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  • “Finishing off a week of work with a gorgeous lump of creamy Italian cheese and a flight of Rioja sounds just about perfect, now doesn't it?” in 5 reviews

  • “I didn't eat here--well just a charcuterie and cheese plate, but I loved the vibe, loved the wine.” in 4 reviews

  • “Next month they'll switch to Châteauneuf du Pape, from Vieux Télégraphe.” in 2 reviews

Recommended Reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in ROTD 4/4/2014

    This is probably one of my favorite dining experiences in London period.  Period.

    We made reservations at this small, romantic, quiet restaurant not knowing what to expect and I cant tell you how pleased I was. First of all, THE WINE!  The wine list is very extensive and offers small pours (75ml) so you can actually try a bunch of different kinds of wine.
    We started with a bottle of champagne to celebrate a colleague's move back to the US, which I will definitely say was way too yummy and each sip wasnt enough!  We then moved onto a bottle of Mencia, a light but full bodied wine that went well with everything we ordered.

    OK on to the food:
    We ordered three different types of cheese and mini chorizo, which were TRULY mini, I was expecting larger sizes but then again, I really did have enough space to eat a dish.

    Roasted Cod with fennel and lemon infused couscous: OMG. fluffy deliciuos couscous with lovely melt in your mouth cod.  I mean wowser!
    Other orders: Rib eye, some other beef dish, and side dishes of kale and seasoned vegetables.  Everything was fresh, delicious and just the right amount of food.

    Felt very comfortable yet being modern and trendy.

    Superb, I felt like I was being treated five star the entire time and our needs were well cared for.  As much food and drink that we ordered, we ended up spending about £55 a person, which I find to be quite reasonable for a special event.  I am absolutely coming back and cant wait for the next event to hang out there casually!

  • 3.0 star rating

    1 star - the space. It's nice and though below ground, has an open feel to it.
    1 star - the service. Attentive, smiley, and helpful.
    1 star - the location. Easy to get to from Chancery Lane tube station.

    The big problem I have with 28-50 are the prices and the portion sizes. A group of ~12 of booked a table for a going away happy hour. When we arrived, we were placed along the wall, directly across from the bar (three high top tables). Since the table safe attached to the wall, we had to basically split our group up into three separate groups.

    Given that it was a Tuesday night and the place was somewhat empty, the server offered to move us to the space directly above the bar. We thought this was a good idea but it was not.

    We ordered several plates of charcuterie and cheese and the portions were small and disappeared quickly. In fact, the area in which our group was placed was so ill laid out that I was not able to make it to the table with the various plates (I would have had to ask people to move and kind of force my way through the crowd which would have been unpleasant because the space was not large enough for the size of our group). Therefore, I was able to nibble on exactly zero pieces of meat, toast, and cheese. £233 for 3 moderately priced bottles of wine and a handful of plates which were all gone within 45 minutes of ordering - an excessive price tag if you ask me.

    I think that this wine bar is better suited for couples or a small group of about 4 people. It is not well-suited for large groups though there was another large group in the restaurant area and they had a nice, long table all to themselves. They looked much more comfortable than we were but then again, they were having dinner and we (well some of "we") were having nibbles only.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I like this place but it is sometimes a hit or miss depending on why you're coming here.

    For after work drinksies and nibbles, it is v. good and even comes with a special wine menu. There are tasty boards to share and high tables away from traditional seating that allow for mingling.

    For a capital D, Dinner, this place is like of lullllz. It's pretty pricey even for the City and portion sizes can vary. Dishes don't really come with sides and afterwards I really wanted to hop over to McD's down the street and get a fish filet for desert to go with the remainder of my aromatic seasonal white wine.

    The service was very good and this seems like an ideal date night sort of place, but beware spotty phone reception as the entire venue is underground.

  • 5.0 star rating
    6 check-ins First to Review

    I like flights. Of wine.

    I also like Burrata (the creamy textured and sweet flavored fresh Italian cheese.)

    And I really like being able to choose between different size pours (including a carafe option) when ordering wine.

    28-50 not only had all of the above, but the service from the bar staff was particularly on point. And the prices at this subterranean wine workshop and kitchen were reasonable (particularly when given its City location) to boot.

    The word is definitely out: it was so crowded on a recent Friday evening that my vino swilling sidekick and I had to share a bar stool for half of our stay. But this only served as a reminder that next week we'll just have to get here earlier!

    Given 28-50's Fetter Lane location is less than ten minutes walking from my office, you have probably deduced that I'm falling head over heels with this place and fast...

  • 2.0 star rating

    Friendly staff
    Food is ok nothing crazy to go for
    Chez Gerard use to be good then became bad now we got brasserie blanc which is Raymond blanc latest venture and we are not convince about the food
    We'll try another time .. Maybe..

  • 5.0 star rating

    28-50 is the PERFECT 10!

    This wine bar is fantastic. Another great intro from MW. The ambiance is superb, the service impeccable, the wine list extensive and the glassware is perfect.

    This wine bar has everything I look for in an excellent place to try new wines and to drink old favorites. They have tastes, glasses and bottles. I had a wonderful chardonnay, sparkling and pinot which I had never tried before. I actually felt like I was transported back to San Francisco, minus the cackling marina chicks and overly earger power suited frat boys.

    The crowd is international and varies in age. I could have done without the couple sitting next to us playing a rather aggressive game of tonsil hockey, but I doubt they will be there the next time I visit, which by the way wil be very, very soon.

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    I like to wine. About life, about love, about family... I enjoy a good wine and here at 28-50 you can wine over good wine.

    This is what a wine bar should be, you can have a carafe, bottle, glass or sample. Perfect for a pre-dinner warm up. They have a monthly wine selection which you can explore. We ordered a flight of the monthly region and with my primitive tasting skills I "Oooooo" and "Ahhhh" at what I hope was the right place.

    The place is busy and you really should book a table, even if you're just coming in for a drink. I liked it, great service and atmosphere but to be honest it's not really my scene. I like wine, I don't enjoy it like others. Had this been a gin bar, well...

  • 5.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    Finishing off a week of work with a gorgeous lump of creamy Italian cheese and a flight of Rioja sounds just about perfect, now doesn't it?

    Trust me, it was.

    Don't be put off by the scene -- the suits slowly dispersed to reveal beautiful wooden floors, affordable menu prices, kind and intuitive service, a fantastic nibbles menu with nuts, charcuterie and the like, and of course wine, beautiful wine. The selection was lovely enough, but the prices were truly stunning. The opportunity to sample so many different wines and not spend all of your money is ideal, as we all know.  

    I have no doubt 28-50 will become a regular haunt of mine.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in The City

    An unlikely find on Fetter Lane next door to St Dunstan's House, arguably the ugliest court in the country. You enter at street level but immediately descend down to a subterranean wine wonderland.

    The front half is a wine bar with lots to chose from by the glass and a featured wine maker of the month to investigate. There is also an mezzanine level which can be reserved for groups.

    I have not spent a lot of time in the bar part, instead heading to the restaurant located immediately adjacent to the end of the bar. It's proximity to the bar provides welcome atmosphere unless a rowdy crowd is in, resulting in a bit too much of a good thing.

    The staff are in the main cheerful, although there is an obvious separation between those able to provide assistance in relation to the wine list which, unusually comes in two parts. Part 1 is the same menu you will have seen at the bar - good but not a reason to visit. That reason comes with part 2 which is entitled the 'Collectors List'. This is an ever changing list of older vintages from established vineyards from around the world which have been acquired from private collections by 28 50. The mark up is reasonable and the ever changing nature of the list means that there is always something new to try.

    The food is good as well but not as reliable as the wine in my experience. I have good memories of enjoying a pheasant breast which was perfectly cooked, tender and delicious. However, another occasion saw the same dish (yes, I am a creature of habit) was undercooked to a worrying extent. Generally though I have had no complaints and am therefore happy to recommend - especially if wine is your thing.

  • 5.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    This is a cool place to taste wine.   The bar is downstairs, past a display on the staircase of expired bottles of wine.

    The main attraction for me is the "flight," a multiple-glass sampler of the same type of wine, perhaps three different years ("vintages")  from from the same vineyard or producer.  When I went it was Rioja, one white and two reds, one as old as 1999.  It's a great way to compare different wines, and the bar menu includes a nice cheese selection, or a charcuterie selection to nibble on while you're drinking.   Each month they feature a different flight.  Next month they'll switch to Châteauneuf du Pape, from Vieux Télégraphe.

    If any of this sounds too posh or "foo foo," it's not! The place has a nice buzz, and the staff and manager are very nice, friendly and talkative, and the prices are in line with what you're getting in terms of quality.

    I'll definitely be back!

    • Qype User thegru…
    • London
    • 39 friends
    • 25 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Pork belly. Those two words open up vistas of pleasure for most carnivores. Who would have thought that something so simple sounding could deliver so much pleasure? And at lunch, well, it'd be a sin to pass it up.

    28-50, named for the latitudes between which most wine is grown, it's the more casual, wine-focussed, sibling of Texture. With the stripped back simple wood tables and underground space, there is something of both Terroirs and Vinoteca about it.

    A wide selection of good wine by the glass meant I got to pair my gazpacho and pork belly with a glass of lovely crisp, balanced and tasty Aussie Riesling. The perfect foil to the unfolding fleshy delights of my pork belly.

    This came in a couple of thick strips, tender strings of meat barely held together by glutinous, soft, almost sweet fat that luxuriously slipped down as I ate. Balanced atop these were two strips of flash fried pork crackling.

    All this might have been too fatty and intense were it not for a bed of lightly pickled cabbage. The key here was the light touch. There was no tear inducing sinus blitzing on first bite, it just tickled your tongue and gently stripped away the fatty pork coating.

    I'd come here again, only this time I'd spread it out over an evening  plenty of wines by the glass and lots of charcuterie and starters. It's really more that kind of place than a lunch spot. Even an hour felt rushed and we missed dessert as time ran out. That is not a criticism, more a recognition that it's worth investing a little time to enjoy the food and wine here.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Have to agree with the other reviews. Well worth a visit.
    I really liked the ability to have a selection of 'taster' size wine servings from a good long list, a serious benefit.
    Service was excellent, they sugessted a slightly different time so I could get a table without prompting.
    And the food was very high quality if a little generous! good value.

    • Qype User greedy…
    • London
    • 17 friends
    • 69 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    For Photos see Greedy Diva @ greedydiva.blogspot.com/…

    I finally made my first visit to 28-50 Wine Workshop & Kitchen last week. And, quite frankly, I'm smitten.

    28-50 Wine Workshop & Kitchen is a relaxed wine bar style restaurant brought to us by some of the business partners behind the upmarket, modern European venture, Texture. Head chef, Paul Walsh was the sous chef at Gordon Ramsay, Royal Hospital Road for 5 years before heading up the kitchen bringing simple food with a French influence. Yes, there's more to this easy going basement restaurant than meets the eye.

    The 28-50 name refers to the latitudes between which wine is largely grown - and master sommelier, Xavier Rousset, and manager Ed Newman certainly seem to know their stuff about wine. There's an extensive selection - and a reasonably priced range of 15 red and 15 white wines by the glass, carafe and bottle. However, it could not be less intimidating. I gave Ed a few suggestions as to the types of wines I liked, and he guided me through some terrific glasses - a big, bold German Riesling (Horst Sauer, Escherdorfer Lump) and TPG's smooth, elegant Viognier (VDP Yves Cuilleron, Rhone, France, £7.25/glass) were among them.

    There's a specially featured wine maker of the month each month and some of our table enjoyed flights of 3 fantastic wines from Vieux Telegraphe of Chateauneuf-du-Pape (which felt fitting since TPG and I had been drinking in the region only the week before). I recall the flights cost around £19, but the price seems to vary each month and normally they seem to be around the £13 mark.

    There's also a comprehensive Collector List of fine wines for serious wine buffs.

    A passion for wine is driving the restaurant, although the food is remarkably good. I loved TPG's meaty duck rillettes with cornichons and sour dough toast (£7) as much as my own oozy Burrata pugliese simply dressed with balsamic vinegar and rocket (£6.50). I stole a bite of Jeremy's foie gras terrine, that day's special, which was utterly superb.

    My onglet was cooked perfectly at medium-rare and immensely enjoyable - full flavoured, with that hit of offal-like undertones that I like in a good piece of onglet. It comes with thick cut chips, crunchy on the outside and hot and fluffy within, as well as a lovely sauce choron (a sauce similar to a bearnaise with added tomato puree) (£15.50).

    The pig cheeks and belly with swede and quince were also a big hit - I particularly liked the tender, juicy cheeks (£15.50).

    Oddly, we went without the cheeses from La Fromagerie and straight to enjoying a sticky wine with desserts (£6 each). My almond and cinnamon cake with pear sorbet was gorgeous - steaming hot, comforting, and not overpowering on the cinnamon - while the boys all went crazy for the vanilla rice pudding with praline ice cream and maple syrup.

    It's all simple stuff, but it's so enjoyable - quality ingredients handled perfectly. With food and wine this good and so reasonably priced, you'd be really hard pushed not to have a great night. The setting is casual - wooden floorboards and tables, wine shelves and brickwork on the walls - and the atmosphere was buzzy during our Thursday night visit. It's a relaxed, feel good place. I love it.

    We spent about £60/head owing to our enthusiastic wine sampling on the evening - you could enjoy a great night there for less. There's also a 2 course lunch menu for £15.95. Various wine workshops are run at the restaurant throughout the year for £25 per head.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I didn't eat here--well just a charcuterie and cheese plate, but I loved the vibe, loved the wine.  These people take their wines seriously.  You can get just a taster so that you can sample or get glasses.  It is a beautiful space--sitting at the bar table was quiet and we were able to have a nice conversation while drinking and enjoying the nibbles we had ordered.  They also had the most exquisite bouquet of flowers on the bar--these people are first class!  Heard they do great special dinners on their indoor balcony--worth checking out.

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