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  • 5.0 star rating
    9/6/2011 Updated review

    I have learnt my lesson and I vow never to stray from something tried and tested!

    I came here to rectify the mistake I made going to another beauty salon. Fidan is my usual beautician and she really saved the day, don't want to bore you with the girlie details but my eyebrows at least will be back to normal soon!

    4.0 star rating
    24/8/2009 Previous review
    I have a love hate relationship with waxing. I love being all neat but hate the actual process. Not… Read more
  • 3.0 star rating

    You get what you pay for.

    After shelling out for pricey waxes for years, I recently discovered that Strip (my usual) is frequented by various celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Victoria Beckham. This was my reality check that perhaps on my limited income, I should be going somewhere else to have my ladybits serviced.

    In fairness, the waxer was clearly very experienced. I have had a couple of poor experiences in the past where patches were left, the wax was too hot, or the waxer made me assist holding bits of skin out of the way. (Keeping in mind that I am small enough that there aren't really extra folds of anything hanging out down there...) She (no clue what her name is, if that's any indication of the service) was very fast and thorough.

    They did cover the towel on the bed with a medical-wax-paper-sheet-thing, thankfully, because the towel was visibly dirty. She didn't leave the teeny room after asking me to strip below the waist. She didn't speak to me except to offer a 1 sentence, curt answer to a friendly question. The wax was not the nicest I have had used on me. I am much more sore the morning after than I normally would be after pricier waxes. Also, there is no music, making the whole thing feel a bit awkward and dirty.

    I was in and out in less than 15 minutes.

    £23 for the Hollywood + wee tip. If you subscribe to their mailing list, you can get a coupon for 20% if you go before 5pm on a weekday (not possible in my case).

    If you're on a budget, I would recommend this place. If you can handle paying 2.5 x the price, just go to Strip.

  • 3.0 star rating
    ROTD 7/5/2011

    It's hard to get excited about a stranger spreading hot wax on my lady bits so I don't get waxed as much as I should.  In fact, the state of affairs was a little embarrassing when I called today to make an appointment.  Luckily, they were able to fit me in the same day I called.  The procedure was fairly quick (15 minutes), and reasonably priced (17 quid).  The Brazilian didn't include any waxing behind like I expected, but I had enough pain for the day so I was okay with that.  

    Word to the wise, 171 only accepts cash or cheque, so I figure I paid £18.80 when I tack on the fee at the cash machine next door.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The last few times I've had to get a bikini wax in London it's been like 18 pounds (which I think is a bit steep but sometimes you think about someone putting scalding wax on you babymaker and talk yourself into paying a bit more. No sense in bargain hunting on this one.) BUT, this place is a deal and it's relatively painless, fast and 11 pounds. I'm endorsing this one. I got a woman called Niobe. Really liked her (as much as you can like someone who rips out your hair).

    Also, I am totally incompetent when it comes to making and keeping apointments so their policy of allowing walk-ins is great. Kudos to youdos, 171

  • 3.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    I've been here twice now to get the waxing done. I have to say their prices are great having the "hollywood" (which is a full Brazilian wax in the US) is only £22!

    Now for my actual review.

    Trip 1 - the aesthetician was not that nice and it was quite awkward for me to "undress" with the lady in the place but I mean she's going to see it anyway so why not. Anyway one thing that kind of disturbs me is the reuse of the sticks. Double dipping...that's a quite GROSS. You don't really know where other peoples' business have been or even if it's clean. Anyway aside from that the lady didn't use any baby powder or anything before she started waxing. That was quite uncomfortable. Anyway, I got over it. After she was done, she kind of just "wiped" the area and then walked off and left me to get redressed. Obviously fine. The wax wasn't great but it was quite alright. For the price it was a bargain.

    Trip 2 - December 30, 2012 - I went and I'm pretty sure I got a different lady. This was the better. The lady was much more friendly. Still this lady stayed inside and stood around while I "undressed". Anyway this lady used baby powder and was better in that sense. The only issue was she had to "rewax" areas quite often. It was definitely not the best wax ever. But better than the first time i went.

    I'd say this is probably where I'll be going to get waxed unless suddenly I come into money then I might try some other places but until then and while I'm still in London...I'll be coming here.

  • 4.0 star rating

    So this is the usual scenario when it comes to me getting a haircut.
    - Google a hairdresser that is open late enough that I can cycle to after work.  
    - Get there with an idea of how I would like to look like when I leave (nothing fancy folks, dreadful looks in the past have taught me a lesson or two)
    - Leave with a big smile on my face and telling them I love it (when really what I am thinking about is a bike route with as little chance of meeting people as possible)
    - Get home and straight to the emergency wine cupboard
    - Wake up with a foggy head the next day with an empty bottle of wine on the floor next to my credit card and laptop with a screen telling me my purchase of seven hats has been successful.

    Without fail, this is what has happened for the last nine years that I have lived in London.
    This is why I only get a haircut when it is absolutely necessary which is when my dad, who only notices things that evolve around cars and food, tells me over skype that my hair looks terrible.
    Also, haircuts and hats are not that cheap anymore...

    Went to this place last week and when I woke up the next day I noticed something strange. First of all, my head was clear. No empty wine bottles on the floor...and my credit card was where it should be, in my wallet.

    I actually liked my haircut. In fact, I loved it!
    From the moment I walked in and was introduced to Faith, who was going to cut my hair, I knew I would be in safe hands. Faith was so lovely, not because she had to, she was actually lovely because...well, that's just her personality.
    Not only did she give me a great haircut, but also spent time giving me advice of how to handle my hair so I don't look like the Lion King with a hangover.
    It was almost like it was faith that I walked in to this place...

  • 4.0 star rating

    I had a waxing emergency and needed a place that would be nearby at a reasonable price. I had the "procedure" done over a month ago so I don't really remember how much it costs but I remember thinking it was reasonable.
    If you are a lady you know that lady waxing is usually a very uncomfortable process. Uncomfortable physically and because your lady bits are on a table being examined by a stranger. But Charlie at 171 was extremely comforting and was very professional, and was understanding whenever i would need a "time out" for a breather. The whole process was the FASTEST i have ever had, and the effect lasted for a long time. I would def recommend Charlie if you are considering a waxing(for anything).

  • 4.0 star rating

    Having lived in London for eight months I was in desperate need for a hair cut.  I was living just across the street and figured I'd check it out.  The prices are very reasonable, £35 for a hair cut.  I loved what I got as well.  Consuelo did an excellent job and listened to what I wanted.  She also made some suggestions so as to better the cut even more.  I've been back since and continue to like what I receive.  

    I went there last week for a brazilian wax as well.  I'm not actually sure of the name of who I went to (sorry!), but I figured I'd stick to location I knew and was comfortable with.  It was only £17 and considering you can't get one for cheaper than $60 in the states that was a deal for me!  It was quick and painless, in and out in about 20 mins.  

    Great deal for all services I've encountered and friendly people.  Couldn't really ask for much more.

  • 3.0 star rating
    First to Review

    I looked around at several places in North London when I wanted to get my hair cut. This place was the most reasonable, where an appointment with a senior stylist was 39 pounds (seriously). I had a wonderful Dutch man who gave me very good advice, and did a fantastic job with the fringe and layering. I was a little surprised with the quality of the cut, even for a senior stylist, at such a reasonable rate. He is about to open his own salon now in Newington Green, using only organic products.

    This package at 171 also included a wash and a finish, which lasted for about two days. I would recommend going here for a great style and cut before heading out to a party.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Never had my hair cut here, but as far as the beauty treatments go, I always get my brows waxed and eye lashes tinted here with the lovely Chloe. She's brilliant at getting all the hair with minimal rips, so much less redness.

    Down side of this place is cash only and beauty appointments often overrun when they're busy, so you're not always seen on time.

    Very good value though, with both treatments coming in at around £18.

    Might not be the most glamorous or modern of beauticians, but they're very good at what they do.

    • Qype User 78appl…
    • London
    • 36 friends
    • 59 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Really well priced for colour, and they did a great job. Quick too, which is always a bonus if you don't like going to hairdressers. I'd reccommend this place and will be going back.

    But watch out for hidden extras - they tried to charge for toner, which i hadn't asked for and wasn't told about, and blowdrying is on top too. You also need to carry cash as they don't take cards.

    • Qype User Fli…
    • London
    • 47 friends
    • 83 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Great beauticians and prices are really reasonable - ask for Fidan (not sure how you spell her name). Remember - they don't take cards but they're happy enough to hold on to your keys or mobile afterwards while you go to the cashpoint!

    • Qype User Tink…
    • London
    • 55 friends
    • 35 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Excellent hairdressers and beauticians - always really busy on a Saturday so well worth booking. Good for boys too!

  • 4.0 star rating

    This is an excellent place for waxing. The women working there are cordial, experienced, and fast; the rooms are clean; the prices are good. I definitely recommend it.

    • Qype User chicke…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 6 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    My hairdresser deserted me so I screwed up my courage and booked in at 171. I had Consuelo cut and dry my hair and it looked better than it has done for ages. I'm going back to her again soon. Highly recommended and not too expensive.

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