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  • Unit 2 Great Northern
    235 Deansgate

    Manchester M3 4EN
  • Phone number 0871 230 0888
  • Business website amccinemas.co.uk

Recommended Reviews

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  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    AMC at the Great Northern is my second favourite cinema in Manchester city centre (Cornerhouse is my favourite), purely down to the fact that it's away from the main shopping area so never really gets busy.

    The first time I went to see a film there (Noah, utter crap), I did that idiotic thing of opting for pick'n'mix sweets instead of popcorn and spent more on them than the actual film ticket! About halfway through the flick, I felt incredibly nauseous and swore I would stick to popcorn from then on. There are only so many white mice, jelly babies and spaceships one can devour before the insides start to make disapproving growls.

    I don't advise buying drinks there either - a bottle of water will set you back around £3 so do what I'm going to do next time and sneak in a little picnic in your handbag/manbag.

    Anyway, enough about the snacks. There are something like 20 screens in the complex, give or take, and all public areas always seem very clean and tidy.
    But one thing I will regularly be taking advantage of is their cut-price film tickets when you visit before 12 noon. Late shows are also pretty cheap too, I hear.

  • 2.0 star rating
    2 check-ins here

    AMC Cinema is huge, and invariably empty whenever I go. I've no idea how it's managed to stay open in Manchester for the last 10 years or so, but the cheaper tickets before 12 and late night on the weekends probably help, I tend to only go here for the early morning films to avoid noisy eaters and get good seats.

    AMC is no better or worse than Odeon in the Printworks, though it doesn't boast an IMAX screen, so if you're after a giant feast for the eyes you're out of luck here. The seats are pretty comfy but after 2hrs you may change your mind.

    Films are the usual sort of big studio stuff, that you get everywhere, I don't recall there being much world cinema or alternative stuff like live sports & theatre shows that you occasionally get at Odeon & Cineworld in Didsbury.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Yes, it's a big corporate soulless megaplex, but if you're a film snob, what are you doing looking up a review of a big corporate soulless megaplex in the first place?!  The Cornerhouse is just down the road! And they don't even show Marvel superhero films there.  I give the AMC a 4 star review simply because it's the best big corporate soulless cinema and it's the cheap, ergo if someone's looking for a good one, go here.  It's not a "OMG THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE" 4 stars, because that would be silly.

    It's got the comfiest seats of all the cinemas in Manc, and it's a hell of a lot cheaper and less age-worn than the Odeon.  Other than that, what you see is what you get.

    There is sometimes a red LED next to the screen which can get quite distracting. Upon emailing the AMC they replied that this is part of the hearing difficulty system, so no getting round it unfortunately!

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins here

    Foyer ticket office now shut & replaced with automated machines, but you can buy at the food queue upstairs! Also an app aparently?

    It's a good cinema. Rarely anywhere near as busy as Printworks. It's faded a bit. But then it's not brand new. They're aparently investing in replacing all the projectors with digital & 3d capable machines.

    Also noticed that there's a fair few cafe's popping up in the outside area now including Almost Famous! Wonder if they'll be joining in with 241 Wednesdays?

  • 3.0 star rating
    1/12/2013 Updated review
    4 check-ins here

    Well, wasn't I being rather generous with my 4 star rating of the AMC? I suppose it is 4 star for what it is, but I wouldn't exactly profess to being a fan.

    Post-Dogs'N'Dough visit, and very ready for a nap, we headed to the AMC to watch Thor: The Dark World (for anyone interested, it's totally worth seeing.) We ended up taking the entrance next to Lucha Libre, which pretty much feels like an abandoned office area and that you really shouldn't be using it, but eventually found our way into the cinema.

    We bough our tickets from the automated machines as we didn't have a huge amount of time to spare before the movie began and there was a small queue for the manned booths. It's an easy enough process, though one set of tickets did tear, and the 'void if detatched' message printed on them didn't exactly fill us with joy. The person checking the tickets, on the other hand, didn't give a flying flip and we were free to walk right through.

    The screen itself was relatively clean. The sound did flicker once or twice during the movie, but not enough to distract or affect the experience.

    4.0 star rating
    12/5/2012 Previous review
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  • 3.0 star rating

    If you've got three people to pay for then a visit to the cinema is an occasional experience which is why when there is a flick my boys like to see, a pre-midday Saturday showing is what we tend to aim for as tickets are about £5 each (hey, I make up for it with a visit to Almost Famous for lunch!).  The projection quality is ok but the theatres are in a bit of a grubby, rundown state. At some point in their history AMC seemed to have stopped investing in this place which is more the pity as Great Northern Warehouse feels like its on the edge of a fresh start and this place kind of lets the side down.

    On our last visit the card and ticket machines in the box office had broken the night before and there was one poor guy having to take cash, write out and keep track of tickets plus dealing with an ever lengthening queue. When I asked the manager to give the beleaguered man some help I was just sneered at. As is always the case with multiplexes, more staff were allocated to the sweet counter.

    Hopefully AMC will put a few quid into scrubbing up the place, de-stickying the carpets and buying a couple of gallons of febreeze. Manchester deserves a decent city centre multiplex.

  • 4.0 star rating
    3 check-ins here

    So it's a little rough around the edges but it's mega cheap! If you get a free Spinningfields Yellow Card it is student prices for anyone at anytime!  It is therfore literally half the price of Odeon. Costs around £9 for both my girlfriend and I to enjoy a flick!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    I am writing this as I wait for George Clooney to come on screen and entertain me in Monuments Men. Bryan Adams in crooning that everything he does he does for me. The red velvet seats are a bit grubby but comfortable. The screen is clear and the sound is good. I guess that's all you want from a cinema.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    AMC you're ticket prices are so good! 5.50 a ticket it's verging on a pleasure to pay that price.

    You are not the Gallery, but you're not trying to be, what you are though is uber value for money in comparison to going to a regular Cineworld or Odeon.

    I'm Sold if I'm not going to the Gallery (best cinema experience of my life) then it's got to be AMC

  • 3.0 star rating

    I am a movie buff and AMC cinema definitely is one of the places I frequent in Manchester. They are right in the middle of Deans gate which is a 10 minutes walk away from my place (Can't complain). Haven t come to the best bit yet, the tickets are cheap 5.50 unlike Odeon and they offer student discounts (no longer a student tsk tsk).

    They usually always have the latest releases and all the big commercial films but I have never really seen them screening any independent film or foreign language films (AMC are you listening?). Then again I always go to Cornerhouse for all independent and arty farty films!

    I have faced issues in the past with bringing in my own food which Liam rightly pointed out in his review but now I know you just need to hide them in a concealed bag. The food inside is ridiculously expensive even a bottle of water costs a bomb! My friend also faced problems with parking and was once charged a 10 pound parking fee (Its supposed to be free if you watch a film).

    Tip: If you want to get free parking, try watching a late night show (post 8 pm) and park on Deansgate opposite Midland Hotel.

    Verdict: If you want to catch the latest blockbusters, AMC is definitely one of the best bets in the city! Definitely coming back again for all those Hollywood biggies!

  • 3.0 star rating

    I've been in love with cinema ever since my folks took me to see gems like The Wizard of Oz as a child.

    On paper, AMC Cinemas sounds like a dream movie theatre. Every screening room has digital sound and premier seats which are comfy and spacious. Ticket prices are cheaper than competitors like The Odeon with great discounts for students and seniors, especially if you're willing to go to late morning and afternoon screenings. Like The Odeon, they also show a mix of blockbusters and more arty movies like the Ian Drury biopic Sex + Drugs + Rock & Roll.

    The problem is, the cinema itself has no charm or atmosphere and the few times I've been it hasn't smelt that good either. I know it must be hard to keep the screening rooms permanently clean with kids knocking coke and popcorn everywhere but I found the smell kinda distracting. Employing a more thorough cleaning team or better air conditioning system would definitely encourage me to go more!

    They get an extra star for being the only chain in Manchester to screen  Sam Taylor Wood's John Lennon biopic Nowhere Boy.

  • 4.0 star rating
    6/11/2011 Updated review
    4 check-ins here

    I've become a fan! Why? Well, because as one Andrew Y pointed out, you get student prices here if you boast a Spinningfields Yellowcard. This isn't advertised anywhere, it's kind of like the secret Animal Style menu at In 'N' Out. 'Two for Tintin please.' 'That'll be £9.48.' '*Yeah* it will.' Wink wink. Is there anything the Yellowcard cannot do?

    So the prices are still pretty horrendous for everything else (a bottle of Oasis cost my SO's little sis £2.85, I'm still reeling), but it's a darn good cinema that does what it says on the tin. I'm a Cineworld Unlimited member but when I'm staying around town and don't fancy the bus back to East Dids, at least I know I can get reasonable prices here. Add to that my Printworks card and you'll never find Emma-Lou H paying for a full price cinema ticket. Perks!

    AMC, you're alright by me.

    3.0 star rating
    22/1/2010 Previous review
    If Firefox crashes one more time I'm going to throw something at... something. That has little to do… Read more
  • 4.0 star rating

    Now this is my cinema of choice. It's right in the middle of the city centre inside the Great Northern building, it's cheaper than the Odeon up the road  (£6.25 peak for an adult ticket) and it's just much better. You don't pay extra for certain seats, the drinks and snacks are all reasonably priced (especially as the large drinks and large popcorns are free re-fills...), they have discounted car parking (usually around £2) and everyone just seems much happier to be there.

    I really like the new deal they've started running with Manchester 235 Casino where you get a meal, a cinema ticket and a pick n mix for £15 a head...! Ridiculously good value! Especially as the restaurant is really good. Well worth it if you're looking for a cheap evening out!

  • 4.0 star rating

    My first year in Manchester and my first Movie was at Odeon Printworks. Coming from a country where it only cost £1-2 (after conversion) for a movie I grumble when I have to pay £6-8 for a movie here. That is till I found AMC and ever since then I've been watching here ever since! £4.5 for student price and with Orange Wednesday deal, its only £2+!

    I like it that they have so many cinemas room and I remember when Harry Potter was out they had like 7-8 screens showing it so everyone could watch it on the release date itself.

    I love the seating arrangements as unlike Odeon, there's no premier seats so if you want the best seat, just go early.

    The fact that it is quite a distance from the heart of the city, but just 5-10 minutes walk from Oxford Road (Its around the Central Library area) its practically half empty most of the time. So I always feel like I'm having the cinema all to myself! At some point, it was only my friend and I in the entire screening room.

    Although sometimes the floors are a bit sticky but its normally towards the end of the day, more often late night shows. In my experience, it has only been a couple of times, maybe one or twice that the floor was actually sticky.

    Seats are a bit worn out, but they are still serve their purpose and are pretty comfortable. To add on that sometimes the cinema is pretty empty, you can lift the seats up and lie down if you wish, or just have a double seat to yourself! A luxury that isn't really practical in Odeon.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Has to be my main cinema in Manchester. Staff seem somewhat friendly, but I very rarely seem to initiate any form of conversation other than small talk. I've had issues in the past with bringing my own food/drinks in. However, I was recently informed by the staff that if I just hide it in a concealed bag I should be fine.

    The seating is comfortable, spacious and enough room to stash your bag/coat underneath if this becomes needed. The seats also come with the availability to move the hand rest up, which is great when you're with your girlfriend to snuggle up as you watch the film.

    They also provide a tiny little arcade just under the cinema if you ever get tired of waiting and don't want to face the harsh weather that awaits you outside the building. The selection is limited (usual gun games, slot machines, air hockey and those....hook...pick up...stuffed toy thing...I forget what they're called) but still enough to entertain yourself while you wait.

    As for the actual look of the cinema (ticket booth/arcade and main cinema hall) it's not the greatest sight you will ever see, as the whole size is a little overwhelming and on a late night rather creepy and desolate. Would however make a great place for a zombie horde fight.

    All in all, a great cinema, and incredibly easy to get access to from Deansgate station...Just stay clear of the incredibly over-priced/sweets/drinks there.

  • 5.0 star rating

    AMC is the cheapest cinema in Manchester, for this reason aswell as it's proximity to the Oxford Road bus stops; it is my favorite in Manchester.

    Not quite as cool as The Cornerhouse and not quite as shiney and new as the Odeon, AMC is much more functional. In my opinion, if I want to see a film then I don't really care where is showing it, it is the film I am interested not the flashy new cinema.

    I am also a fan of AMC because it has a good range of pic'n'mix which is a crucial factor in every good cinema trip. It doesn't have a Ben and Jerry's counter like The Odeon does which is dissapointing, but I guess this is much healthier for my wallet.

    AMC does the job, it serves the purpose, it has everything you need and comes at a reasonable price. Well done AMC.

  • 4.0 star rating

    One of the best cinemas in Manchester due to being very large and spacious, and not that busy. Good value tickets too, especially on various days, various times, whether you're a student etc. Still has hilariously expensive refreshments though, like any cinema.

    It has a slight art deco style too, like the old style cinemas.

    The only thing is that it feels a bit neglected now. The downstairs areas around the Great Northern feel like they're waiting for something to come along and bring some life to them, add some shops and restaurants etc, but its never happened, so it feels quite quiet and ghost-town-like.

    As for the cinema itself feeling neglected, the carpets are a little worn/faded and threadbare, and many of the seats in the actual auditoriums are now a bit tatty and stained etc. It's still a great place, it just needs a bit of TLC.

  • 4.0 star rating
    24 check-ins here

    It's a cinema and shows the latest movies so that's one thing but it's showing it's age with the sticky floors and seats which are dirty etc.

    They do show some movies before noon on weekend for early deal price. I think it has gone up in price though but if u want to watch a movie on ur own, your friends have all seen or no one else wants to watch then check out morning times. It's also less busy so u can sit where u want.

    (Before noon i think it's about £4.50 but pretty sure not that long ago was about £3.75??? Weekday screening after noon is £5.50).

    It is one of the cheaper cinema. I know if you watch a 3D movie you are not forced to pay for the 3D glasses - which you mean already have. I have been to some cinemas watching a 3D movie on a Saturday afternoon and its more than £10! I think AMC is about £8.25.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Going to the movies has always instilled a special kind of joy within me. I fostered that joy as a child, then nurtured it in a loving and caring environment to let it blossom into a spectacular rainbow of affection.

    It's the trailers that do it. I pretty much only go for them anyway. The thrill of seeing if you can guess the title, the excitement when you realise it's one you've been waiting for...I love it.

    So I like cinemas, is the main point I was driving at. AMC has an arcade with Virtua Cop and caters for students very well, so I like it even more. If it actually charged reasonable prices for the food I'd give it five stars, but I don't think hell is going to freeze over anytime soon.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Wednesday... two for one? Student discount, latest films out? AMC cinema (which I'm reviewing here) is all what you'd expect when you enter a cinema. Yes its pretty dam indistinguishable from anywhere else, weekday nights are nice as the place is quiet and there's no twits to spoil your film (i.e. kids). Walk through the arcade; avoid the snacks (if you want to avoid the rip off head to sainsburys around the corner before you go in) and head into one of the massive screens.

    Sadly they ain't got a gigantic 3-d thing going on like the printworks on the other side of town, but r well. AMC is the alternative guys choice when they want to dodge the rammed more popular choices, its built into a car park as well so you don't even have to leave the same building when you park up!!

  • 4.0 star rating

    There are three major cinemas within the city centre, and there's something to recommend with each.

    For art house joys and subsequent coffee you have your Cornerhouse.

    For IMAX thrills and gorging on popcorn you have your Odeon.

    AMC has something to offer because it's remarkably cheaper. Even their 3D movies will set you back just £5.25 (I had very little change from a £20 note when I went to see Avatar at the Odeon), and, if you're a student, you can treat yourself to a night at the movies for just £4.25. Buy your sweets from the nearby Sainsbury's and your thrills can cost but a fiver.

    Now, as per smuggling these sweets in. They don't seem to care, but I hate to feel like I'm being judged by silent eyes. So I've perfected a trick which, unfortunately, only works in the summer. What you do is you take off your jacket or coat or cardigan or jumper and carry it underarm. The idea is that it was too hot outside, you had to shed a layer to keep cool. It helps if you jog a bit first - makes you look flustered, as if you really are as hot as you claim to be - and then you claim to be hot with some choise phrases:

    "Phew, it's hot outside"
    "Could it get any hotter than this?"
    "Roll on winter, hey?"
    "Honestly, global warming."
    "Mustn't grumble."

    They'll smile and nod. Little do they know, however, that contained within your bundle of fabric is a family pack of Skittles, two bottles of Pepsi and Lidl's own popcorn. Can you live with the guilt? Will you be able to look your reflection in the eye as you "nip to the loo" before the evening's performance commences?

    Or, alternatively, you can pop your contraband in a bag. Or, you know, buy from the onsite kiosk. Bigger portions and warmer popcorn abound.

  • 4.0 star rating

    My favourite game is air hockey. You know, it's nothing like real hockey... it's the one where you smack a magnetic puck into your opponent's goal with a piece of plastic. So, I was delighted when I found the air hockey table here. A little pricier than your average air hockey table at £1 a game (and it once swallowed my pound), but worth it as the only other air hockey table I could find was at the airport. Now the Odeon has caught on, but I am yet to try their table.

    Anyway, as well as an amusement arcade, it's a cinema. And a pretty good one at that. Although ticket prices have gone up considerably over the past couple of years, it is still cheaper than the Odeon and Cineworld. I recently saw Avatar here, which I know was much cheaper to see here than at the Odeon. I also saw my least favourite film here (the latest Indiana Jones one) but I can't really blame the cinema for that. In general there are fewer scallies and loud popcorn munchers than at the Odeon too. In fact there are fewer people altogether.

    Like most cinemas it can get very busy on Orange Wednesdays, so get there early. You can always have a pre-cinema drink at.... no wait, pretty much every bar and restaurant in Great Northern has now closed down! However, there is Taps across the street where you can pour yourself a pint from the taps at your table.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Good things about AMC:
    - Much cheaper tickets than Odeon.
    - Refills on large drinks and popcorn: SOMETHINK FOR NUFFINK!
    - Nicer seats than Odeon, with none of that 'Premier seat' bollocks.
    - Shorter queues, due to it not being slappity bang in the Printworks.
    - It's in a nice big old building.
    - Every now and then they hand out BOGOF vouchers with your ticket, so next time you come, it's eeeeeven more bargainous!
    - They have some kind of loyalty card. I don't understand it, but then I am about as intellectual as a clam.

    Bad things about AMC:
    - The sound isn't as good as Odeon.
    - If you go to a really late show, the escalator is switched off and you have to, GASP, walk down the stairs!

    As it happens, I can overlook sliiightly inferior sound, and quite like taking the stairs (as it maintains my thighs of steel) so, er, yeah, AMC WOOOOOOOO!

    Oh, a tip: sometimes the quick ticket machines let you buy, as well as collect, tickets, and you can get your discounted (kids, students) tickets there, unlike at Odeon. Gives you more time to choose exactly which drink you;d like a free refill on...

  • 3.0 star rating

    I'm really confused. If I decide to go to the cinema, why on earth would I want to play a Virtua Cop arcade shoot em up game or a world rally driving game? I just want to go to the cinema!

    AMC is exactly the same as the Odeon Printworks cinema in that they have covered every spare inch of wall space with some loud, brightly-coloured flashing arcade game to try and bring in a bit of extra revenue.

    Besides this distraction, AMC is just a massive cinema complex showing all the latest blockbusters and charging mega prices for popcorn and sweeties.

    I much prefer the Odeon in Printworks though. Walking through the dead Great northern to get to AMC can take the vibe of your night out somewhat.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The AMC Cinema in Manchester serves the best hot dogs in the city. They are a foot long, and when doused in mustard make even the worst film imaginable divine. I must admit, when I am deciding on which cinema to visit, the hot dogs play a huge part in my decision! The cinema is nicely central in Manchester, spotlessly clean, and best of all, a darn sight cheaper than the Odeon nearby.

    The AMC also is in an interesting venue. Based within the Great Northern Shopping Centre, a converted warehouse, it provides a really interesting starting point for an evening of cinema. Oddly, whenever I visit, the cinema seems to be quite deserted, as the complex is, in my view, very underused and under populated, which does the cinema no favours. However, it keeps it nice and empty for my friends and I (unless a big film is opening), and is one of my favourite haunts in Manchester. NUS card holders receive a big discount, so it is worth going to if you are a student.

    There are a good number of screens, and the cinema of course hosts the now obligatory 3D screenings, although, not to the spectacular effect of the IMAX. Still, I would rather go to the AMC any day. It feels more personal and friendly than the Odeon and to a certain extent, the Cornerhouse, and exhibits the best of both worlds. I will be using the AMC for many years to come!

  • 5.0 star rating

    AMC beats Odeon for the full range of films in the city centre. I've never been to the Odeon however, I just got scared by the queueing out of the doors, winding out into the Printworks. No chance.

    Orange Wednesday is clearly popular but why wait in a big queue to take full advantage of it. Go to AMC. I've never thought anywhere else, apart from when I wanted to catch a specific at the Cornerhouse. I only tried to go to the Odeon because of the IMEX screen. Okay so it has that. But basically AMC is cheaper, it's hassle free, no palava with the rest of the people in Printworks and most of all no queues. The staff there do need to actually smile once in a while but hey no biggie I'm forever an AMC goer. Catch the Manchester KinoFilm European short film showcasing here soon too.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Amc Cinemas are good for all. I like it better than the City centre Odeon in meny respects as well! Though I had worked with the Odeon and in the induction they make you swear to never watch a film in the Amc, the Amc does beat Odeon in many respects!

    For one, the tickets are cheaper! And you can buy nachos with cheese and salsa that actually are finger licking and taste great! End of the day you don't feel riped off by expensive film food because you actually liked it! But then Odeon earns its plus points when you talk about the films in the Imax, yes the massive big screen, especially if you are to watch a 3D film!

    So I would say, if you're watching something regular, go to AMC, get some good food (though you will miss the Ben and Jerry's counter!) and watch a film for cheaper. But if there's something 3d and Imax related, don't miss the Odeon! Mixed feelings about the two!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I love the AMC, plainly and unashamedly. The Cornerhouse is wonderful, it has a great selection of independent films and BFI reissues. All very nice, all very worthy but for what I consider to be a true cinema experience - gargantuan screens, earsplitting surround sound and big watery cokes - there is no beating the AMC. They run a pretty broad range of films, from to big budget 3D behemoths to independents and the occasional foreign one and, for the nocturnal among us, they run them late (of a Friday and Saturday 11:45pm start times are not unusual).

    Often, if you come during the week (although not on uber-busy Orange Wednesday) you will practically have your own private screening. In addition for particularly popular films they will also open their doors at midnight on the day of it's release (they're doing this with Iron Man 2 later this month) It is also brilliant value, offering the cheapest cinema tickets in Manchester - unfortunately they've stopped doing that offer that means you can refill your large popcorn or soft drink before 10:30pm.

    It might sound ridiculous but this is one of my favourite places in the whole of Manchester.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Agreed. Its just completely unproblematic.

    All the lastest releases, on big screens, several times a day, and only £6.25 for real people and £4.25 for students. Also, they often have buy one get one free tickets being given out so you can actually go to the cinema for £3 or even £2. Amazing.

    They've got a pick 'n' mix, they do nachos, they do popcorn and they do gigantic fizzy drinks!

    They even sell beers which is a nice touch.

    The staff are always freindly and will even tell you about the films if you arent sure what you want to see.

  • 5.0 star rating

    The AMC is by far the best cinema in Manchester and I have been going here for years because of that. Anywhere that offers a loyalty card that dishes out free popcorn from time to time is a good idea to me. You also get free re-fills and in many dire times of student poverty have we re-filled our enormous bag of popcorn, taken it home, and lived on it for the next day or two.

    The seats are also the kings of cinema seats, with moveable armrests so you can stretch out and relax. They are so comfy I want to take them home for my front room and sit Joey style every night infront of the TV. There's none of that crap like in Vue cinema's where you have to pay another £1.80 to get a 'prime seat', which is actually just a seat directly in front of the screen and not at the side, and if you don't pay extra you get religated to the back where you get stuck to the floor on other peoples gum. Such a money making scheme really winds me up, but fear not in the AMC the theatre is your oyster so take a seat, anywhere you damn well like.

  • 4.0 star rating
    First to Review

    I'm not sure about right now, but during my time in Manchester this cinema was always rather underused, especially when compared to the Filmworks/Printworks (now Odeon). AMC were late-comers to the central Manchester multiplex game, but their cinemas have better seats and much easier to get to parking (although it's a bit pricey to park).

    As it used to be very quiet, you had a choice of whatever seat you wanted just about all the time. Also the prices were low, especially with a student discount. I can't remember what my friend's swiz was, but I remember getting in basically free quite a lot of times (I left her to get the tickets).

    As multiplex's go, this is pretty good, if rather faceless.

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    4.0 star rating

    The AMC Great Northen cinema is slightly smaller than it's main city-centre rival, the Odeon, but what it lacks in screen numbers it makes up for in service and value.

    The screens themselves are smaller on average than those in the Odeon, however as it is a much quieter cinema you do benefit from a more intimate setting. Having said that, screens can still fill up on opening nights of big films, so it's best to turn up early to get a good seat in these cases, as the front row seats are very close to the screen.

    Ticket prices are slighly lower than those in the Odeon, although confectionary prices are, as with all cinemas I know of, extortionate. Fortuntately for money-conscious people like myself there's a Sainsbury's just across the road that sells a variety of chocolate and soft drinks (although no popcorn and hot dogs perhaps they could still break into that market?)

    In summary it's the best city centre cinema if you're looking for a quieter, more relaxed environment to watch a mainstream film. If you're looking for greater choice of mainstream films it's worth checking out the Odeon as an alternative, and if you're looking for arthouse films you should look out for the Cornerhouse.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Remember what cinemas used to be like, before Odean and Vue took them over?

    Remember tickets for around a fiver, lots of arcade games in a nice atmosphere (air hockey and Time Crisis II of course). Remember big comfy seats with leg room, not foot room?

    AMC is like that. It's better than most cinemas, it's cheaper than most cinemas. With Orange Wednesdays a student can see a film for barely £2. I now never watch films when I'm back home and wait (you heard me) to return to Manchester to watch them here. Why not? For the same money I can watch 2 films and enjoy them both more.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I think the AMC is great. It seems to have taken a few years to become popular, as even though it's fairly quiet during the week, it gets pretty busy at weekends. Ticket prices are slightly cheaper than the Odeon, which is a bonus, and they also run a loyalty scheme, MovieWatcher.

    With MovieWatcher you earn two points per ticket (max 4 points per visit) and every 10 points you get something - a free drink at 10 points, then free popcorn when you get to 20 points, then when you get to 30 points, you get either a free ticket or free drink and popcorn. This repeats until you get to 100 points, at which point you earn a free night at the movies. It's pretty good if you go regularly with a friend as you'll get something free every third visit.

    The atmosphere at the AMC is relaxed, the seating is comfy, and there is plenty of parking available in the Great Northern car park attached. You'll get a discount on the parking if you validate your ticket at Guest Services or the Box Office.

    Overall I recommend this cinema as the best in the city centre.

    • Qype User mofgim…
    • Manchester
    • 60 friends
    • 248 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    I hate going to the cinema.

    These places are always an unremitting source of misery. They smell of bleach and play Phil Collins' 'Best Ofs' whilst you endlessly queue up for some film that will invariably be soundtracked by muttering nincompoops all rustling in their bags of popcorn.

    Worse still, if these yapping twerps ever shut up, you're faced with a sound so muggy that you may as well illegally download a copy of the film you want to watch and then view it with eight football socks crammed in each ear hole.

    The picture is so blurry as well that the last time I went to AMC, I booked myself into a hospice because I thought I had fatal cataracts.

    Of course, I didn't, and it isn't the fault of AMC that people who go watching films are, quite frankly, scum.

    Basically, it is just another cinema. There's nothing remarkable about it at all. It shows films, loudly and rips you off when you buy the ghastly food on offer.

    Mostly, AMC provides me with an expensive sleep.

    • Qype User jonk…
    • Manchester
    • 3 friends
    • 40 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    This is the best cinema for mainstream cinema in Manchester. Pity it doesn't have the occasional screening dedicated to art house or indie cinema. Has the occasional festival (but hasn't for a while). The screens are great,, much better than the black boxes with white lights that reflect onto the screen at ODeon (ex Filmworks). Great sound (and not too loud). Staff friendly and smiley - which is always a plus, particularly with multiplexes that normally lack any form of personal touch. Decent prices.

    The only thing this lacks is a bar / meeting area and the annoying thing is that horrible amusement arcade corrider you have to walk to to get to the cinema.

    Finally, as with most multiplexes, they do tend to employ minimum staff so you wait ages at the box office for a ticket (normally, only half the tills are manned at the most) and have far to few ushers. The result being, youngsters are always screen hopping and detract your viewing pleasure.

    Otherwise, great place.

    • Qype User jvaudr…
    • Manchester
    • 6 friends
    • 67 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Good cinema, normally quiet which is good cos your not fighting for decent seats. The only problem I would have is a large number of hoodies that hang around the game machines which you have to walk past to go up the escalators to the screens.

    Each screen is reasonably sized, it was one of the first cinema's where the central arm lifted so that you could snuggle up with your partner to watch a film.. why pay over a fiver to then be distracted by more than pop corn and watered down coke I will never know.

    Seats are comfortable and the cinema is very clean, staff are friendly and prices of refreshments are reasonable

    • Qype User amyjaw…
    • Wolverhampton, West Midlands
    • 2 friends
    • 123 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    This cinema is small and not as comfortable as the others. has 16 screens and like all cinemas they have food and ice creams, I think the drinks are expensive and usually see people taking them in their bags and nothing gets said to them
    They don't have a very big selection of films but the sound system is very good. Have only been twice and the people are nice but some are rude especially at the food counter where you would think they would put their most sociable workers.
    The tickets are standard price and its clean inside. There are a lot bigger nicer cinemas in Manchester but if you want a quiet evening out without the crowds of people its nice to go here at night time.

    • Qype User dispri…
    • Stoke-on-Trent
    • 3 friends
    • 88 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    I love the AMC as its so different from the big chain cinemas around the city.

    It still has the charm of an older cinema, and even though there aren't as many screens, and those that they do have are not as big as other cinemas, the location means that most people go to the odeon, so you can always get in the AMC.

    Its a lot cheaper than the big chains too, and i personally fnd the seats a lot comfier.

    There are no differences in the range of films available, so i cant really undertand why so amy people continue to soend £3 more at the odeon per ticket1

    • Qype User vicky…
    • Manchester
    • 5 friends
    • 39 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    A brilliant cinema with massive screens and loads of films to choose from. They have all the usual things for a cinema including nachos, hot dogs, sweets and crisps and, of course, popcorn.

    They have loads of toilets and all the staff are really nice. If you're going in the evening there is loads of free parking along the sideroad and if not then it's right next to a huge multi storey car park.

    A great cinema for all the family.

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