice though. Laid back. I'd go back for drinks with friends and maybe have something to eat, but definitely won't be returning just for food.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    The Big Easy always seems to be PACKED, which really has kept me from trying it out until fairly recently, as I despise being crammed into a small busy bar area, with people bumping into you incessantly.

    Finally made it by for a happy hour, and one bar table opened up which we magically jumped on.  Even with a table, backpacks (is this normal in the UK?? who goes to a bar or restaurant with a backpack on??? who owns a backpack??) were bumping into us from people standing at the bar, and I felt horribly for the waitress who had to incessantly ask people to excuse her so she could walk through the mobs with food.  Nonetheless, the bartenders were great, and the drinks, albeit sweet and fairly virgin, were cheap.

    Came by another time in a party of four, and they begrugingly said we could have a table until they needed it later.  Not a problem, that was fine with us.  Luckily this trip was absolutely VACANT, so we spent 5 pm until 11 pm there, unfortunately buying full priced drinks like they were going to run out, and racked up a disturbingly large "happy hour" tab by when we left.

    All drinks on the front page of the menu, and all frozen margs are two for one, then they'll give you wines two for one if you ask at the bar (not sure about beer).  They also have amazing food specials (all you can eat fajitas on weds, a lobster special one day, pretty much something for each day of the week), albeit each and every weds we forget and miss out.

    Hopefully soon will actually remember and be able to try the food!  Plus with my boyfriend from NOLA, the name alone is something he's fond of.  Good bloodies as well, albeit a bit mild for my tastes (but you can add more of your own pepper, tabasco, etc).

  • 4.0 star rating

    Not the sort of restaurant you'd expect on the swankier end of the Kings Road, Chelsea, more of a Deep South kinda place especially inside and downstairs where  we were seated.

    We enjoyed - grazed on / devoured - the Surf and Turf on Thursday night, 3 of the friends I went with had been a month previously and raved about it so I was expecting good things.....and wasn't disappointed.

    I'm not too much of a steak fan but loved this especially with the delish blue cheese sauce on top and shock horror was up until this night a lobster virgin and loved this. I also enjoyed the lime margarita that came with the surf and turf deal. We also quickly got through the amazing pork scratchings with apple sauce that our waitress had recommended to us.

    The service was really friendly and quick (especially as a friend of ours that we thought wasn't turning up, did and although he ordered about 20 minutes after us didn't have to wait too long after our food came out, only about another ten minutes). The only problem we had was that one of my friends and I had ordered friends with our surf and turf and they gave us a jacket potato instead, when we said this, they simply brought out fries too - good customer service! As if we weren't getting fat enough though!!

    There was also really good live entertainment from a couple singing and playing live music who were excellent.

    Be warned, you will leave feeling very full and fat so pre-warning make sure you come feeling hungry!!

    Recommended for a fun night - we can't wait to return for Shrimp Night on a Tuesday! - good service and fab and tasty food!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Ive been 3times and never been let down. Great food atmosphere and service. Brilliant value for money too, massive thumbs up from me!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Delicious, come hungry and leave 10lbs heavier because how can you not want to gorge yourself with so much great food available !
    The big hit at our table was the lobster special for £15, it comes with a nice frosty margarita ! I had the potato skins with bacon and then followed that carbfest up with the chili lime chicken fajitas, everything was delish - the only thing missing was a wheel barrel to cart my fat ass out the door when I was done !
    I would absolutely make an effort to go here again when I'm next in town, the live music and great service were big pluses in my book !

  • 3.0 star rating

    I had a big craving for fattening american food and my friend thomas and I had seen the big easy when we walked past it on a most recent shopping spree. The food was good, and the portions were big, and I was glad that we decided to go once we got there. I was a little late so my friends ordered marg's while they were waiting for me and they said that they were a little disappointed by them b/c they were from a machine.
    I got a chicken sandwich with avocado, and my friend got this meal that included a beer, chicken wings, fries and a burger for £9.95. It was a pretty big meal. but they were out of a lot of other items on the menu. By the end of the meal I was beyond stuffed to the point of needing a nap. oh Also they had my favorite hef Blue Moon, it was £5 but it was totally worth it just for one delicious walk down memory lane.

  • 3.0 star rating

    If this was the states, we'd call it TGIFridays and then be done with it.  But it's London and it's novel, so it's the Big Easy.  

    First, you do not go here for the food. Anything my friends ordered fried was delicious...like the fried shrimp inexplicably covered in hot wing sauce.  Salads - don't even go there.  My friend had some rendition with packaged shredded cheese, canned vegetables and a few artfully placed pieces of lettuce. I had the shrimp fajitas...the tortilla's tasted like Old El Paso, there was nary a mexican spice on it, and guacamole was definitely the kind which comes from a plastic tub made by Kraft. However, with the amount of tequila I consumed, I could care less which brings me to...

    Second point - you do go here for the Frozen Margheritas.  If only for the glory of watching the ice whirl around in the multiple jugs behind the bar.  It brings me back to my college days when the bar down the street had Margherita Mondays (only $1!).  You can get any flavour (I prefer passion fruit) but ask for salt, not sugar on the rim of the glass.

    Third, you absolutely, positively go here for the live music.  On a Sunday night, they had a great cover band downstairs playing every top 40 hit from the 80's to today...we found ourselves singing along with Kenny Loggins, Britney, and Robbie Williams.  Cheesy pop sounds better when sung wholeheartedly...with drunken accompaniment.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I went to Big Easy with a Big Group, and unfortunately, it just didn't work in our favor. I'd like to think this was the result of having an early reservation we struggled to make, a party too big, and a space too small. But it could also have been the food prepared en masse, the lack of friendly service, or the overwhelmingly American atmosphere... And I'm an American saying that.

    I can see what would make Big Easy charming--they offer a distinctly American experience at a reasonable price, with a huge array of menu options and flavors that just aren't commonly found in the UK. Certainly, I got the impression I was in a crab shack by the atmosphere and sensory overload.

    Unfortunately, it just didn't come together very well for me and my group, and in a city of so many amazing options, I can't say I'll aim to go back.

  • 4.0 star rating

    We went to Big Easy last Sunday (great live music) and were delighted.  The new chef, Kevin (only a few weeks) came out to talk to us when we asked if lobster rolls were on the menu, which was much appreciated.  As for people who say the food wasn't great, I'd urge a return -- we found the food wonderful, no doubt thanks to Kevin's new leadership.  We had the lobster & it was wonderful.

    This is a fun American restaurant, food quality was excellent.  Worth the trip, especially with the new chef.  My only comments:  they need to add lobster rolls, corn on the cob and beer on tap to the menu.

  • 3.0 star rating

    The Big Easy is a fun and festive restaurant, with red checkered table cloths and knick knacks on the walls,. it is a cool place to grab a drink with friends and chill out. I saw people with buckets of Corona and I noticed Budweiser on the menu, which is rare for London. For such a place, I was surprised by its extensive wine list.

    I had the wings, which were pretty good and my brother went with the all you can eat shrimp. He liked them but they were fried in batter and the portion was so huge that the all you can eat factor is a bit of a rip off.

    I haven't been back, but it seems like a nice place to chill out with some buddies and split some appetizers.

  • 3.0 star rating

    There are often £15 specials on lobster dinners, which are not bad at all.

    Interesting decor, the business cards tacked to the walls are at times quite entertaining. Great cocktail selection, quick and easy, haven't left disappointed yet.

  • 4.0 star rating

    It is exactly that...Easy!

    I have been here a few times in the winter and the summer and it is just a great place to go with friends and family, chill out order some yummy food and relax.

    The food is American but not greasy and fatty. We usually order the BBQ choices of chicken, lamb ribs, coleslaw, and of course lobster!! The lobster is fantastic! Fresh, tasty and a healthy size. The steak is also delicious, cooked just how you like it...rear, medium rear, medium or well done.

    The decor is simple, relaxed, you feel like you are walking into a ranch, horses tied up outside, cowboy boots on the table and the smell of sizzling meat, random sayings dotted around...'gone fishing'. Just a great place. They also have big screens so you can watch big American sports games.

    They often have live music on a Friday and Saturday, good beat really setting the scene!

  • 2.0 star rating

    I used to love Big Easy, what's gone wrong??  Went last night and everything started out great...then got our food and were left to fend for ourselves the rest of the night!  Food was ok, perhaps not as good as in the past, but the service was the big let down.  No one checked to see how our meals were, no one bothered to see if wanted to order more drinks (I could barely talk by the end of the meal as i was so parched!) and even trying to pay was a big mission...Good the place is busy, but please sort out the staff to customer ratio!  

    I always tip for good service, but was less than impressed with the 12% gratuity added to the bill and then to get asked if I wanted to add a tip to the credit card on top of that.  You can only get away with adding service when you're positive it's always great!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Had the ribs/chicken combo, portion was big enough for me to be full after the main. It was good but probably not up to Bodean's standard. Had some scorpion 'bowl' cocktails which tasted great but came in pitchers and seemed a bit of a rip off. Desserts were delicious but I was cramming it in on top of the main course (my greed's fault not the big easy's).

    Where it excelled was atmosphere, our waiter was cool and the place was busy but didn't feel like you were right on top of people. The live music from 9 was entertaining without being obtrusive.

    Really want to go back in the week cause it seems like they have some great all you can eat deals.

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