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    Although when it was designed and being built it was easy to dismiss Anish Kapoor's wiry, metal sculpture as brash; brazen and out of place with the landscape, it's actually difficult to imagine the Olympic Park without it. All those images beamed around the world have displayed it at its best and when you stand at various DLR platforms and other viewing platforms around the City, there's a feeling of pride and familiarity with this strange iron structure that has feature so much in recent weeks and now seems to resonate with so many of us.

    The views from the top of the Orbit are beautiful of the Park and it's various buildings - the Velodrome, Stadium and the neighbouring practice track and the Aquatics Centre, some that are and aren't staying on as another of Team GB's successful Olympic legacy. Also, of the ever increasing and developing London skyline, it simply is spot the landmark - with the cable car; Excel; O2; Gherkin; Eye; St. Paul's; Canary Wharf and much more vying for position.

    I urge everyone to go up the Orbit for one of the best views of London from one of the best places that has created some of the best memories in London that will last a lifetime.

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    one star cos summat has been built that i dont know what it is

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