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  • “due to atmosphere and everyones passion for the (iPhone 4 Steve) APPLE!” in 21 reviews

  • “Yet, miraculously, I was able to test out laptops, iPods and LCD screens with ease.” in 15 reviews

  • “The 'genius' bloke took my laptop away and called me 45 minutes later to say it was ready...they had cleaned it, fixed it...and didn't charge me a penny.” in 15 reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating

    Friendly, efficient and oh yes, very cool folks work there.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Every time, when I'm in London, I am going to this store, because this store has a wide range and staff is friendly and helpful. Well, there is still a wide range but the staff is not so helpful anymore. I was looking for a phone case of the brand Pipetto and I just ask the salesman for helping. His answer was: 'It should be!' And then he just ignored me...Excuse me?! I want to buy something  ($$$) and then you just ignored me? You can't work in a Apple Store if you don't like helping customers and selling! My fiance bought a phone case for himself and it was hard to find someone who can help us to purchase the product. It happened during sale and I understand that it was busy that day. However, the last times were busy too and service was so much better.

    Bad service or not: the product range is good and it is cheaper than the Apple Store in Amsterdam. And hopefully the service will be better when I am back in London!

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in 2014 Year of Yelps

    Oh I want to like you so much more. I had such great service at the Genius bar years ago - in, seated, problem fixed, out.

    Today I made an appointment for 4:30pm and was there on time. 10 minutes in a line to tell you I'd arrived before being led to a table (no chairs anymore unless you're lucky and end up at the Genius bar rather than the Genius table) with no idea of what would be happening next. 20 minutes later someone calls out my name and now I am waiting 30 mins for my phone to be fixed.

    I don't care that my phone is out of warranty and I have to pay for the replacement battery when I could have had it free 3 months ago - that's my fault. I also understand that at busy times you may not be able to see me exactly at my appointment time but if you are going to make people wait, and wait, and wait (and let's face it, installing Apple software can take a LONG time and that's what some people were doing... whilst standing) then get some chairs around those tables.

    Otherwise, I still think this store is beautiful. I'm not as impressed with Genius as I was when you first opened but at least I know who to ask about my broken phone. I wouldn't know who to take my PC to if it broke - probably the IT guy at work.

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Oh Apple Store, you are so better than this.

    Here's the thing about this store. If you know what you want or what problem you have - they are great. If you come in and go, "Here's what I'm looking for." Boom. Done. But if you come in with an issue or questions, the service you are going to get may be the worst in London.

    The store is giant, beautiful and well set-up. Products on two floors with the genius bar on the second. And that's what I needed, because my iPod was dying. And I love my iPod.

    I made an appointment with the genius bar and I came on time. I was directed up the stairs to someone with an iPad who checked me in and sat me on a stool. My appointment was at noon and I then waited almost 20 minutes to see someone (oook.)

    He sat down and our conversation went as so:

    Me: "Hi, so I'm having trouble with my iPod. The battery won't charge well any more and it's not accepting songs. It keeps giving me a disc error. I've reset it and tried it on a few different computers but still, nothing"
    Him: "Ok, have you done a hard reset?"
    Me: "No, but we could."
    Him: "Yes"
    He does it and hands it back.
    Me: "Ok, so how do we test this?"
    Him: "Did you bring your laptop?"
    Me: "What? No. Did I need to?"
    Him: "Yes"
    Me: "Did it tell me I needed to in any of the emails you sent?"
    Him: "Well, no, but this is an unusual case."
    Me: "No, it's cool, I've got music on my iPhone that we can transfer over. Can we use any of these laptops to try it out." Looking at the hundreds of laptops in the store.
    Him: "No, they're all demos. We can't use any of them."
    Me: "None of them? Not a single one is a real laptop that you can use to test to see if this works."
    Him: "No."

    So I went home, tried it out, and found out it didn't work. I made another appointment and back I went a few days later. I found a tall guy with glasses running check-in, knowing this time to find a person with an iPad.

    Me: "Hello, I'm here for my appointment"
    Him: Name?
    Me: "Alex"
    Him: "Hmmm, nope, no Alex's. When was your appointment?"
    Me: "Today, I think."
    I pulled it up on my phone and it was yesterday. I scheduled it at the wrong time.
    Me: "Ah, it was yesterday." Showing him the phone.
    Him: "Well, we're fully booked today. You'll have to come back another day. The first time is tomorrow at 4pm."
    Me: "Oh, I can't do tomorrow. There's nothing today?"
    Him: "No, we're booked for today. Do you want tomorrow or not?"
    Me: "I can't do tomorrow. But I just need to trade my Ipod. I read online that battery issues can be replaced in the store. Can you do that for me?"
    Him: "No, we can't. You need to do that with a genius when you book an appointment. That's the only way to do it."

    Ok, cool, I messed up, but you don't have to get snotty with me. I'm not yelling, I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed that I was an idiot. And you're rubbing my face in it? Not cool.

    So I went home for a third time, booked another appointment, arrived at the right time, waited another 20 minutes for service (ooook again, why even make appointments), and spend £40 to trade my broken iPod for a working one.

    I can't stand rude service. It's the one thing that drives me insane. It takes so little effort to be nice while working, as I was being nice to you. I know you deal with jackholes all day long who scream at you, employees, but to take it out on the rest of us? Two stars for you.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Made appointment on line in advance - convenient times as late as 7:30pm. Genius staff very helpful, knowledgeable, no sales pressure. Prefer this location with its large floor plan to Covent Garden. Large display areas with machines for demo - demo works because each machine is connected to the Internet. Machines had small iPads next to each with product information.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Just a swift review to follow my swift visit last week. I sat in on an iPad talk in the spacious presentation area at the back of the store and they talked up the Apple Maps app... complete with built-in Yelp reviews! So it seems only fair that I contribute, with a solid four stars.

    Apple Stores know that what they do works, and they do it well. For the most part the customers seem happy when one visits such a store, although I've spotted a trend for people to go in their purely to charge up their phones in a surreptitious manner - quite odd! (Unless there's a darker purpose to them hooking up to the in-store display units...?)

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in When in London

    I've been a customer of this Apple store for more than four years now. The store is conveniently located on Regent Street, between Oxford Circus and Picadilly Circus tube stations.

    The shop is usually quite crowded and all assistants are busy so if you can, come on weekday mornings. If you have a problem with one of your Apple items, make sure you book yourself in for an appointment with the GeniusBar.

    The people at the GenuisBar can be extremely helpful if you still have warrenty on your product. Especially on the laptops, you get everything exchanged under warrenty if they are faulty (chargers, batteries ...).

    If you plan on buying something small (accessoiries, bags, iPods ...), get your hands on a shop assistant and pay by card (they all have the mobile cardreaders there). That will save you a lot of time!

  • 2.0 star rating
    31/12/2012 Updated review
    1 check-in

    The Apple Store clothing power-that-be must be a trekkie.  Why else dress those imbeciles on the floor in red?  We all know what happens to the token idiot in red.

    It pisses me off to no end that unless you speak with a genius (and at that point it is still pretty much pot luck), these people have no experience in using apple products and have no clue whatsoever (proven on several painful occasions, and particularly at this store).

    They also apparently have no organisational skills.  "Oh, it's my job to look after the queue but I got distracted and wandered off" is not a valid excuse for the free-for-all that happened on Saturday and for heaven sakes, serve the people IN FRONT of you instead of going to the shop floor to fetch people who are not queueing.  If they are still playing with the damned thing and not queueing, they are NOT READY TO BUY YET.  There is an army of people to help them decide.  There was no one willing to take my money.  Come on, Apple, where do you find these people?  Primark rejects?

    BTW, red is also the colour of hell.  WHICH I HOPE THEY WILL ALL BURN IN.

    F*&^U scale (New feature for 2013): 10/10

    1 1/2* begrudgingly upgraded to 2 because I do like my products, just not the store.

    (Also, I am very much enjoying my new ipad mini, I just wished I ordered it online instead of giving into the need for instant gratification.  The White City store generally also produce better experience but ran out last week.)

    5.0 star rating
    8/2/2010 Previous review
    I might be rescinding my apple fangirl status since the woefully un-mindblowing introduction of the… Read more
  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Ok, so I got a new iPhone and I book myself into the training session (Workshop) as it says it will tell you about the features of it. Soooo ... of course I'm thinking they will show me some amazing new stuff I can do on this amazing new phone, but I have been so very disappointed. They explain the most basic features. One cannot get a more basic introduction than this. For Christ sake ... he explained the buttons on this thing. Yawn. no wonder there is no audience to the workshop whatsoever. I was rather embarrassed sitting there listing to this.

    To be fair: if you never had an iPhone is is most likely a nice way to start.

  • 3.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Thank God for geniuses. Seriously. It had to be tough for him, knowing that these über smarty-pant types would have him-complexes... but he did it anyway. And today, they made my life a whole lot better: replacing my iPhone, throwing in some new earphones, and patiently solving a previously unresolved systems problem on Miss Reba Macinbook.

    Sure I felt a bit like Lando Calrissian walking around in some glass enclosed space capsule, and I'm certainly not a fan of the pomp and circumstance that goes into the whole apple experience, but if meeting George Jetson is all it takes to solve the mysteries of the mac, count me in.

    I'll have Scottie beam me up, travel to infinity and beyond, and continue to toss in some blasé incoherent space references all the way home.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Apple have a lot of stunning buildings pimping their wares in cities around the world, but despite modern architects and top class designers it's this London store that is the most beautiful for me.

    Behind the classic and well-restored facade is a giant shop with a clean layout and great lighting. Everything to make the shiny Apples look more sexy and desirable. Everything to make you buy what you don't really need.

    But Apple have become a victim of their own charity. Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows that the computers here are linked to the web and that you can browse away without complaint. So now the Apple store is one giant free Internet shop but one where everyone pretends that they aren't actually just in there to browse gumtree, check their mail or even webcam their friends back in Brazil. No, everyone is pretending they are going to buy an iTouch while they're secretly keeping an eye on all the laptops in case one gets free. I've seen fights nearly breakout between people who've waited for the same laptop. For real.

    I know this because shamefully I've abused Apple's free internet countless times. Haven't you yet?

  • 5.0 star rating

    Once upon a time I toted a Vintage Mac, I cherished every document we wrote together and praised her longevity.

    Then one day, Vintage Mac just quit. I frantically got online  (on a borrowed computer) and booked an appointment at the Genius Bar in the Apple Store, Regent Street.

    The next available appointment was 2 days away and considering that this is a free service for any interactive apple product, the wait is considerable minimal. Of course, it still felt like an eternity.

    Frankie was my designated genius and I am so thankful for the service he provided. Not only was he efficient but also friendly and understanding. I was shown how to use my Vintage Mac as an external hard-drive to sinc the lost documents onto my new MacBookPro. Frankie even took the time to advise me on what applications were fine to transfer and which ones I needed to upgrade as well as how to use my Bluetooth and other features new to me.

    In short, the Genius Bar is a saviour, whether you've had a death in your computer family or just need some help operating your new iphone.

  • 1.0 star rating
    2/9/2011 Updated review
    Listed in toXic

    ...and so it takes a turn for the worse.

    After my great experience at the store, I returned home with my new iPhone 12. All was great with it to begin with. Then the battery died at lunch time on the first day. Hmmm. I went through everything that I could think of but the phone still had less staying power than a virgin with Megan Fox riding him like Seabiscuit.

    I persisted for a couple of days until I ducked my head into the Apple Store on my way to dinner one evening. I spoke to a young gent there (who shall remain nameless) who advised me to back up the contents and return. I enquired if I should bring just the box, or the box plus the accessories. He said, "you can just return the handset if you like."

    So the next day I returned with my handset to be told that I would, at the very least, need the box. I let them know that I was advised that I did not need to return the handset with the box. This information held no sway with either of the assistants that I spoke with. So I sorted the paperwork and hopped the tube home as quickly as possible, grabbed my box and cycled back to make it in time before closing.

    I entered the store carrying my bike and sought out the sales assistant that had been very helpful before. Like a rat up a drainpipe, a monosyllabic security guard yelled "You can't have that in here!"

    I asked if he would give me leeway as I did not have my lock with me and I only needed the box swapped.

    The Apple Nazi told me to take it out.

    I asked why I could not carry it in there. Told him that I could understand if I was riding it about the place, but I had just handed over half a grand with them and just needed to swap a box.

    From his reaction, Apple do not give a flying feck if you have spent money with them.

    "Take it out!"

    "But I don't understand why I can't have it in here?"

    "It's the rules."

    "Can you at least explain why though? It is just luggage I am carrying."

    At this point he says over his radio "I need back up, get the police on site"

    I asked a passing sales assistant to listen to reason. The sales assistant told me that I could not have the bike in store because there is dirt on the street and I would be bringing dirt into the store (God forbid the hallowed shrine of Apple becoming dirty! Maybe we should all remove footwear before entering the Apple Mosque in future - oh hundreds of shoes lining Regent Street all jumbled up, it would be a sight).

    I asked the sales assistant if that was the same rule for pushchairs as there was a pushchair next to us (on the floor I might add, as opposed to being carried). He said that it would be unfair to children to not let them in the store in a pushchair. I asked him if he thought that was ageist. He said he didn't know, but "It is the rules" that bikes were not allowed in. I asked to see the rules that everyone talked about so much. They must be amazing.

    So, with two people guarding my every move, I waited a further 20 minutes and swapped the box. And this is the point. I read Linzi M's review during writing this portion of my review. The Apple Store and staff within do not understand reason, do not have common sense. There is just The Apple Way and Apple Rules, and nobody questions anything because of the power of the brand. Shocking.

    5.0 star rating
    15/8/2011 Previous review
    200. Wow. When did I find the time for all those reviews?

    Well, I thought that I would have a 5 Star…
    Read more
  • 3.0 star rating

    Genius Bar? Genius Bar my arse! Seriously apple store, I don't get what's so genius about them. Firstly just trying to book an appointment they won't let me put "Lizzie" as my name because it was an "invalid word". Then I go there and they didn't really help. I had 10 minutes to solve a problem that would have taken about 30, so I was hurried off and sent on my way.

    Like I said, not very genius at all.

  • 5.0 star rating

    This has to be the best apple store in the world - its certainly europes flagship store - but the more time you spend  here, and the services (and products) that they offer - it really does take some beating

    Upstairs is the apple acedemy where you can learn new things about your iphone and take free class's on using your imac or any other lovely apple hardwares.

    Ignore the free internet cafe feel - its a great place to try out the equipment, and the staff will soon kick someone off if you have serious questions about buying any piece of kit.

    I'd buy from there rather than buy online - and  I dont say that very often! well done apple - a brilliant place to shop - take note woolworths!!!

  • 3.0 star rating

    The Genius Bar staff upstairs is swift, friendly and accommodating when you have an appointment, even if you're bringing in someone else's malfunctioning laptop with whom you don't share a last name.

    But the goodness of the Apple Store kind of begins and ends here.

    You see, the sales floor downstairs is almost always swarmed with greedy internet beggars who run the gamut from the unemployed surfing Gumtree for jobs to the downright stupid leaving themselves logged in to their email clients when they walk away.  Therefore, it's almost impossible to mess around with the notebooks and desktops, if you really were in the store to buy one of them, that is.  Even when you're upstairs scoping out the earphones and notebook sleeves, you will invariably be bumped by some tourist's unnecessarily large rucksack.

    Not a real lover of people, I don't like to stick around the Apple store too long, but I can't really fault Apple when it comes to customer service and its completely open-door policy.

    Also, Apple products never go on sale.  Ever.  My withholding of two stars is mostly due to Macintosh envy.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I'm a P.C and have just committed adultery

    I don't own anything Apple but I do love this store. To avoid any confusion as to "what is what" the layout of the store pretty simple. All the products is sectioned and placed on big tables for you to test out the products.

    The Apple store offers free wireless Internet access and I am pretty sure people would take advantage of this little freebie...lol

  • 5.0 star rating

    Recently converted from being a PC boy to super fly Mac user, i am still in my Macintosh honeymoon period. Today though I was accompanying my lady to the Genius bar to see if her aging, sick Mac could be saved.

    Our appointment was for 16.20pm, and not a minute beyond a young man named Frankie called us over to the counter. From beginning to end of our 30min tech session I was blow away by his knowledge and handling of my sensitive lady. This guy knew everything about the system and gave us great advice on all Mac related topics. Yes, I know it is his job, but tech guys can be hit and miss, but credit where credit is due, Frankie was great.

    Before leaving we had a peruse around the store at all the pretty gadgets. I wanted to buy everything. If I keep going in this place I will certainly end up with more stuff than I really need. I am sure i can convince myself that I need an Iphone, Touch, a tetrebyte hard drive, new ipod speakers, and hell, why not throw in one of those huge uber powerful mac desktops.

    The Mac store makes no claims to being cheap, but you feel safe in the knowledge that you are in the presence of experts selling the very best in technological software and hardware. Products aside the free Genius bar service is amazing.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Note to self: Reserve several hours for future iPhone purchases. Seriously.

    This store is seriously cool, and there are a million ways to spend your money on really cool stuff. The process of buying said stuff, though, was both a figurative and literal pain in the ass (they honestly need to get better stools for all the waiting one has to do.)

    I understand that signing up for a phone plan takes awhile. I really do. To sign up for a phone, though, you first have to wait in a queue to put your name in the queue. Then, once your name is on the list, you are provided the chance to snag one of three stools available (there were about 15 people waiting) while you wait for one of the 8-or-so Apple employees to grant you an audience. We waited for around 45 minutes, and there are no processes in place to allow you to shop while you wait (perhaps they could get those little vibrate-y pager-like things that some restaurants have to let you know your table is ready?). You have to sit right there, amongst the crowd of other people tired of waiting. Bleh.

    When we were finally called, the bored-and-way-too-cool guy took us to his little station and guided us through the sign-up process. He was neither fun nor peppy, as the adverts had led us to believe all things associated with Apple would be, but he did the job. Almost two hours after we had begun, my husband left the store squealing with glee over his awesome new toy, but I wanted nothing more than to go the heck home.

  • 2.0 star rating
    24/12/2011 Updated review
    3 check-ins
    Listed in Shopping, Gadget Junkie

    Still really not happy with this store.

    Booked an appointment to see somebody at the 'genius bar' (what kind of a name is that anyway? Talk about delusions of grandeur), but on arrive although there was a sea of red shirts (apple bods,) there was a tsunami of sheep (customers).

    To cut a long story short, my appointment was booked for 16:50, I had to queue forever to check in with one of the red shirts, and by the time I was seen it was 17:10. Oh and there is more. To add insult to injure, there were still seven people ahead of me.

    Yes, I left and haven't been back. I am not impressed!

    3.0 star rating
    18/11/2011 Previous review
    Far too big.
    Far too busy.
    Far too faceless.
  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I'm surprised we are even allowed to Yelp about this place, you know, the holy-land. This review is about service, not product.

    I have mixed feelings about this place, while I hate Apple, I love my iPhone. So when it was stolen, I was devastated.  My only comfort to buy another. So to the Apple store I go.

    OH NO YOU DON'T. Wow Linzi, you think it's going to be that easy for you to buy a phone? An iPhone 4? What you think, you can just walk in there and buy one?

    Clearly I did think I could just buy one and not pass the 7 trials of iPhone worthiness. One snarky employee informed me that 'no I needed a reservation and we're all booked up'. I could go online and get one in 4 days. To hurt him, I said 'it's just  a phone'.  He informed me, with much disdain, that people queued around the block for them.

    I spoke to another person, and within less than five minutes I was walking out the door with a new phone. So they were just being douchebags. To prove their exclusivity. I sincerely hope Windows, Android etc spank these people back to where they came from.

    As much as I love it, it's just a phone. Not a god-damn Ferrari. And to quote Ab Fab, 'darling, you work in a shop'. This isn't Jerusalem.

  • 5.0 star rating
    8 check-ins

    Retailers of the world, go immediately to the Apple shop and watch, learn and implement what a perfect retail experience should be like.

    I accept that it helps to have good desirable products to sell but there is so much more that makes this shop great. I'm by no means a fervent Apple disciple but spending time in the shop, looking at the product and talking to staff has seen me end up with a Nano and an iPhone.

    Retailers, observe the big open plan area with lots of space and big posters clearly advertising products and prices. Observe that the products for sale are out for people to touch and play with. Incidentally, to the makers of various wannabe iPhone-killer phones, I settled on an iPhone when staff at various Orange and Vodafone shops wanted a cash deposit from me to even take these other phones out of the box to show me let alone turn them on.

    Observe that there are lots of staff clearly dressed in Apple clothing milling about to ask questions but who never stalk you and make you feel uncomfortable. Observe how they're polite and never make anyone feel that any question is too simple and beneath them. Observe how they will take you to someone who can answer your question if they can't answer it themselves.

    Observe how some of the staff go beyond the call of duty - I've observed staff applying screen protectors onto iTouch and iPhones for customers once they've purchased them.

    Observe how there is a free customer toilet and they don't make you feel that you're taking advantage of them if you use it without buying anything. Observe how there is free wi fi and you can use the computers to browse websites for free even if you're not buying anything. Observe how there is customer seating.

    Observe the free tutorials on using various aspects of Apple products. Observe the Genius Bar and the one to one tutorial area. These, together with iTunes, get most people over the fear of technology when using Apple products.

    If only our whole retail experience could be like this.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I've been to a number of Apple Stores, and this one in Mayfair was more or less the same as the ones in the States.  Sleek Apple decor, Genius Bar, tons of pretty products - with a few exceptions, if you've been to one Apple, you've been to them all.

    Nonetheless, I visited this store a couple times during my trip to London just for the free internet access.  During our two week trip, Matt B. and I could not find wireless anywhere.  Since I cannot survive without regular internet access, we stopped by Apple to look up information for our trip, as well as to check in with the world.  We would have paid good money at an internet cafe, but Apple was there for us instead.

    The place was pretty crowded both times I wanted to use a laptop, but I didn't have to wait any more than a couple minutes for one to open up.  This Apple Store is a real gift to anyone seeking free internet in London.

  • 4.0 star rating

    There's nothing wrong with checking out an Apple Store and seeing how it differs from some of them back in North America. I found to my pleasant surprise it's not all that different. Their central staircase is reminiscent of the store in Soho (in New York) and this location was the first time I encountered a proper event at a store. It was a live music event by a band that apparently shot their entire music video on an iPhone (the first for such a video).
    So that was a very cool and unexpected surprise I came across while walking around London.

    Their level of service was good, not the best I've encountered in an Apple Store but still of a high quality. It's got the same clean and brainwashingly good looks of a typical Apple Store and always worth a peek in if you're in the area. Although this particular area is very tourist filled who I imagine are their main customers.

    Like with every Apple store, there's free wifi so even Blackberry users like myself can BBM away while travelling and it's always fun to play around with apps on the iPad I may not want to splurge on for myself.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I'm not going to write about how wonderful Apple is as a company and how they have the coolest gadgets in the world and that after ignoring the trend now, I have everything in their collection save an ipad.... no, this is not a review about that.

    This is review about service. Great service, that I have received twice in the last month for two completely unrelated issues.

    I had to have my dear iphone replaced, out of warranty, as she just up and died after 2 years. I made an appointment at the Genius Bar and was seen in due course, 15mins wait (they tell you as you queue). The woman I dealt with was delightful and very quick at checking and changing my phone. When I told her I was a student at the £140 was a little stretching for me and was there any chance of a set of new earphones... she looked at me sadly and shook her head. 2 minutes later we're ringing up the new phone at the OH so cool card scanner point thing they have... (I can describe it no better).
    She says "wait here a moment... I'll be right back"
    She arrives back 2 minutes later with a set of FREE earphones. I was sold.

    So... needless to say 2 weeks later when my laptop scared the crap out of me by loosing the will to recognise its harddrive, although only 5months old, I ran to the apple store. This time I was without an appointment.
    Never FEAR though, the wonderful blue t-shirted FOH team met me and I was in luck for a cancelled appointment.
    15mins later (you get the gist) - I was sitting at the Genius bar with my hed in my hands, praying to the guy across the counter to save my work and my life. WIthout question they replaced the small, but significant broken part and then rebooted my MAC with everything intact.

    What I love about this place, is that they are so delightfully calm, the staff are polite, cool and yes, young. They can relate. I had joking banter with all the staff. I enjoyed the personal feel of the place.
    It beats almost all other technical support experiences I have ever had... maybe because it was acutally face-2-face.

    If you ever have a problem, I cannot recommend it enough. They really do try their best.

  • 4.0 star rating

    A beautiful Apple store. Like most, they have a reasonably well-informed staff, although I wish they'd have known more about Virgin Mobile routers before I bought an Airport Express to setup as a repeater for one.

    At least they have easy returns!

  • 5.0 star rating
    3 check-ins
    Listed in An Apple a day

    I've been an Apple fan for years (I had a black and white Mac Plus once), so maybe I'm a little biased. Sadly, my work is to support the dark side, so maybe that brings me back to the center?

    Lately, I've been noticing that my year old iPhone doesn't quite make it through the day. Checking in here and there, reading emails on the Tube (at least the ones where I can get coverage), playing Sudoku, all of this causes my beloved iPhone to report low battery about halfway through the day. So I poosed into the Oxford Street store, made an appointment, hung around, and eventually got to see a Genius.

    After I got through gushing about my love of iPhone, he plugged it in and performed some diagnostics. He confirmed the age and said, yes, we'll replace it. Free. Free? Yes, free. So he did. And now I have a new iPhone.

    So you see? Flattery will get you somewhere!

    All of that is technically a review of Apple, so I'll go into some detail about the store to stay on topic. This is a fantastically beautiful location, with loads of glass and clear perspex and exposed stone, making it possible to see the entire store from one spot. Even the elevator shaft is see-through! Apple fans everywhere, playing with stuff and testing new toys. All the shelves are well stocked, but the place is majorly busy. If you have an issue with crowds, you probably want to avoid coming in during the busy times. Which is probably any time.

  • 5.0 star rating

    The Apple Store on Regent Street is a giant, beautifully designed space full of everything Apple you could ever want or need from iPods to MacBooks, iPhones to laptop cases.

    I can't say I've ever bought anything from the store itself - in order to get the generous student discount Apple offers you must buy online or over the phone - but I have frequented the Regent Street Apple Store rather a lot over the last few years because of its so-called 'Genius Bar'.

    The Genius Bar is essentially a repairs centre within the Apple Store where a bunch of charming Apple experts can see to faulty, broken or damaged Apple items. Appointments can be made either online via the Apple website or in person in the store and places book up early so make sure you book well in advance.

    I've spent hour upon hour in this place owing to my lemon of a Powerbook and have always found the Geniuses charming and knowledgable. To date there hasn't been an (Apple) problem they can't fix and in my experience they have routinely waived any service costs owed. Highly, highly recommended.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I think the apple stores generally are a god send.

    Apart from the useful and friendly sales staff and the free classes you get the Genius Bars to help you with any problems with your iPhone or Computers.

    They also conduct repairs at this store and the three issues I have had have been resolved quickly and without fuss.

    Tip: make an appointment online at the Genius bar as more often than not they will not have availability at the Genius bar if you just turn up.

    Everything you need in a store and a little but more...wait no isn't that the tag line for a supermarket...arrgghhh.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I've been considering getting a Mac for ohhh, 5 years now? I'm now very close to getting a MacBook and I wanted to check out the prices here in the UK. I'm frankly amazed that there aren't more Apple stores in London - it seems like such a fitting brand for the city. I don't know if it's a real estate cost issue or a demand issue but it does seem very strange.

    Anyway, the store itself is magnificent. Beautifully designed, simply and intuitively laid out. Free Wi-Fi! Score. The staff are friendly and numerous. The only thing that irks me is that people come in and use the demo products like an internet cafe so I actually had to wait to try a MacBook while some dude emailed a picture of his kid standing outside of Hamleys. If Apple employed some sort of cattle prod policy, it might help this situation.

    Very cool store. When I do become part of Steve Jobs' posse, I'm sure I will be here often.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Great looking store with loads of cool techy stuff.

    Helpful service, just ask.

    Whether you're an Apple fan or not, this store is the Nuts!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I want to love the Apple store as I am a big Apple head but to be honest I have never bought anything there!

    It's great to browse all the new kit and to find accessories for my existing Apple kit but I do get annoyed by all the people who go in simply to use the demonstration machines for free web access.

    I think I would have upgraded my Mac Book ages ago if I 'd have had the time to browse and try out the new line.

    I do especially like the cashiers who walk around with PIN machines. if you pay by card for an off the shelf item you can buy from one of these guys, they give you a bag and your receipt is email to you - nifty idea Apple!

  • 5.0 star rating

    You'll find everything in the apple range here. Friendly & knowledgeable staff can answer all your questions about their products. It's very hands on so you can play with most of their products before buying.

    TIP 1 - Beat the queue and look for staff walking around holding a hand held terminal. You can pay for your goods with them saving you walking to the back of the shop & queue.

    TIP 2 - Free Wifi & Internet. For tourists/backpackers you can use one of the macs or bring your own and hook it on to their wifi to surf the net/check emails. No need to goto an Internet cafe.

  • 4.0 star rating

    As with most Apple Stores, this place is absolutely crawling with people. Yet, miraculously, I was able to test out laptops, iPods and LCD screens with ease.

    The people here are also very friendly. When I was traveling in 2007, my iPod charger crapped out and the people here let me hover in the iPod section as I charged the iPod with their docks. Another perk about the people? They don't hover. The sales clerks don't seem like sales clerks, helpers would be a more apt term. They don't push you to buy things you don't need and seem genuinely invested in aiding you.

  • 5.0 star rating
    7/4/2010 Updated review

    I bloody love the apple store and especially the Genius Bar. I've been through no less than 5 iPhones in two years and they've always replaced or fixed them on the spot or very quickly - 4/5 times it was free of charge.


    Apple I love you.

    4.0 star rating
    4/3/2010 Previous review

    Why do I want everything in the Apple Store?

    Inner thought process upon entering....
    "I want a…
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  • 2.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Apple products are amazing, no two ways about it. And in the middle of a recession business seams to be booming. I had no idea I wanted or that my life even needed an ipad until they created such a pretty shiny new toy. it is the coolest brand on the planet.

    The problem lies with the customer service staff. Dealing with them is like dealing with a door bouncer at the hottest club in town, with a very 'are you on the list' attitude. Once you've been checked off the list, there is still a wait, and lots of snotty attitude. Then you finally get to deal with the geek squad who after reviewing and assessing the problem tell you they can fix it -in 3 weeks! Yes, 3 weeks just to replace parts. No in depth, need to run more diagnostics and reconstruct the hard drive, 3 weeks, just to replace a part -under warranty- that failed on their product. And they say it with a smug smile that tells you they know they just screwed you over, and enjoyed it.

    Yet for all their bad service the store is PACKED. People walk through there with their heads in the air like tourists walk aimlessly through the food halls at Harrods. I had to go back to get a USB cord and decided it could wait as I didn't want to deal with the place. The store is understaffed, but really, the people you deal with are so unhelpful, isn't that the same thing?

  • 3.0 star rating

    My old mac now looks as good as new! Yay! Thank you thank you thank yooooou!!

    Bad apple!
    I have to agree with Josephine and Linzi about the service. When you have to make an appointment 3 days in advance, you expect to see the staff at the appointed time. I arrived 5 minutes early, but didn't get to a computer-fixer for around 20minutes. I also had to speak to several members of staff just to 'check in'!

    But...I started liking the place as soon as I actually got to chat with one of the apple folks with a 'genius' badge. The plastic cover on my 3 year old mac book was starting to flake around the edges. But I'd heard from techie friends that they would fix it for free if it is less than 4 years old. They did!

    The 'genius' bloke took my laptop away and called me 45 minutes later to say it was ready...they had cleaned it, fixed it...and didn't charge me a penny.

    So there are some good apples here. (^^)

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in Greater London

    My name is Amy and I'm a Mac Addict.

    I got my 1st Mac in 1989 (the Mac Classic) and have been hooked ever since.  I came here for a uni project on brand loyalty and had so much trouble concentrating on the research because there were so many goodies!

    This is one of the larger Apple Stores that I have been to and they have a large selection of everything Apple.  The staff was actually some of the friendlier Apple Store staffs!  Sometimes I walk into a store and I'm invisible because the staff is too busy playing with all the Mac goodness themselves, but staff at this store seemed more interested in introducing everyone to their addiction and hooking others!

    The layout of the store is also nice.  It is spacious and airy and the upstairs is a nice touch - it gives you someplace else to look forward to once you've scoured the downstairs!  There was also a DJ playing one time I was there which was a great touch.  Party at the Apple store!

  • 5.0 star rating

    The Apple Store is so fabulous.  Huge, airy, minimal and sleek, it's all you could want in the Flagship store of the world's coolest computer brand and more.

    I often swing by the store mid-shop on a bustling Saturday )or any day for that matter) to check my emails on one of the many computers you can use for free. Plus you get to play on the latest laptops while you do it!

    Product-wise, it's got it all - iPods, computer, accessories and speakers, with cute, helpful and oh-so-knowledgable staff to help you out.

  • 5.0 star rating

    The apple store is a great minimalist store that is the epitome of contemporary cool.  From the very latest Mac books, to the super slim touch-screen iPods, to the even cooler new series of iPhones, this shop holds it all.  You can stroll in, get a feel for all of the products and even make use of a computer to quickly check your emails for free.  

    The upstairs part also contains every Apple accessory you might ever desire and they even host some informative free classes for certain program tutorials.  

    I love browsing this shop and exploring the new series of innovative products and I am actually a PC user!

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