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  • 3.0 star rating
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    It is what it is.  Asda reminds me a lot of Walmart.  Their customer service is not the best and I was kind of annoyed by their return policy on bedding.

    I purchased a set of pillows in a vacuum sealed bag and even though I have not pierced through the plastic or opened the pillows at all, they would not let me return it.  I understand that this is for the hygienic safety of their consumers if the product was opened.  It is also annoying that a different employee told me (on the day I originally purchased the pillows) that I could return it if the packaging was unopened.

    Perhaps, this is me going on and on about a pair of pillows, but it's quite frustrating when you are dealing with apathetic employees who are all following different rules.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Much like any other supermarket.  The staff are nice, avoid the meat, it seems to be labelled with a random end date that is invariably 5-10 day after it has gone off.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Asda is the walmart's UK version, and it shares many similar characteristics.  It has kitchen stuff, clothes, electronics, etc.  

    The focus is definitely on the groceries though.  I would say 80% of the store is devoted to groceries, and they're pretty cheap.  Especially Asda brand stuff, which can be 1/3 of the price of brand-name stuff for the same quality.

    I think their produce section is not very good, but that also might be a british thing(hard to get good groceries in the dead of winter in Northern Europe; is the UK northern Europe?)  The meat section is also a little lacking.

    There is simply less selection.  You won't find turkey bacon or anything out of the mainstream here.  To be fair, one doesn't come here for turkey bacon.  You come here for cheap staples, and on that front Asda rocks.  

    Also, self-checkout lanes speed up the queue movement, which can be  pretty slow as this store is popular.

  • 3.0 star rating
    First to Review

    JULY 2009 UPDATE

    I am downgrading my rating temporarily to 3 for a new pet hate of mine. Incompetent staff that can't scan out security protected items properly. Its embarassing and inconvenient to be stopped by the security guard while carrying your body weight in groceries, just because you decided to take advantage of a dvd bargain.

    MAY 2009

    I don't know exactly why but I've always liked Asda more than the other supermarkets. I guess it's because it's the first one I regularly shopped at for myself. Not even the negative comments I have seen about Wall-Mart have put me off.

    Asda supermarkets are of course generally all huge, unlike tescos say, that come in S, M, L and XL. I suppose that's why they always have such an excellent choice of products. I think I spent about an hour wandering around trying to decide what to get and I didn't get bored, but perhaps a little weary.

    And the clothes. I've never been disappointed by George clothes, which represent good value for money. The £3 jeans may not be the height of fashion, but they suit me just fine!

  • 2.0 star rating

    Store visit: Thursday 31 May, 22:02
    Car parking spaces are tight, oh actually I think was the idiot who parked so close next to my car that I couldn't get in through the right door..
    Hmm anywayok there are good deals to be had if you can forgive the longest queues to pay you will ever have to encounter in ANY supermarket, incompetent staff as mentioned previously by Happy Moose Drinker, and my pet hate and what ASDA have seemed to get wrong EVERY TIME I visit  incorrect prices on supposedly discounted products.
    During this visit it was the cereal bars that annoyingly scanned up at full price, and of course at that time of night well of course the customer service desk won't be open, and all the staff on the tills are so poorly trained that even suspending transactions require another person to intervene. It sucks big time.
    I used to visit pretty regularly two years ago and have been cutting visits back to once every six months and mainly because I think I can save a few bucks and stock pile on loo roll and marigolds. oops sorry too much info..anyhow, unless you have time to kill, don't mind saving nothing because the discounted products you thought were half price end up being full price and by the time you've noticed it's too late and you're advised to come back at 10am the next morning to resolve the discrepancy at the customer service desk, well it can make anyone turn into the Hulk  proper. Hate it.

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    4.0 star rating

    It is quite difficult for me to get to an ASDA from where I live, so this ASDA off the Old Kent Road is comparably easy for me to get to. I am a bit jealous of the people who can shop at ASDA every week, because ASDA do have really good prices and special offers for their food and drink. If you really were that way inclined, you could buy everything you wanted at this place, because they sell clothes and household goods etc all at a reasonable quality. I also find that it is a really pleasant shopping environment - not too crowded and cluttered.

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