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  • 3.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Twice now I have been to Altitude 360 at the Millbank Tower, just west along the river from the Houses of Parliament.
    My first visit was when it was a pop-up restaurant called #TheView at Skyloft. I found out about it through the TasteCard, and we took a friend *there* (edited) for his birthday. The service was excellent, as was the food. We even had a bottle of champagne thrown in for free! There were televisions throughout the restaurant with beautiful images of London, to compliment the night-time view of the river and its sights.
    My second visit to this space was when it was converted to a Silent Disco. Ever been to one? Well, perhaps you should give it a chance! Silent Discos are basically a dream for people who: love to dance, enjoy music, love trying something new, love to people watch...and have a short attention span.
    Let me explain that last part: at a Silent Disco, there are typically more than one DJ's performing, and each DJ has his or her own musical genre. With your illuminating headphones, you can choose Blue, Red or Green depending on your mood and which song tickles your fancy.
    Back to the venue, though. This place works well as a restaurant (even if it is a bit away from anything else in the area), but doesn't work well as a dance space. It's just like dancing in your office, with poor, internal air filtration and no open windows. Plan to work up a sweat!

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I've had a different experience than the other two reviews and I wanted to let it be known as well.

    I came here not for anything already in the building, but to go to a one-off pop-up event that was happening on the 29th floor event space (so almost all the way to the top.) Altitude 360 is often used as a space for other people's events and this is what I saw.

    First off, the views are spectacular, without a doubt. Big glass windows with outlined drawings of things like Big Ben or the Battersea Power Station on different windows, so you know what you're looking at as you look out. Just wow.

    This event room was almost entirely white (white walls, floors, ceiling, even the bar was white) with different neon lights around the room to create a glow. It was pretty and created a nice atmosphere. (What sort of killed the atmosphere were the very strange hand drawn cartoons playing on TV screens throughout the place that looked like someone's horrible nightmare. I'm not sure who in the upper management saw this video and demanded it be put on every screen in the place, but damn that was awful.)

    What wasn't great though, was the service. The staff was unhelpful as we came up, asking a security guard where to go and getting a grunt and slight not in a direction. We had a free drink token for the bar, but found it to be a mess. It's a giant white bar stretching all the way down the room with staff behind it, but there was no order or priority. We waited for a drink for 20 minutes, being pushed and shoved all the way, and finally making it up to the front, only to be passed by again and again. We finally had to catch a guy's eye and show him we've been waiting before he would come over. Just awful.

    And it is hot! We are going through a London heatwave but at midnight it was still quite chilly outside and boiling inside. Not sure if they don't have AC or just wasn't putting it on, but that was uncomfortable.

    So I loved the view and the event was a lot of fun, but the service and the space leaves a little to be desired. Ah well, maybe on their regular day they do it better.

  • 1.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I came here with a gf for a champagne tasting and eek.  The speaker was boring.  The pairings for the champagne was embarrassing, I would hardly call a penny sized shrimp "giant prawn", popcorn (really?), brie (no cracker, no fruit), the best was the final pairing, chocolate dipped strawberries.  

    The view from the 29th floor was good.  Not great for pictures though  the light pollution and reflection from the glass makes good pictures of the skyline impossible.

    Tonight they had dancers, the champagne tasting, and photographers. Uninspiring DJ. I think they're trying to use pictures from tonight to for their promotional material, ads, website, etc.  Don't fall for it.

    I'm lucky that we didn't pay full price for the experience but really.  It's all flash and no substance. We had vouchers for 50% at the bar we didn't bother.  We left unimpressed.

  • 1.0 star rating

    The worst party for NYE ever, please, don't buy tickets for London Sky bar for next years NYE parties, it's just waist of money, first, I bought advanced VIP tickets on their web-site in November, on December 31 they couldn't find me on their list, we're waiting for 30 min outside to try to fix it and find us, I found their email with confirmation, confirmation from the bank, they let us in but still didn't find us. I felt like I didnt paid 400 pounds for 2 tickets but tried to lie to them and it was their good will to let me in. Just terrible on the NYE. When it was a canapes and food on the 2nd floor, food was good, but you have to eat hot food standing and there're no tables avaiable if you came later, after this we went to 360 bar, what I can tell - office hall without any decoration, music like in the shops (something not lound from everywhere), you can't seat as they sold too many tickets but forget to bring more chairs for people, views - it was our main idea for the NYE - if you can get thru the crowd - lucky you, we're jumping to see fireworks because of tall people infront of the windows. Even when it was NYE and New Year came there's no any sign of it, we have to keep our mobiles to see when it'd be 00.00. They promised all night long old TV movies, we found this cinema - it was on the 1st floor, and it was BBC news at the cinema till 00.00 :-) instead old great movies. So, we saw a lot of tourist in good dresses but really stressed because of their expectations and real event were totaly different, so, my review that it's my mistake to belive to their web-site because the event schedule was really nice.
    So, main complaints about  this 2013-2014 NYE party at London Sky Bar - very bad organization, not experiensed waiters (they even couldnt open bubble bottle - people were laughing about it), not enough waiters, too many people, no NYE decoration at all, no entartainment at all (you have to entartain yourself by buying wine and drinking), no dancing, not enought places to seat at, and if you bought it because of the fireworks - remember there's only one part of the hall with windows you'll see fireworks from, everybody wants to see it, so be earlier and just wait.
    After this terrible party we went to one of the members club for their party and had a lot of fun, at least they had a NYE tree and place was decorated.
    Hope the review would help people to save their money in future. Better go to the pub and spend NYE at the pub, more fun and normal cost..

  • 4.0 star rating

    Because Yelp had no reviews of this place, I had to outsource my quest for reviews to another (worse) website. In my defense, now that I've been, I'm shoring up the gaping hole of information about Altitude 360! The other reviews loved the atmosphere, hated the food.

    I think the whole experience was quite lovely. I went with a lady friend who had vouchers from Living Social for Brunch (which may swayed my POV slightly...otherwise, place is pricey!!!) and had a really great experience. The food was lovely, the waitstaff were all friendly without being overbearing and the views were spectacular. We were lucky enough to get reservations on a clear day and it was breathtaking. Also, the food was buffet style and as much as you could eat! We rolled out of there after two hours of gorging ourselves as ladylike as possible.

    Obviously, this is a place for special occassions ...I'm not going to hazard a guess as to what the buffet costs but my gut says it's more than your average pub roast. However, special occassions would suit this classy restaurant.

  • 2.0 star rating
    First to Review

    I attended a party here a few weeks ago.  It's a bit of an odd location and has a strange layout (to get from the drinks reception to dinner we had to take the lift down to the entrance hall, walk to a different lift - then head back upstairs). But, the views are pretty impressive.

    The rooms were very nice for a corporate do, and the canapes delicious. Dinner; reasonably average though if I'm honest. I think if you're going to hold a party somewhere with huge windows that provide a talking point, there are other - better - places to do it.

    Probably a very good location for a drinks do though...

  • 1.0 star rating

    I went here for their 'famous' Sunday brunch after purchasing a 60% off voucher online (off their usual £97 brunch), bringing the price down to a more reasonable £39. To be honest the food was average at best. I find it impossible to believe anyone would ever pay £97 for a brunch (even with two free drinks and an impressive view).

    The roast was akin to a school dinner, the juices all from concentrate (not fresh), and the interior exactly what it is, an overnight pop up restaurant that only operates on Sundays.

    The selection of stations was limited, with roast, eggs, crepes, and desserts being the only ones available. You would get a better brunch at a three star hotel anywhere in London.

    However they seem to have got their marketing right, having pre sold over 5000 of these vouchers in advance for the next three months (what's that twelve Sundays?)..someones making a few bob, never going back, but I doubt that bothers them the way they market themselves..

  • 4.0 star rating

    I used to work in this building so I knew it had stunning views, they quite simply are some of the best you will encounter in London, and on my three recent visits here - one for a work rekkie, one for a work event and one for an Afternoon Tea offer through Groupon, I was lucky enough to experience it in the day and night time.

    On both occasions the food, drink and service were all brilliant. Obviously my view is slightly biased as at the work event I wasn't paying and for the Afternoon Tea I'd got a cheaper deal and I know that usually the prices are quite expensive but you are paying for the view which is breathtaking.  

    Located on Millbank, walking distance from the Houses of Parliament and Westminster tube station (I'd say about 10 minutes walk), Pimlico tube is about a 15 minute walk and Vauxhall tube, train and bus station is about a ten minute walk too. It is also served by a couple of bus routes too.

    It's a lovely place to go for a nice treat or special occasion and if you can get it on a deal that's even better!

  • 4.0 star rating
    27/8/2013 Updated review
    1 check-in

    I went to Altitude 360 when Pop Up Ping Pong (twitter.com/PingPopPong ) hosted its brilliant ping pong party there in collaboration with #BRGR (twitter.com/hashtagbrgr) . It is undoubtedly a great location with good views over London. I would go there again alone for the view. You can walk around, look in every direction, pick your favourite view and sit by the window to enjoy the sight.
    I read about Pop Up Ping Pong before I went there, they popped up at a few other locations in the past, and I will definitely go to their next event. I was not entirely sure how drinking cocktails, eating burgers and playing ping pong go together. How stupid I was  it's simply the perfect recipe for a great night out! I played a few rather competitive types and a few relaxed people, at the end it was always big fun.
    When I arrived the bar was overly busy and quite unorganised, they simply could not cope with the amount of people coming through the doors and asking for drinks. Many people got frustrated by the waiting time. Later it got better, but still, I was disappointed that a bar at a prime event space did not get their act together. It also got very hot up there; with closed windows, the air conditioning was a weak point and the while all these crazy matches were being played, the heat became an issue. Perhaps, Altitude 360 was a little bit above capacity, or they just were not properly prepared for an event of that scale. It did not help, that Altitude 360 did not allow the organisers to play their own music.
    Now, when it comes to Altitude 360, it was not a perfect event. But overall, Pop Up Ping Pong is a great idea that worked well. The small burgers  which should perhaps be called sliders  taste excellent. So does the tasty crack pie.
    If you like burgers, or ping pong, or even both, you should not miss their next pop up  follow twitter.com/PingPopPong for the latest updates on dates and locations. And if you have a corporate event or birthday party coming up, it might well be worth to take Altitude 360 into consideration when you look for a nice location with impressive views. But honestly, my good review reflects the event itself more than the event space.

    4.0 star rating
    27/8/2013 Previous review
    I went to Altitude 360 when Pop Up Ping Pong (twitter.com/PingPopPong) hosted its brilliant ping… Read more
  • 3.0 star rating

    This was a mandatory stop on our riverside pub crawl - we stayed for an hour and a half. It's not cutting edge or über trendy, but the cocktails were good, staff were friendly and really helpful (we had a toddler and mum join us). The view is fabulous - you can wander around and look out of just about every window (unlike other restaurants and bars-with-a-view). I just wish the windows were cleaner or clearer! I was surprised to see that it's run by de Vere group. please spend more money on this place - it could be better

    • Qype User tomtom…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 2 reviews
    1.0 star rating

    Altitude is simply a stunning venue let down by a very bad management. Very poor service, poor communication and the only thing they are interested in is your money. Would never go back again.
    Their air conditioning is not working on 29th floor and staff unfortunately don't know what are they doing.
    It's a shame because the views are beautiful.

    • Qype User rhonal…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 1 review
    1.0 star rating

    Awful value horrendously expensive for a self service canteen style brunch basically you're paying for the view. Staff are willing but obviously not been properly trained you are introduced on arrival to a "waiter" whose only role is to bring you a drink. If you want to eat - and this is a brunch venue - then you have to queue up at the buffet table. Queuing is a nightmare as, by the time you get the eggs, for example, you then have to queue again for toast so either the eggs or the toast are cold!

    Full price is advertised as £97 and they don't even serve tea in a tea pot you get a tea bag in a cup with hot water also no milk jugs this place is an insult!

    There are plenty if great places in Lindon offering great value if you just want a view go to the top of St George's hotel Langham place much better.

    I went twice - first time on a voucher offer and was so appalled by the experience that I wrote to the manager - who invited me back a couple of months later "after they'd made changes" I went back and guess what - no booking in my name on arrival! But I did get a table - and the only improvement I discovered was that this time the food on the buffet table had labels so you could identify the food. I would STRONGLY URGE everyone NOT to give this establishment your money. It is a rip off!

    Even the toilets were filthy.

  • 2.0 star rating

    the entrance was awkward, as were the staff once you entered the elevator. It seemed no one knew what the hell was going on!!! once you get to the dining area though the views are stunning of London! The food was ok. It was an all you can eat buffet.  The chicken and the crepes  were good and so were the eggs benedict. But the cherry cobbler dessert and the lemon cake tasted a little weird. The service sucked. Over all good experience for my sweethearts birthday.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I attended a business conference that was held at this location. The views of the city  were just as impressive as from the top of the Eye.The service during the event was professional and friendly.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Yes, me & my daughter are total suckers for a good afternoon tea  even more so when I manage to get a discount voucher. Altitude 360 is at the top of Millbank Tower near Vauxhall and they
    offer purely afternoon teas between 12-4pm on Saturdays and Sundays as
    an 'Afternoon Tea Experience' (altitudeexperiences.com/…) . With our voucher, we got it for £35 for the two of us, which was a fantastic deal. The sandwiches were lovely, a mix of traditional finger sandwiches
    and mini baguettes  and they give you a menu beforehand so that if you
    have a fussy-eater in your party (like my daughter!), you can stipulate
    beforehand which you do or don't want. The sandwiches were fresh and
    light and a perfect start. The scones were still warm, although the jam
    wasn't the best I'd ever had  and for some reason we were given two
    plain and one fruit, which seems odd between two people. (normalinlondon.files.wor…) CAKES!!!The cakes were lovely, if not very creative  a squidy chocolate
    brownie type, a lemony sponge square, a chocolate cream layer cake and a
    meringue nest with cream. Rather 'pedestrian' but all very good for
    what they were. (normalinlondon.files.wor…) Grey day yes, but still a fabulous view!However, what you really go to Altitdue 360 for is all in the name  
    it's the fabulous views across London. Even though we went on a very
    grey day, there were moments where the sun was streaking through the
    clouds highlighting certain landmarks and it felt truly magical  a
    fantastic experience!

    • Qype User review…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 3 reviews
    1.0 star rating

    One of the worst places I have ever eaten at! Clearly just a stark white conference centre with a few horrid green strobe lights flashing into people eyes. Absolutely zero atmosphere.
    It broke my heart to watch people entering the 'restaurant' in their best clothes expecting a fancy evening out, and seeing their faces drop
    Even the waiters- who were all very friendly & obliging but completely useless- looked embarrassed to be there.
    Our food was sent back twice. We could handle the fact that it was oviously defosted, but it hadn't even been microwaved properly.. it was barely warm!
    The (bought-in) dessert however, was scrummy.
    All in all, I would have not paid £10 for it again, let alone £30. It also infuriates me that the management seem fit to write fake glowing reviews rather than be honest and put their prices down for such tat.

    • Qype User DEP…
    • London
    • 4 friends
    • 14 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    This is a great venue with amazing views across london that are about as high as the millenium wheel. I found the service here was great, the interior modern, and the general organisation very good. As with the London eye the views were best early evening being able to see most of the hills of London on the clear day we were there. Definitely recommended as a venue to hire out.

    • Qype User cf10…
    • London
    • 1 friend
    • 2 reviews
    1.0 star rating

    Booked an evening at the Millbank Tower through a Groupon voucher for 2 offering 2 movies, 2 cocktails and 4 tapas. First impression on arrival was excellent, girl at reception was efficient and friendly, told us how to get to the cinema (on ground floor) and then to the Sky Bar for our drinks and tapas. Private cinema is a good size, cosy, warm with big screen and an intimate feel but the viewing quality was poor, which we attributed to the location of ours seats (on the far left end). Unlimited popcorn was part of our deal but there wasn't any left during the 1st movie. Come the time for our break. The Sky Bar is truly stunning and the view breath-taking. However there was no attempt made to organise the tapas and drinks service for about 50 people arriving from the cinema at the same time. The food was simple (couple of watermelon slices, bits of cheese, grapes, peanuts etc) so should and could have easily been prepared ahead. The cocktails in the offer were also all the same (bellinis) and should have been ready by the time we got there. Instead, the staff had to prepare everyting on the moment and found themselves quickly overwhelmed. I waited 45mn together with a long queue of other guests for the food which never came despite complaining heavily twice. Apparently the chef was preparing it? Same thing for the drinks (in a separate queue held by my fiance in an effort to gain time). We did get the drinks just in time for the 2nd movie and a free round as a mean of apology from a waiter who had just started his shift and was the only one with a professional attitude on the floor. The self named manager managed nothing and had the worst attitude ever. As we entered the cinema for the 2nd movie, we realised the films were actually illegally streamed directly from the internet! Hence the terribly quality! What a shame, the place has a huge potential but is completely let down by an appalling service. I can't see how anybody would be happy to pay the full price of £84 for such a shamble.

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