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  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Their two for one pizza deal is fab, but it's annoying when there's three of you! We opted for 4 pizzas between us, after all the 4th was free ;) As ever I opted for the Chorizo, P had Tandoori Chicken and M had Pepperoni. To save arguments over toppings we went with Margherita for the last one. Delicious pizzas! Lovely thin, crisp, stone baked base and quality toppings in moderation so as not to overpower the thin base. Accompanied by a pint of their own lager, which is definitely a palatable choice of you can't decide between the myriad other beers on offer. We sat outside until almost 9pm, stealing those last few moments of summer in Glasgow. It's always busy and the music is always verging on almost too loud but the food is great and the selection of beers ensures you'll keep going back.

    Why is it not 5 stars? Good, interested staff are the exception rather than the norm. Too many bored waitresses lacking in basic customer service skills. A smile goes a long way, girls!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Lunch at Bier Halle: two pizzas for the price of one and a pitcher of beet. The veneer came with a free hot dog.

    Good off road place to stop off. Beers to suit every taste. Not outrageously expensive but they want payment in cash.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I absolutely love this place! I've been here probably about 4 or 5 times so far.

    They do 2-for-1 pizza's which is good as the pizza's are quite large so you don't usually have to order too much, I also like the fact that they are stone baked, yummy! My favourite is probably the hawaiian - delicious! The staff are also very friendly and helpful.

    The atmosphere is good inside as it's been quite busy every time i've been so far. During the summer they also have outdoor dining which is always a plus! Especially since its just off Buchanan St so you can do a bit of people watching while you eat!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I have completely overlooked reviewing this great pub/eatery. When visiting Glasgow I always try to get a few drinks and a pizza here. The place is touristy, studenty, locally and all round interesting.
    Loads of international beers on draft and by the bottle. The food they excel in is thin crust stone baked pizza. Yum!
    It is full table service as their bar is dispensing only. No problem as it is only an issue when you try to get up after a few beers, as you were unable to check balance mid drinking. (okay when you go to the loo, but that's it).

    They are not the cheapest, but certainly not the break the bank kind of visits I have in other central Glasgow pubs. It gets a minus 1 star as the music is quite loud, combined with a low ceiling and you end up having to sign language your orders and conversations.

    Must visit again soon!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Always a safe option if you're looking for a quick bite and a drink. The interior is quite dark and tables are very close together but I think this adds to the atmosphere of the place. They have a great selection of beers, as well as decent cocktails. The drink is expensive but I love how they have the specific glass for each type of beer and freeze them so the drink is ice cold. Service is very quick and I like how you pay as soon as your order which saves any hanging about after you've finished.

    The 2-for-1 pizzas are great, with a wide choice and variety of toppings. I always go for the Antipasto option - parma ham, rocket and balsamic vinegar. The one thing I would say is I have noticed the pizza size getting smaller recently, even though the prices have increased slightly.

    If you're after decent food and good drink this is one of the better options in Glasgow.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Great beer selection (although it must be noted that Blue Moon is not a Canadian beer, as the menu says) and good food. The pizza, as another reviewer noted, doesn't have much of a crust; they are more like circular flatbreads. But hey, we took advantage of the 2 for the price of 1 deal. We went for the spicy merguez sausage and the antipasto pizzas; both were yummy in their own right.

    Service at the bar was very good, but once we got to our table, it felt like we had donned invisibility cloaks. It took several attempts to get any waitress' attention. They all seemed to either be clumped together talking or wandering about, avoiding contact with anyone other than themselves.

    Despite the stellar location and delicious pizza, I was pretty turned off by the lackluster service and would probably look to another pizzeria before coming back. As long as you have no expectations for friendly service or an engaged waiter/waitress, you'll probably have a decent time.

  • 4.0 star rating
    28/11/2013 Updated review

    Is this a rant - No.

    It is more of a correction and possible a revelation to a lot of folks who have been here.

    Republic Bier Halle does not serve pizza.

    The food they serve here is very tasty and well-cooked. However, it is a flat thin disk with toppings. No edge whatsoever, It is more a Pizza-Tortilla than real pizza.

    You get very thin crust that has beautiful snap and loaded with great toppings. But the base resembles a large round egg roll wrapper more than a pizza crust.

    So, go here and enjoy. The beer and food prices are suitable for the touristy location.

    But do not put this in the Best Pizza in Glasgow Category.

    You need to serve Pizza to get that award.

    4.0 star rating
    9/12/2010 Previous review
    Republic Bier Halle could put you off. It is located in tourist central and may seem to be something… Read more
  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in Glorious Glasgow!

    I have been coming here since I was a student and lived in Glasgow. This was one of our ''go to'' places for lunch that no one in the group could really pick a fault with. 2 for 1 pizzas and beer, what's not to like?!

    Sadly these days a lot of the places I frequented as a student I've long outgrown....happily this isn't one of them! Ended up in here the other day unexpectedly and was delighted with the pizza and my beer as usual! (Fruli was my selection if you're interested, it tastes like fruity cheerios and makes me feel about 5, in a good way!). However I do now appreciate decent service, and this place can be very hit or miss for that. In my experience you are either served by a busy but happy enough person or by the biggest surliest grump in the universe and you never know which it's going to be.

    In all fairness, the place does get insanely busy at times but even still, civility never killed anyone!

    So to sum up, the pizzas are still awesome, the beer selection is still brilliant (something I am better able to appreciate these days), and it still has the cool underground bunker vibe thing going on. Only downsides being if it's rammed to the rafters you don't have room to breathe (common occurrence) or if the service is a bit shoddy.

    The aforementioned downsides would usually point me to 3 stars but my favourite pizza to date came from here so, I'm firmly in the 4 star camp until that memory fades further!

  • 1.0 star rating
    27/8/2013 Updated review

    So back to the Bier Hall on a sunny evening.    The beer was as you expect, cold and beery.  Now I'm usually a fan of this place and I'm well aware that the service can be a tad slow, see previous review, but this time it was ridiculous.

    It was a Friday night but for whatever reason the seating outside wasn't that busy, I'd say 75% full at most.  However, trying to place an order was like trying to catch the attention of an already charging rhino.  

    The servers were just not interested, we were a fairly large group (8 growing to about 12) and were not afraid to make ourselves heard but getting served was a nightmare.  Even more infuriating was that the waiter/waitresses were conjugating in the middle of the seating area chatting away without ever bothering to look up as we waved frantically on the verge of death from dehydration.

    The poor service was compounded further by the fact that after one order the server gave us our change and stood forlornly waiting for a tip.  After 10 seconds this became awkward, after 15 I was on the verge of tears, I don't like being rude to anyone but I had to bite my tongue before screaming "jog on".  I'm not sure if my fellow yelpers do this, but if I'm with a group and were at a place for the long haul we wait until the end of the night and leave a tip as were leaving instead of tipping every time we buy a drink.

    Anyway rant over; the Bier Halle nice beer and good atmosphere: service MUST DO BETTER.  Another night like that and I will be giving the place a body-swerve for the foreseeable future.

    4.0 star rating
    27/7/2013 Previous review
    Myself and a friend came here on a sunny Friday evening.  We had originally tried to get seats out… Read more
  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    The pizza is good, the music selection is just genius and the beer selection is great. There are a few problems though:

    The staff are a bit inattentive by way if being slow to get the signal that you want to order and they always seem to be on the hunt for the sauce bottles once they give you them with your pizza; often during a good conversation with a friend I find myself reaching for the sauce to find that I'm grasping for thin air or being badgered on whether I still need the sauce.

    The pizza is of very high quality and at £5-7 for a restaurant pizza is a bargain to be had when you and your friend both have a hankering for some pizza-pie. However, you can find yourself in a tight spot if your friend wants a pizza and you just want a beer and sandwich. This is because the size of the pizza (equivalent to a medium size offering at a takeaway) does not justify the £11.50-£12:50 price. As a benchmark for a satisfying (stomach filling) meal I use McDonald's meals where £12.50 more than hits the spot. In my opinion the pizza at Bier Halle, considering it's diminutive size, fails this less than scientific value for money test.

    All in all it's a good place to sample a rare pint with something nice to eat. (if youse are all up for the meal deal)

  • 2.0 star rating

    I strongly suspect the pizzas are getting smaller.

    In a few years they are going to start bringing them out on table tennis paddles.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    This place really is a tale of two halfs. They have an extensive beer menu, amazing pizzas, nice house wine and is in a central location.
    On the other hand, the servers always appear to be in a mood & it can take a while to get their attention so you need to order drinks well before you want them.
    The food is so good that we always go back but I still don't understand why the service issue hasn't been rectified by management, or by the staff for that matter. Don't they want tips?!

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Apart from the vast selection of biers on offer, check out the thin based pizzas, absolutely delicious, and "2-4-1"!

  • 4.0 star rating

    My new favourite place in Glasgow!

    I was looking for a cheap lunch with my fiance and we could not resist 2 for 1 pizzas and a seriously huge selection of beer. Yes, it does look like you're entering a sewer but it's definitely worth the plunge.

    We both opted for the fancy Margherite with buffalo mozzarella and roasted tomatoes. Very delicious. The bases were nice and thin, just the way I like them and the tomato sauce was lovely and sweet. Clearly made from good ingredients.

    Now to the beer. Not only is there a huge list to choose from, but it pretty much covers all bases and beer tastes with the exception of IPAs which seem to be somewhat of a fashion currently. I opted for Birra Moretti because, in my opinion, what suits pizza more than Italian? And it was on draught so even better. My fiance also went Italian with a Menabrea, which is incredibly difficult to find outside of Italy (trust me, we've tried!). It was so good he had to have a second.

    As we were only going for a 'small' lunch, we didn't try any of their deserts or side, but all seemed reasonably priced and the ones we saw other customers have looked and smelled good. I think I'd be keen to try the chocolate cake next time!

    Being in a basement, it is a bit dark but it's not too dreary. They do use some strong smelling incense which I found a bit odd, a bit like being in the back of a hippy's van. The smell didn't quite go with the food.

    Overall, I would definitely recommend it. Particularly if it's one of those rare sunny days as they have some tables on the street outside which would probably have a nicer atmosphere.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    If your Pizzas were rubbish then business would be slower than your servers.... OK ladies, just coz you have the look (pout, pout, skinny arse) don't mean you have to oooze the attitude of a catwalk model...Jeezus folks, geez a smile!

    Walking in on a weekday lunch time presents you with quite the unusual site. As the place buzzes with chattering customers all tucking into their 2-4-1 pizzas (which are mighty fine), the servers appear to be going in slow motion, in fact i swear i saw one of them travelling back in time, such was their lack of inertia....

    Pizzas - Kick ass

    Service - hmmmmmmm

    Verdict - £10 for two very tast pizzzas? Do it!

  • 4.0 star rating

    This place is great, unless you're as blind as a mole, as it is pretty dark inside. But those who can see past it will enjoy it. If you are a fan of beer, from anywhere in the world, you cannot walk past this place!
    Bier Halle is perfect for socialising or celebrating. They do amazing £1 shots, especially the spiced apple! Apart from the huge selection of beer, you can also order cocktails. If feeling hungry, I would recommend 2 for 1 pizzas that are rather yummy, as well as other snacks. Overall, I enjoy spending my time in this bar and I am always pleased with the service.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Not a big fan of beer or pizza so as one might imagine, I would never be a big fan of this place by default. Not to say I won't give it a go though..

    Underground. No signal. Really dark. The first three thoughts that entered my mind, but once I got sat down I adapted well and felt nice and comfy with decent music playing, but through tinny speakers.

    Not impressed at paying £4.15 for a bottle of cider, which I initially put down to the place being a beer-based gaff.. till I read the menu. All of the drinks are expensive.

    The pizzas were decent, but would never pay full price for them. From what I gather though, no-one does. The 2 for 1 promo runs all the time basically.

    Can't say I approve of paying what you order as you order it, it just interrupts the mood.

    To summarise, if you like beer and pizza, and have money to burn, then this place might just be the place for you. But with Brewdog now open across town, there's a genuine rival to contend with now.

  • 2.0 star rating

    It's undeniably popular, but i've never had good experiences in this place. A while back I was in with my brother when we were joined by a heroin addict, who as well as requesting a pound for the bus home also wanted to tell us his life story while he foamed at the mouth.

    More recently, me and Ebot thought we'd try the 2 for 1 pizza offer, and proceeded to wait for ages, before the waitress arrived with one sandwich, and no pizzas. the staff weren't exactly friendly either and they made us pay before this calamitous meal which I found irritating, a bit like when a shopkeeper makes you feel like a criminal by holding your banknote up to the light.

    I think I've been unlucky on my visits here as others seem to rate it highly, but I'm not a fan.

  • 1.0 star rating

    I used to be a huge advocate of this place in my formative years, spent many many hours and had good times.

    Perhaps I've grown up, or Glasgow has (or both!), but this places faults are just getting too much. I'll explain:

    I was last here on a Saturday night in April 2011, just for a couple of drinks. Got a seat/table easily, and it was all downhill after that.

    Want a large glass of wine for the lady? Look elsewhere, only small glass or bottles. Fine, it's a "bier halle" so there will be hundreds of beers to choose from? Nope. Fifty if you're lucky, and insultingly, many of the "biers" on the menu are actually cider. Pathetic. Like German weissbier? Tough, unless the very average Paulaner or Erdinger are your bag (In this places heyday you could get Franziskaner, Schofferhofe and many more). You could get Weihenstephan on draught, but I wouldn't and I'll explain why later.

    So... the bill for one beer and one small wine? £9.20. Yep, FOUR POUNDS SEVENTY-FIVE of which was for a bottle of Paulaner (available in Tesco for £1.79). Utter rip-off.

    Still, you pay big bucks for the whole package, right? The ambience, the service, the atmosphere? The majority of tables on this night were dirty, we were plagued by fruit-flies (unforgiveable) and the toilets have been the same since this place opened. To make matters worse, their glassware is constantly dirty (lipstick traces for the girls and god knows what on the brander beer glassses), even better their waiting staff wash the cutlery in a basin underneath their serving station (dishwashers too expensive?) - would you trust dirty cutlery that had been washed in almost complete darkness? Disgusting.

    The table service I had previously mentioned stops at 22:00 for some abitrary reason. So if you're in here for a sesh, be prepared to start getting your own drinks when you're worse for wear! Why the owner sees fit to chop and change the service levels I do not know.

    As the other reviewers have mentioned, Republic does bar food (pizzas etc), most of which is good value. I didn't eat the last time I was here, but have done in the past. I would probably think twice about eating here again after seeing the poor standards of hygiene on display.

    The music is provided by a dj at the weekends and is a good mix of house/dance, nothing too cheesy which is quite good in my book. During the week it seems to be a mix of cds of eclectic chillout and electro.

    So there you go - Republic Bier Halle - Expensive, dirty, and not worth the bother. The owner of this place should really get his finger out, because it's going to pot very quickly.

  • 4.0 star rating
    16 check-ins

    Huge choice of beers from all over the wall, 241 pizza and loads of other great food.
    If you buy a 2pint Stein or Jug you get a free hotdog. Can't beat it.
    Lunch Deals are great.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Do you like beer? Do you like pizza? The Republic Bier Halle does great pizza and great beer, and it's very reasonably priced.

    I've been a few times now, and it's better when there's a group.

    Oh, free hotdogs with large beers? Sign me up.

  • 3.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    Do you want the best pizza you can find in Glasgow? - You totally have to go here
    Do you want a selection of over 50, maybe even 60 beers? - Yes, you should go here!
    Do you want the great service too? - Maybe best pick somewhere else for that!

    Oh the pizza, the beer, the dark and moody 'underground' atmosphere. This place made my student life in Glasgow a million times better! It was one of those places when you decide to go out for lunch/tea and everyone just shrugs their shoulders and says in a questionable tone - Bier Halle? And no-one ever says NO!

    I went back to Glasgow for the day and it only seemed right to go here, the pizzas are ALWAYS 2 for 1, they are amazing and it is a great deal. But the beers are expensive, so I only ever end up having one. And I think they intentionally pick out 'hip and quirky' staff who are always a bit unenthusiastic and to be honest sometimes rude and annoying. Thankfully you don't have to deal with them that much, but I just wish they would hire a whole new set of waiters and waitresses cause based on food, drinks and surrounding the Bier Halle would get five stars. It didn't. No points for guessing why.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Cant believe I hadn't reviewed this! One of my fave places for the start of a day on the sauce.

    This place is underground and dark but always has a good buzz about it and good chilled tunes playing but not loud enough that you cant have a good yap with a friend.

    2 for 1 pizza and they are the best I've had in Glasgow...infact Scotland! Thin and crispy and one is plenty...go with a mate!
    I do stick to the same Chicken one as the Stornoway Black Pudding one had a very rubbery egg in the middle and I'm not keen on foreign sausages! lol

    It would be 5 stars if it was kept a bit cleaner and if anyone's read my reviews before ...YES there was a few midgies in here last time I was in, very worrying in a food place.

    Great selection of beers from around the world, If you've not tried Desperados do it now! Beer is pricey but I usually have no more than two with pizza and works out good price when getting 2 for 1 deal.

    Be prepared to pay for each round sometimes, there doesn't seem to be a pattern...sometimes you pay each drink and others you pay when leaving.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Went to meet friends here last night. The whole experience was fairly good except for one massive flaw.

    The food was alright (it's 2 for 1 pizza's so you can't really complain), the service was good, the music itself was a good mix and the beer, well, as you would expect, the range of beer was pretty damn good.

    BUT (and it's a big BUT) - the music was so loud that we couldn't hear each other properly and spent the meal and subsequent drinks shouting at each other. The waitress mis-heard my order and, on leaving the place, we spent an age standing outside getting accosted by drunks just to catch up.

    For a bar that would serve as a great place to get together with friends, have a pizza, get some beers down you, it kinda fails. Unless you have the kind of friends that you don't want to talk to anyway, in which case I highly recommend it.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Went back on Tuesday evening - had a really yummy pizza bread thing (wish I had pigged out and gone for a pizza - they are really some of the best in this city)

    Is it just me or has the beer selection decreased somewhat in recent years? Granted, it has been a wee while since I was last in, but the list didn't seem quite as overwhelming. I also seem to remember a chalkboard with the beers that were listed but unavailable - that also seemed to be gone (a pity because I picked one they were out of). As has been said before, a lot of the beer is heavily marked up , but pick wisely and go for something a little different that you might not get elsewhere and for me anyway, that makes the cost easier to bear.

    Can't complain about service - though it was the post lunch but pre dinner dead time so there was no excuse for a lack of attention. They weren't taking cards though , although it was warned on the entrance. All in all, glad things haven't really changed  here at least

  • 1.0 star rating

    It is true that you get great pizza and deals here at the Bier Halle.

    What you don't get is great service.

    Wandering in with a pal after a day of shopping, we decided that the 2-for-1 pizza deal was right up our alley.  

    Unfortunately, the pizzas, as good as they were (and such a selection!), were not enough to counterweight the attention (or lack thereof) that we received.

    Before I go any further, I'd like to point out that no matter what opinion I have of a place, I always give it the benefit of the doubt.  I'd had a bad experience in here before, but walked in again thinking; 'maybe it's different now'.

    Nope.  In fact, it was worse, which I didn't think was possible.

    First of all, they insist on table service, even though they're not good at it.  We looked at the menu, made our choices and then a very long time went by before we were able to order.

    Then, once we placed our order, we waited another pint's worth of time to get our food, but you know what happened?  They brought out my friend's pizza and then told me that they didn't make mine because they'd run out of chorizo.

    This is something they should have told me right away.  Because after all that time waiting for food, I then had to wait longer and in agony because my friend was eating her pizza while I hungrily looked on.  (She did give me some of hers, but that's not the point).

    When my replacement did finally arrive, I was at the end of my pint, and asked for another.

    Two bites into my pizza, I was thirsty.  And there was no drink to be had.  By the time I finished my pizza, my drink still hadn't arrived, and I had given up hope.

    As we were gathering our things to leave, hat on, scarf on, the waitress wandered over with the pint I'd ordered 30 minutes before.

    And then I did something that I have never done.  I absolutely refused to pay for it.  I no longer wanted it, I was ready to leave, my meal was done.  

    The waitress looked taken aback and a little upset, but I managed to control myself long enough to say pointedly, that I had ordered it a while ago, I was on my way out the door now, and that I was definitely not staying here long enough to drink it, and therefore was not going to pay for it.

    Furious, I left.

    And no, even with my optimism and my penchant for giving 2nd chances, I will not be going back.

  • 5.0 star rating
    21/10/2009 Updated review

    I decided to try the Pizza in here because I'd heard it was good. The fact that it was 2 for 1 was also a big incentive.

    They are pretty expensive, coming in at around a tenner each, but the 2 for 1 makes it good value. They arrive on a chopping board very swiftly, stonebaked and giant. I had a ham and pineapple pizza, with goats' cheese at my request, and Stu had hoi sin duck. It was proper big chunks of ham as well, not the thin slivers or packet crap.

    Some of the pizza toppings are very unusual, but they work well. The only complaint is that our table wasn't quite big enough for 2 pizzas, and as we cut them we found our boards skiting all over the table, knocking drinks off the side, and whacking waitresses as they walked past.

    Overall, the pizzas were very well done, and I will be back for another very soon. (on a 2 for 1 days!)

    4.0 star rating
    3/10/2009 Previous review
    The Bier Halle is a staple of student life. It is down a dingy set of stairs that you would almost… Read more
  • 4.0 star rating

    Oh yum, yum, yum. I can just about smell the doughy-goodness of the pizza as I write this, licking my lips. If you fancy pizza then this is the place to head. Although the decor is dingy, the doorway is not most inviting and the tall wooden tables aren't the easiest to navigate around, it is worth it for the oh-so-delicious pizza.

    It is almost always 2 for 1 (excluding Friday and Saturday) so make sure you take a friend to get the most of the deal (and not a friend who fancies two pizzas to themself or chooses something other than pizza - foolish!) Since you will probably have to share a long table with many others, however, it's perhaps best to be avoided for intimate dates. I've never had a problem being landed next to huisances however and it doesn't really feel like you're sharing your table.

    I always stick to the Margarita pizza which may seem unadventurous but it is so tasty that I think any additions would only detract from it. Served up on a wooden plate with a pizza cutter it can be tricky but it's part of the fun.

    I'm not a beer gal but I believe the selection is very good as you would imagine given the name. I usually stick to a vodka and lemonade or just a diet coke but I'm now going to have to go back to try the schnapps - any old excuse!

    Although it's table service they charge you at your table just after you've ordered the food so try to have the right money ready to save any kafuffle especially if there are a few of you sharing the bill.

  • 4.0 star rating

    It seems I may have been a tad hasty in writing this place off as being a bit of a ned's bar. Certainly, its location near Central Station doesn't help, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights, but you can't argue with its pizza deal or its choice of beers.

    Inside is really rather nice as well. Styled as a traditional German beer hall, its underground feel helps you forget you're in the centre of Glasgow and it's no surprise that nights can begin and end in here, even if that wasn't the plan. Once you get a seat, it's hard to leave.

    I also found the staff in here to be extremely friendly. Our waiter was happy to make recommendations and was extremely chirpy throughout our stay.

  • 4.0 star rating

    This place is all about the pizzas for me. With a 2-for-1 deal on each weekday, my favourites are the duck and hoisin pizza or the chicken pesto. Really tasty, great pizzas and great value when you've got an even number of diners! The restaurant can be a bit cramped downstairs when it's full, but sat outside in the sun the other day in their outdoor seating which was a great way to spend our post-exam lunch. This place and Soho on Miller street are my go-to places for a great pizza. Cash only payments though!

  • 4.0 star rating
    First to Review

    The Republic is slap bang in the middle of Glasgow, the doorway leading to the basement is halfway between Buchanan Street and West Nile Street.

    Cosy but not too stuffy for a basement bar it is pretty dark, but I think that gives it an intimate atmosphere.

    It isn't really a cheap beer and shots kind of a place, the extensive beer menu has a great range for beer aficionados from fairly standard imported beers to weird ones that come in giant bottles.

    They provide table service and have fantastic stone baked pizzas, that are on 2-for-1 during the week, and there is also a wee room at the back that be booked for functions.

    • Qype User mitche…
    • Glasgow
    • 5 friends
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    4.0 star rating

    Chances are if you want a specific type of beer, they'll have it! Just don't ask them to surprise you or you'll get a 12% beer in a huge bottle that can knock you on your arse.

    Dark, and secluded, which is always a good thing if you want to have a drink in the afternoon and don't want judged!

  • 1.0 star rating

    Walked in on Saturday and were promptly seated. We were never brought menus so after a good 8 mins our neighbors at the communal table let us borrow theirs. They (our table neighbors) then told us about 5 mins later if we wanted a chance at ordering we needed to go to the bar as the staff would never come around. Attempted this and were told to go back to our table. Gave it another good while (maybe 10 more mins) and gave up.

    Why give money to a restaurant that could care less if you are there or not?!

    • Qype User thatgi…
    • Glasgow
    • 6 friends
    • 47 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    The highlight of this place for me, is that between Monday and Thursday the pizza's are two for one!! They are GREAT pizzas!! The rest of the food menu isn't up to much, the soup looks good but the sandwiches are a bit on the dry side. The chocolate fudge cake is a great way to follow you're pizza if you're still peckish! The drinks selection is like any pub other than the fact that they have a massive beer menu. Huge selection from around the world. Prices are average i'd say.

    The atmosphere is great, its underground and you can hear the lower level trains from the Central Station and the Subway rumbling by, its all dark and brooding - you feel a bit like you're sitting in an abandoned subway tunnel.

    Staff aren't the friendliest in Glasgow, i'll say that, and at times can be pretty dumb and spend more time chatting to each other than watching for you waving your arms around like a loon to get their attention. Thats the only downside for me :)

    • Qype User moota2…
    • Wemyss Bay, Inverclyde
    • 5 friends
    • 179 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    This is a great place to have a pizza, and I have been there a few times, and the atmosphere is very great, and I love going in there with my friends. even all those shots. can't get enough of them.!!! even i do love those table service which the waitresses do come to our table to order our drinks, then delivers to our table.

    But we warned, when you have drank one too many and when you gets up and you are bound to feel even more drunken than you thought and oh the long flight of stairs to climb up to get out...... in the end Haha!

    • Qype User krs…
    • Glasgow
    • 0 friends
    • 36 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    The main feature of this bar is meant to be the wide selction of beers but often alot of them are out of stock! That said the decor is nice and the staff friendly / service fast. The seating is an odd mix of very high bar stools and very low seating neither of which you'd want to sit in for a long amount of time but maybe thats the idea. The german insppired menu of sausage and cabbage is tasty and the stone baked pizzas are good too.

    Bonus fact there is no mobile phone reception in there so it's a good place to hide!

    • Qype User craigi…
    • Glasgow
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    • 6 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    Renowned for there 2 4 1 pizza deal thats on from a Sunday to a Thursday, this is probably my favourite pizza place in Glasgow.
    Its a german bar with every sort of beer/lager you can imagine!
    Iv never really sampled any of the other options on the menu i always go for pizza.
    The pizza's are amazing, they do gourmet ones also which are incredible.
    My faves are the fiorentina which comes with a poached egg on the top and also the chorizo which comes wih red onion, it has quite a sweet taste. All the pizza's have a thin base and are not 2 stoggy! I dont think iv ever failed to finish one!dont be caught out and go at the weekends as u wont get the offer and there about 9 - 12 pounds for one pizza!Go try it out!

    • Qype User davida…
    • Uttoxeter, Staffordshire
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    • 14 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I adore this place. Visited it many times now and never fails to disappoint. You'll usually find a decent atmosphere in there despite how close the tables are to one another.

    Pizza's are good, beer is good and is one place I always make an effort to get to when I'm back in Glasgow.

    The only negative is how small the place is and I can only imagine that I'd be tearing my hair our if there was some little kids crying in there.

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in A Texan in Glasgow

    Sunday is 2-for-1 pizza at the Republic Bier Halle.  We had two pints and two pizzas for £16.  The beer selection is mostly German beers and pints are a little expensive compared to other places in the area.  Not much to the decor, but it works as a cozy beer basement with large beer garden style seating.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I enjoyed this place, but I would mainly come here for the pizza. Its community tables and its big and spacious. It does not have a very German feeling to it if youre looking that German feel. In fact...I dont think they even serve German food... However, the 2 for 1 pizzas actually taste very good. My favorite is the haggis.

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