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  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    What a cool place. This is in a hotel, and my colleagues had visited it before and kept raving about it. The decor is really cool, with interesting art and bookcases. It's unexpected and gorgeous. Our waiter was so sweet and funny.

    Get the calamari. Seriously. Just get it and thank me later. The rest of the food is kind of a blur for me, but I loved everything. Warning: There is coffee on a beef dish they serve. This didn't affect me because I only tried a bite of it, but my colleagues said they had a hard time sleeping. :) We also had awesome desserts. They are architectural and worth getting if you also like to take pictures of food.

  • 5.0 star rating

    We celebrated my MIL's 60th birthday at Asia de Cuba last night...here are my thoughts:

    Service: From start to finish, everyone was friendly and helpful, thoughtful and welcoming. This was a nice change from the LA location where servers / hostesses can be quite snobby. Our waiter handled our party or 12 with ease, and was chatty and kind the entire evening.

    Ambiance: This restaurant is gorgeous. The decor is minimalist with a quirky twist.

    Food: Fabulous from start to finish. We ordered so many things so I'll just note the highlights (for me). Scallops appetizer, salmon, lobster mashed, plantain rice, and the sticky rice. I don't eat chicken but the BBQ chicken received rave reviews, as did the ceviche.

    We brought a cake from outside, which the hotel cut and served for us. For this service they charged 5 pounds per person, which seems high but maybe for London it wasn't? This was the only minor criticism I had the whole evening.

    Bottom Line: This restaurant is NOT inexpensive but the great food and service justify the high prices. I'm sure we will visit again soon!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I took a friend here for her birthday after we saw Twelve Angry Men at the Garrick (Great play, grotty theatre). We started off with a drink in the Light Bar (ginger and lychee Champagne) before going for a 6pm reservation into the restaurant.

    The restaurant is impossibly cool with trendy decor and extremely fashionable, yet friendly and fun waiting staff!

    We had the tasting menu, which I thought was extremely good value for money - through Top Table we got it with a glass of champagne for £55 a head. (If you don't book through Top Table, then it is £60 each with no champagne).  It was a LOT of food, and we had added in the ceviche tasting course too.

    We started with an amuse bouche of tuna tartare and sesame seeds on crackers, which were delicious. We then had the ceviche tasting plate - three different types of fish in different sauces with giant prawn crackers and plantain chips. This was actually my least favourite course, it was a bit too doused in lemon and coriander for me (coriander tastes like hand cream to me!) I love plantains, but the chips were a little like very very hard cardboard.

    The starter was calamari salad, crab croquetas and Braised oxtail and kimchee dumplings. My favourite was the crab croquetas, with a delicious dipping sauce. The salad was very nice, and I wasn't so keen on the dumplings, as the pastry was a little too crispy and felt just a bit underdone.

    We then cleansed our palate with a phenomenal mojito sorbet before moving on to the main course. Seared tuna on wasabi mashed potato and Cuban BBQ Chicken. Both glorious, although the tuna on wasabi potato was a revelation - absolutely perfect and soooooooo tasty! If I go back again, I may well just have two portions of that...

    We had a dessert plate that involved chocolate brownie things (a little too sweet for me_ some banana cake (yummy!) some ice cream (also yummy) and some Mexican doughnuts (my favourite).

    We washed it all down with the best viognier I have had in ages at a really reasonable price.

    Altogether it came to just shy of £200 for two of us to eat our own body weight in fantastic food and drink quite a lot of champagne and wine. It's not for an everyday experience, but for a very special occasion, it's absolutely fantastic.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Chic decor, lovely ambience and a delightful menu

    This restaurant is wonderfully decorated with the right amount of lights and framing.. There are large pillars covered with pictures (of what looks like Cubans) and random pillars with flower pots hanging.. I loved the single hanging lightbulb as the light for every table (I tried to pull an Albert Einstein kinda picture by sticking my head under one to take a picture... Lol it did NOT turn out so well haha) Anyway, back to the topic... Food!

    When I first heard Asia de Cuba.. All I actually heard was CUBA... And my face turned to a look of disgust. If you've been to Cuba, you'll know what I'm talking about. The food in Cuba is horrible. Overcooked, tasteless, spiceless.. But I gave this restaurant a shot and boy I'm glad I did! It's definitely not traditional Cuban.

    We took all the waiters recommendations and started off with the Triple Berry Mojito and regular Mojito. I loved the triple berry more than the regular (less taste of alcohol) - tip: order it with a little less ice... They come served in Mason jars overflowing with shards of ice! Loved the drinks so much we decided to have another round of the same!

    As our starters, we got the Crab Croquetas and Thai Beef Salad. The salad I personally could have done without... But the crab croquetas and green mango slivers were amazing (remember to eat them while hot!)

    As our main, we shared the Cuban Coffee Crusted Rib-eye with sides of Lobster Boniato mash, Yuca Mojo fries, Bok Choy with roasted garlic. Our Coffee Crusted Rib-eye came perfectly cooked and had the right amount of flavor (although I couldn't taste any coffee...)... The lobster mash was amazing! Definitely worth getting!! The bok choy was probably next and the yuca mojo fries (cassava fries) didn't get any points in our books!

    For dessert we ordered tea (I got the camomile) and carrot cake... I usually love carrot cake and was really excited when dessert hit our table! Unfortunately.... It looks much better than it tastes! It has some weird ingredient in it that gives it a really odd after taste... After EVERY bite. I was not a happy camper..

    For two people our total came to just over £210.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in London

    Another really hyped place. Specializing in Rum based drinks and the asian-latin fusion food. Portions are very large here when compared to other places. Plus it's the restaurant in the hotel and it was only a matter of time before getting a meal here.

    Started out with two dishes for the group:

    SCOTTISH SALMON AND SALTED AVOCADO HELADO - nice and well balanced. A great starter to have.

    SPICY HAMACHI AND PLANTAIN THREADS - plantains were not as crunchy as I would have preferred as it would have been a great texture to have with the hamachi.

    My main was the CUBAN BBQ CHICKEN which was recommended from our waitress. It was a solid dish. Chicken was moist and bbq of the tamarind had nice flavor. Like I mentioned above, huge portions here and this is was huge. Definitely a good recommend. Props to her.

    Desserts equally are huge. Mexican doughnuts were good with butterscotch filling and sauce on the side. The Cuban Opera cake was also quite good, but you must be a chocolate fan for it.

    Overall a good spot but one of the more pricey places around. Weekdays are days when you can walk in and get a table. Weekend, then you'll need to plan ahead and reserve.

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Been wanting to go here for a while having walked past this pretty much every day for 3 years.

    Asia de Cuba is inside a hotel which is known to be frequented by the rich and famous.  Along with it's location, it can be a place to spot actors from the local theatres.

    Had a early booking at 6:30 pm and was warned that there was a 2 hour turnaround on the table which I am never keen on as, if they don't have a busy night they will happily let you sit there (which indeed they did) but if they were busy, we would have been kicked off which I feel makes a restaurant look like they are only interested in the financial aspect rather than the customers experience.

    Any how, we chose from the set menu.  I had the crab croquets which were tasty.  Lovely and crispy on the outside with fluffy insides served with a small fruity salad which helped keep it light.  The starter was cosmetically pleasing also.

    I then had the sticky chicken which was nice, of a decent size and with a light salad served with it also.  Again served cosmetically pleasing.

    Seeing that we were not being kicked off, I squeezed in a dessert which were half a dozen little donuts with a sauce.  My dining partner was not having dessert but we had the usual two plates and two spoons so we could share.  SHARE!!! SHARE my dessert???  You must be crazy (told the waiter this also!).  They were tasty little light donuts and enough for just one, let me say that again, ONE person to eat :).

    Our waiter was very nice. He was friendly and helpful and had a little banter with us which made for an enjoyable evening.  Sometimes in 'up market' restaurants, the waiters can be a little 'aloof', but our waiter was great.  Although I didn't think the food was spectacular, I'd come again as we both enjoyed all of our dishes and the waiter made it an enjoyable experience and the atmosphere and decor of the restaurant that night made for a good dining experience.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Asia de Cuba is one of those places that may get some hate for two reasons: the fact that it's trendy and the price on the menu (which does, by all means, make your eyes bulge out a little bit.) However, there are ways to fight the price and the trendiness is not understated. This is a very cool spot for a drink or a meal.

    I came here a few months ago with friends. It is not easy to find. Asia De Cuba is in the St. Martins Lane Hotel, which has no sign outside. Yes, even the hotel is hard to find (again, with that whole trendy bit.) Look for the giant glass building and revolving door and you're in the right spot.

    Walk past the giant chess pieces in the lobby and the rows of golden teeth seats (I kid you not) and enter into Asia de Cuba, a large, comfortable restaurant with things like pillars filled with books and rows and rows of black and white portraits.

    Yes, the food can be a little crazy expensive (tasting menus run you about £60 and your a la carte dinner menu's main entrée starts at about £30 with cocktails running from £10 to £15. However, I came for the pre-theatre sample menu, which gave us three courses to share at about £30 (or two for about £20). We tried the crab croquets, which were warm and crispy and soft on the inside and laying on mango. Damn. Also the short ribs were were soft and tasty. The only one we weren't thrilled with was the chocolate cake for dessert but that's because it was too sweet for us. We should have went with the doughnuts, as I will point out later in the review.

    The service was fast and attentive. There was a line at the bar for people just drinking and it was a little hard to make my way through to the bathroom, so maybe it's more of a food spot than a drinking spot.

    And famous people hang out here, so that's something (if you're into that something.)

    The bathrooms in this spot are crazy. Dark and wood panelled, with secret doors that you have to find to open the stalls (they're built into the wall and you just push on them.) Neat.

    Yesterday, I was also lucky enough to be invited to sample their new dim sum Sunday brunch menu. I can't talk about service here since it was an invite event but the food was solid, with the stand out items being the Dragon's Twist cocktail with fresh lychees, dragon fruit and elderflower liqueur (woah and at £12.50 it better be woah) and the Mexican Doughnuts, which were filled with butterscotch sauce. Seriously woah and absolutely worth it.

    Is this place cheap? Oh god not. You're going to pull out your wallet and be ready to pay - but you'll be paying for something delicious.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The whole experience was fabulous...  great food, excellent cocktails (even the virgin ones)... fabulous environment... very unique...

    Dessert was a bit boring unfortunately... shame to end on a low note...

    Would recommend trying it... but skip dessert!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I love places like this.

    Call me a design snob, but I appreciate the style detail in this place. I'll get to the food in the minute, and it is worth the wait in my view, but the style of this restaurant in the St Martins Lane hotel is what first hits you. It was designed by Philippe Stark which should tell you what it's like if you know anything about his incredible design work. It has different visual and tactile textures, it has sharp lines, impressive lighting and simple but powerful objects around the well designed seating to always give you a visual backdrop with lots of contrasts.

    The food is Asian fusion and is designed to be shared. There is a high percentage of fish in the menu, but there are good combinations of ingredients to provide some contrasts in the food as well. We had 3 starters between 4 of us, smoked salmon on thin Spring Onion pancakes along with some crispy octopus and some crab croquetas. All were delicious, the salmon was on wafer think crisp pancakes that made your mouth water.

    Mains we had Miso Black Code with Edamame mash (I'll come back to that little delicacy), Seared Ahi Tuna ("I don't like Tuna unless it's excellent" complained one of our crowd. He wasn't disappointed), and Cuban coffee Ribeye. All were incredible, cooked to perfection, enough to share with a little left over to tempt you with one more mouthful.

    the Black Cod was divine, and the edamame mash was something so simple, yet so incredibly yummy. The sort of thing that has you making little noises with each mouthful to give the game away.

    All in all, a stylish hang out with food that fits perfectly. For us it was £360 for the meal which also included deserts, water and wine for 3 of our party of 4. It isn't for everyday, but if you want a great meal in stylish surroundings in central London, you can't really go wrong.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Well I dont care whether Brad Pitt or Arm Pitt eats there but charging north of 35 pounds for a damn nothing out of the ordinary bento box for lunch is outright highway robbery and they even rolled my credit card twice so double my punishment.
    Took me forever to argue with the credit card co. to get the adjustment.
    Anyway this is the best place to show off your loathe of your trust fund and your life goal to rapidly deplete it.  
    Highly recommended for those with copious amounts of $ burning $ in wallet who just want to brag about their irrational exuberance (who love Sawa Sushi.)

  • 4.0 star rating

    We went here on a recent holiday to London.  We wanted good food not standard fish and  chips.  We had the hotel make the reservation and this worked to our advantage since the server greeted us with complimentary champagne.  The waitress was great at recommending things that were popular and asked us what we liked and didn't like.  We started out with two cocktail specials that came out beautifully presented and garnished well.  The dinner was a few courses the first the appetizer starter course was short rib  amazing .The waitress arrived to out table to shred the beef and it was melt in your mouth good.  The flavors of all the food were great  a true gastronomy palate pleaser.  The waitress steered us right on all options.  She knew the menu inside and out.  She also seemed to be working a lot of tables  never ignoring anyone.  We overall loved our experience and the smart stacked flavors plenty of meat and seafood options.  The one draw back was the location.  We walked by three times and saw no signage  outside .  This did not seem to affect business in any way.  Lobby of hotel beautiful, modern, and sleek.

  • 3.0 star rating

    If you've recently been bitten by the swanky bug, head here immediately for an instant cure-all. You'll soon be satisfied by a celeb hobnobbing hot spot, a designophile's dream and one of the more interesting menus in London. You will then give them all of your money, and leave wondering if it's expensive because it's chic, or chic because it's expensive. (You will then go to Leicester Square and get a McFlurry from McDonalds to ponder these life truths.)

    The venue is absolutely gorgeous, as is the staff, as is the clientele, as is the food. You'd be silly not to know going in that you'll be charged an arm and a leg, so I won't even touch on this point that seems to be the centre of many complaints. Here's the catch -- these portions are meant for sharing! They are enormously priced because they are enormously portioned. And on that note, they are enormously creative and delicious.

    Combining Asian food with Cuban food doesn't seem to roll off (or down) the tongue easily, but it in fact bodes beautifully. I will certainly be back to explore their cocktail and chocolate menus... "Thai Chilli cocktail encapsulated in chocolate? Yes please. Here's £25 - impress me."

  • 4.0 star rating

    When I checked into the St Martins Lane Hotel at around 10:30, I was hoping that whatever restaurant they had would still be open.  To my pleasant surprise, it was Asia de Cuba and it was not only open, but also was buzzing with activity.  I was able to get a seat pretty quickly without a reservation and it seemed like a pretty good table in the middle of the dining room on the upper of the two teirs to the room.  In classic Morgans Group style, the room had high ceilings, white walls, with big round support columns, plastered with framed pictures.   The crowd was upscale and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

    My only complaint with this place was my wait when I was seated at the table.  I waited quite a while to be greeted by a server, but once greeted, the service was great.  I will chock it up to a miscommunication between hosts and servers.  My server, a charming Italian woman was excellent and made my travel-weary bones feel right at home.

    I started off with a glass of red wine.  One thing I noticed is that i found the wine list to reasonably priced for an upscale restaurant.  For dinner, I had the grilled strip steak with gingered chickpea fries and calabaza melon slaw.  Although I found the melon slaw to be a bit *meh*, the steak was excellent - grilled perfectly to order and the chickpea fries were very good as well - a sort of reminded me of a tofu tempura, except with actual flavor.

    I had a very good dining experience at Asia de Cuba - great food and great service.  It was exactly what I needed after a long flight.

  • 2.0 star rating

    The Asia de Cuba concept is really cool.  Dim lighting, lots of photos and books adorning the pillars in the restaurant, and very advant garde music.  There were plenty of beautiful people (it was Fashion Week, so there were a few models there, not sure if they were eating).  Definitely the place to people-watch and be seen.

    Dinner was not all I hoped for though.  For a £80+ per person dinner, I was expecting dinner to be on the same level as Jean Georges in NY.  It was very overpriced for the quality.  At least the mojitos were good.

    I can't completely hate though...

    Funny story: Our waiter was a huge klutz, and spilled a plate of calamari salad ALL over the back of my friend's very nice (probably bespoke) white shirt.  The manager came over and offered to buy him a new shirt, which was very nice of him.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Trendy atmosphere in the St.Martin's lane boutique hotel near Trafalgar Square.

    Decided to check this place out on my bday after their tasting at the Taste of London festival. Honestly, the only memorable 'taste sensation' (my new word now stolen from Master Chef) were the churros and sorbet.

    The food was inventive, and the service was great. BUUUT, I think this is more of  a place to stop by for cocktails and maybe a few appetisers.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Fancy, yes.
    Over-rated, yes.
    Over-priced, yes.

  • 4.0 star rating

    For someone's birthday I went to this place and the experience was good. We were served by an attentive waiter who recommended items that tasted very good and to our liking. The drinks that were served were also very well made. This place is quite expensive, but I would say it is worth a visit.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I always don't understand restaurants in London. you book a table couple of days in advance and find yourself placed on the crapiest most secular, near the kitchen door table- don't mind it
    as long as you can get sort of a decent service but even this seems to be hard to get at this over-rated hyped restaurant. waitresses are rude and lesbians (they hit on my firnd like crazy- for an instant I felt I was in a brothel!!!)
    food is only okay- nothing special not even presentation of the portions-
    food takes like forever to be served !! (around 60 minutes to get my ordered food)
    the only thing I liked was the cake
    and the bill was extortionate !!!
    I had bad experience in this place will never go again
    although the hotel is fantastic
    management and staff of this restaurant should definately be replaced

  • 4.0 star rating

    Overpriced for sure.

    But where else do you get such a great fusion of food?  The Ropa Vieja is amazing, and I am in a rut where I get the calamari salad every time.  The mojitos are the best you'll ever have, and I have never had a bad waiter - to the contrary, they have all been fabulous.  

    Not someplace to take the family, but a great date spot...unless you are insecure being with all those gorgeous people.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Poor quality food, bad service and very overpriced for what you get. Boring decor.

    The whole time I was in the restaurant I felt sick as it had a strong fishy smell, the bathroom was more pleasant.

  • 5.0 star rating
    Seated via OpenTable 1 check-in

    Perfect for pre-theatre before going to Coliseum. Food is tasty and interesting, and the place feels stylish.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I'm from LA... so yes, I do think that the LA one is slightly better; however, I decided to take my Londoner out for an "LA" evening in London.... being as it's my fav restaurant back home, I took a chance.

    I wasn't disappointed. Perhaps because I knew what to expect? Or perhaps I wanted to be pampered and didn't care what the price was? Or simply because I was sitting with a gorgeous gentleman and wanted to soak up every quid we spent!

    The most amazing thing in the world... the calamari salad... even if you give this place 2 stars... Going to Asia de Cuba is worth the calamari salad alone. We also had the prawns to start (which were also delicious). Our mojitos were blended perfectly. As an entree, the seabass (which my very well travelled friend had never tried before) said it was the best fish he'd ever tasted and to side it with the fried rice with avocado.

    Again, I've been to Asia de Cuba in LA.... but honestly, if you're looking for a hoighty toighty night on the town, get dolled up, have some cocktails, have some yummy (yet expensive) food, and enjoy the moment.

    Wouldn't be an every weekend kind of deal, but def good for a special occasion.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Way over priced and the food was subpar.  It's got a really nice decor though

  • 4.0 star rating
    29/12/2008 Updated review

    One of my favourite places for a pre-theatre drink if I'm headed to a show in the area.  Rum Bar offers magnificent cocktails (I believe their sister establishment, Asia de Cuba, was one of the places that helped to usher in the whole mojito trend) made with fresh juices and impressive garnishes.

    The atmosphere is uber-cool... you stand around these tall, but tiny, silver bar-stool-like tables ... they look like a fleet of Louise Bourgeois spiders against the dim edgy lighting.  

    The atmosphere is moody.  The service is great.  The vibe is a touch hip.  It's just an all-around unique and chic bar pop in for a drink.

    3.0 star rating
    29/12/2008 Previous review
    I like the Asia de Cuba in LA better... even though I think the menus are pretty much the same, for… Read more
  • 5.0 star rating

    Their 3 course menu for 25 pounds p/p included strong mini mojitos. My hubs and I had: calamari salad and tuna tartar to start, BBQ chicken with coconut sticky rice and the seared tuna with wasabi mashed potatoes, and the Mexican donuts and brownie with chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. Everything was so GOOD!! I was stuffed, but really satisfied.

    The staff was friendly, the decor is funky/cool and the drinks are strong. Don't know why the reviews aren't all higher!!

    • Qype User MissGo…
    • London
    • 97 friends
    • 178 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    Asia de Cuba is an unusually marvellous and striking place to dine in and it is full of interesting themes which manage to be outrageous but nevertheless tasteful at the same time.

    The atmosphere was great, very modern, young and trendy. The food was edible and service was attentive and at times a bit too friendly and bill, however, was completely out of proportion.

    The food is fusion and generally very inventive but the quality was average. It was tasty and nice, but, in all fairness, not especially outstanding. The squid and artichoke salad was delicious a but it tasted like the chef shopped at Sainsbury's rather than spent time on selecting the freshest and best ingredients to get the best flavours.

    Service was very helpful and friendly. The waiters were very good at advising us on the wine and the courses. They were a bit overly friendly for my taste, as they were obviously required to act as if they were our life long best friend rather than waiters. I also did not like the fact that they felt like reinforcing this impression by touchingmy escort for the evening and patting him on the back as often as possible. Apart from that (and that is a matter of taste), they were extremely good and efficient.

    The bill was also a disappointment, coming at 70 pounds for 2 taking into account that we only had a glass of wine each, and shared desert).

    In total , a fun place to go to, but the food department needs a lot of work and really over-priced.

    • Qype User mseaso…
    • London
    • 53 friends
    • 47 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Yes, so it's expensive. I know. But it's not impossible - especially in a recession where there are so many deals to be had. I took advantage of the two course £15 lunch during London Restaurant Festival.

    I'd been here once before, and again, it did not disappoint. The service is prompt, the food amazing (the rhum pork is one of my favourite dishes of all time) and the portions are hefty.

    I don't care what the detractors say - I love this place.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I'm torn about this place. St. Martin's Lane definitely isn't what it was a few years ago, and the whole look and feel of the place is just so tired now.
    Came here for dinner with friends and while the food and drinks were delicious, the presentation and service were sorely lacking.
    Most of us had the cod, which was divine but the presentation was rather unappetising! The tofu was great but only after you've had a bite of what it tasted like cos it didn't look that great either. Mexican doughnuts were delicious but a bit too sweet.
    Service was awkward and not very attentive. For these prices, I just expected a bit more. Meh.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The main thing I want to say is belly pork! Great, melting, delicious, worth the visit on its own.

    So yes Asia de Cuba is a little over hyped and perhaps isn't as cool novel and trendy as it once seemed. But the experience is still strong - good buzz in contrast to the coolness of the St Martins Lane Hotel and the same wonderful eclectic mix of cuisines. Everyone who can should come at least once to see what the fuss was about. The make up your own mind.

    • Qype User ErikM…
    • London
    • 43 friends
    • 106 reviews
    1.0 star rating

    Went to Asia de Cuba for their Easter offer. The interior is not too bad if a bit quirky and maybe in the category of trying too hard.

    First off the food. The tuna starter was an OK dish but not more, while the chicken on lemon grass skewers was bland and the chilli sauce tasted like it came from a jar. From there things went downhill. The honey glazed pork was almost too salty to eat and the salmon was of bad quality and overcooked.

    Saying that, the food was not too bad, still edible. The service on the other hand... The waiter decided to sit down at the next table while taking the order. The cutlery were dirty and after the starter they took the cutlery away without giving me any new ones. I wondered if they had received any training. On top of it all they ask for 15% service charge. Also, a bottle of still water was £5, far more than I have payed in far better restaurants.

    Would not recommend it to anyone. There are many better places to go while paying the same amount and you would definitely be better treated.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I have noticed that there are a few detractors of this place, but I must say that I absolutely love this place!

    It is expensive, so only for very special occassions. But boy, it is worth it!

    The food is always amazingly good, the decor is very different and unique and the service is great.

    I cannot recommend it enough. I will certainly be back when there is something special to celebrate.

  • 3.0 star rating

    The place looks "exclusive", but once in, doesn't live up to the funky outside exterior (which actually looks like a gym, one of those glass ones where all the fit people go).  They should have a winning formual, it looks good on the outiside and inside, enough people greet you at the door, then the restaurant and finally the bar area.  Then your waiting for the metal detectors as they must be protecting something precious and your on a winning streak because your getting into the "protected" area..........yet not so much

    The restaurant is very open, there is no secluded or "different" seating sections.  Food...tasty but not worth the hefty price tag, although everyone working their are very friendly so its worth the service charge.

    The bar is the opposite to the open restaurant and is a long dark narrow hall, the cocktails are good, but the atmosphere just isn't there.  Each time I've been I feel like its a bit of a "suit" office hang-out, or maybe because its dark its a colleagues "lets get to know each other" at the end of the night place (I certiantly think one table was all bidding for the same girl)

    Its worth going to say you've been and knowing me I'm sure I will go there again for the cocktails, but it won't be my first choice.

  • 5.0 star rating
    First to Review

    What an experience. The venue is stunning if a little imposing as you enter the St Martins hotel. Once you are at your table you feel comfortable and almost homely (if only I had service like this at home).

    The food was fantastic, very original fusion food but all worked very well. We had tuna with wasabi mash - deeeelish, and slow roast pork belly - melt in the mouth.

    Very good wine and superb deserts. And they made us espresso martinis even though they weren't on the menu and they were the best espresso martinis I've ever had.

    I have no idea how much it was as I was being taken out so wasn't allowed to see the bill. But anywhere that doesn't put the prices on the menu worries me. As they say, if you have to ask, you can't afford it. I would imagine that to be true of Asis de Cuba, but if I could afford it, I'd go there all the time.

    Oh, and if you do go, make sure to check out the loos. I don't want to give it away but once you find them you may not be able to leave

  • 5.0 star rating

    Asia de Cuba is located in the very chic St Martins Lane Hotel. Walking into the lobby of the hotel you're met with a row of golden seats shaped like teeth, a giant flower vase, giant chess pieces, candles, garden gnomes dressing chairs  all very funky though almost seeming to try a little too hard.

    The restaurant is quite funkily decorated. It was all mainly white space with giant fat poles scattered throughout the room which themselves were decorated with pot plants, books, pictures, and decorated as a couch/padded wall. Not sure if it had to do with the time of day but it was also very brightly lit which is welcoming after dining at many mood lit dimly lit restaurants.

    The dishes at Asia de Cuba are a mixture of Asia and Latin cultures  hence the name. Looking at the menu it seems to be Asian ingredients with a Cuban spin. I've not come to Asia de Cuba yet due to the prices - starters seeming to average around £20 and mains £30+. However, apparently the main dishes are intended for sharing and are very generous in size so that goes some way to explaining the hefty prices. We went on an offer for £25 which would get us any Bento Box plus a Mojito which was very good value for money.

    Food was delicious and great attention to detail had been paid to the little things. We were all very full after eating but that didn't stop us sharing a dessert - we had to go the Mexican donuts with butterscotch sauce. In a word - divine. Would have licked the plate if we hadn't been sharing!

    For all the feeling of chic the restaurant is actually pretty chilled and relaxed so you will definitely have a good time here at the restaurant. The food is great but the prices a little prohibitive this makes Asia de Cuba the perfect place to treat yourself now and again. My main objection to Asia de Cuba is the 15% service charge. Swanky restaurant or not I don't believe any restaurant has a right to charge this much  unless of course they offer to spoon feed me!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Hmmm, I'm perplexed with the mediocre reviews of this restaurant.  I've been to the SF and LA (Hollywood) outlets many times and found the London venue to be as good if not better than the LA version.  In fact, I'd say the service at the London Asia de Cuba is much better than that of the  LA location which is slow as a snail.  

    We ordered everything we always get in the states:  Tunapica appetiser (one of  the best tuna tartares on the planet),Beef dumplings two ways (my first time to try, very tasty) along with Pan Seared Ahi tuna and grilled strip steak.   All were of the standards I'd expect from Asia de Cuba --- and let's not forget the decadent banana/coconut/chocolate cake.

    The restaurant is in the cool looking St. Martin's hotel and if you aren't familiar with the location, you'll walk right by (there is no signage, just like the LA outlet).  My only complaint was that the drinks were small, but that seems to be a London thing --- small, weak drinks.  Glad we don't have that problem in LA :)

    • Qype User Dunawa…
    • Linz, Austria
    • 24 friends
    • 150 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Wow! What a fantastic experience! We were invited here by friends & so glad we were. The place itself is gorgeous. Very trendy, open & light. Our waitress was brilliant. Extremely helpful.
    This restaurant is expensive, one of the main courses was £75, but worth every penny. There's no stuffiness here eitger. The portions are HUGE. As recommended by our waitress, we literally only ordered half the amount of dishes to people and still had plenty. The blackened cod was delicious as was the doughnut dessert.
    We worked our way through the cocktail menu and each was as good as, if not better than the previous.
    If you're hesitant to book, don't be!

    • Qype User ktwalk…
    • Rayleigh, Essex
    • 6 friends
    • 8 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    The place looks "exclusive", but once in, doesn't live up to the funky outside exterior (which actually looks like a gym, one of those class ones where all the fit people go). They should have a winning formual, it looks good on the outiside and inside, enough people greet you at the door, then the restaurant and finally the bar area that you feel you might be going through metal decetors next and their must be something precious their protecting and your on a winning streak because your getting into the "protected" area......yet not so much

    Restaurant is very open, no secluded or "different" seating areas. Food...tasty but not worth the heavty price tag, although everyone working their are very friendly so its worth the service charge.

    The bar is the opporsite to the open restaurant and is a long dark narrow hall, the cocktails are good, but the atmosphere just ins't there. Each time I've been there I feel like its a bit of a "suit" office hang-out, or maybe because its dark its a colleagues "lets get to know each other" at the end of the night place (I certiantly thing one table was all bidding for the same girl)

    Its worth going to say you've been and knowing me I'm sure I will go there again for the cocktails, but it won't be my first choice.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Overpriced and terrible fusion concept & quality. Maybe Cuba and Asia just can't fuse gastronomically....

    • Qype User annaho…
    • Mondsee, Austria
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    • 17 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Amazing food! Very Stylish! Just love the palls in the middle of the dining room! The food was excellent! The service top! The pork was fantastic !
    Also stayed at the hotel, rooms are very stylish though a bit small.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Ehhhh not worth the hype.  I met up with an old friend here for drinks before heading to dinner.  He arrived about 10 minutes before me and asked me what I wanted to drink.  When I arrived, still no drink.  We then stood by the bar for another 10+ minutes until we finally were asked what we'd like to drink.  That really irritated both of us.  Then, we went to go sit at a vacant table and someone that works there informed us that we would need to get up soon for people that made a reservation.  Kind of rude.  Vibe was lively with lots of professionals after work grabbing a drink.  The decor was definitely on the trendy side.  Could be a good place; maybe just a bad day or difficult time of year (lots of Christmas parties going on there too).

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