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    This is free to see and it's beautiful.

    What more can you ask for or complain about?!??! :)

    It's also a short walk from the Parc de la Ciutadella  and the Picasso Museum.  You can see all three in one trip!

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    What I've noticed is that most (major) cities in Europe and in NYC have some sort of Arc. Barcelona is no different and this Arc de Triomf is a nice photo op to add photos for any trip! This was a little smaller than I expected, but it is still beautiful.

    Unlike the Arc De Triomphe in Paris, you cannot climb to the top of this one in Barcelona. It was also a short walk away from the beautiful Parc De La Ciutadella and also the Picasso Museum. This is definitely a quick and free attraction. This will only take a few minutes but it is definitely worth it if you are in the area!

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    A big city like Barcelona needs an Arc like Paris. Somehow, the Paris Arc de Triomphe seems like a bigger deal and more original. New York seemed to copy it. This arc is nice to visit. It is located at a big open plaza which is nice to hang out at if you are sightseeing in Barcelona. It looks different from the Arc in Paris. It's red instead of gray.

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    Not as impressive as the one in Paris and really not much to do here but look at it. It is a massive structure and provides pretty backdrops. The arc is a nice entrance or exit to the park if you are making your way in the area.

    Good: Impressive view you don't back home; free;

    Bad: Not worth more than a 10 minute stop and photo-op

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    I feel like every major European City will have an Arc de Triomf of some sort, you see it in Paris and Rome for example.  The Arc de Triomf is simple, a good background for some good pictures and there are some parks that come off of it.  I only swung by to take some pictures, so I didn't go into the park or the zoo that's close by.  If you're walking to the Sacred Family church, you might see it on you're way, so you can kill 2 birds with one stone on your way there or back!  Won't take you more than 10-15 min to do and it's free

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    Impressive arc...similar replica to the one in Paris. Love the walkway leading up to it. The arc itself is so intricate and beautiful.

    Beautiful backdrop for pictures.

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    Built for an exposition in 1888, the Arc del Triomf differs from the famous arch of the same name in Paris by being (a) made of red bricks, (b) having more bizarre carved detail (bats?) and not being entirely encircled by roaring traffic.

    It stands at one end of a broad pedestrian avenue that has impressive iron-work light posts and imperssive buildings like the palace of justice.

    Worth a look if you're in the neighbourhood, but not worth a special trip.

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    Not really as impressive or indeed famous as it's Parisian namesake and I'm not entirely sure why a Triumph Arch was built in Barcelona anyway?
    Still, this is a lovely end of town - much more peaceful and less in your face than Las Ramblas. The zoo is nearby and you'll get to see a more truer picture of Barcelona in the surrounding streets than the more obvious tourist area's. Wonderful street architecture and a superior boulevard, if you're planning to visit the zoo or indeed Marina area then take in this area whilst there. Also check out the Palace of Justice which was one of the first buildings in the city to define Modernista architecture.

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    Arcs in general are cool, but I just flew in from Paris and saw the Arc de Triumph so it wasn't as awesome. Nice bike path next to this one though.

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    Dope arc which apparently looks like the one in France. Lots of young kids and locals gathered here hanging out, skateboarding, dancing, singing, smoking, drinking, etc. Great place for a photo and good as a rendevous point. You can also easily hop on the bike share here and trek it over to the other sites or awesome nearby neighborhoods.

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