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  • 5.0 star rating

    This is an impressive spot. If you ever wanted to schmooze, make a good impression on a date or a partner's family or just lap up some of the North West's rare but lovely sunshine this could just be the place to do so. The terrace is its selling point.

    It's also something of a hotspot for parties as it can be readily hired out and I'm assured that the owners go all out to ensure everything runs smoothly. Also, the coffee just happens to be some of the best Liverpool has to offer - take an American friend for example and see if they turn their nose up at the antithesis to what is ordinarily British swill. With a varied musical backing track (some of it being thorough muso's choice sort of fare) and acoustic nights once a month the creative ambience speaks for itself, and what's a tranquil spot to sip coffee and munch lunch in by day becomes a sexy, stylish bar and restaurant by night.

    The wine list is eclectic and what I sampled was particularly lush, and their goat's cheese salad really has to be tried to be believed. I can think of nothing better on a balmy summer evening than a medallion of creamy baked cheese topping green leaves, tomatoes, walnuts, cucumber and a delicious honey mustard vinaigrette to finish the whole thing off. Very rarely do I actually want to get a room with a mere salad.

    Overall, if you get a chance to drop in here then I highly recommend it, even more so if you're wanting to soak up every inch of the glorious weather we're having at the moment.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Coffee + a good book = Happiness

    Nestled next door to one of Liverpool's cosiest secondhand bookshops, 07 Cafe Bar is a relaxed and unpretentious cafe with big windows and simple wooden tables. There's original art on the walls, mellow music on the stereo (everything from Fleet Foxes to Nick Drake) and the scent of fresh coffee in the air. The espressos, lattes and americanos are all great and there's yummy home-made soups, salads and baguettes for lunch and light snacks. For those that prefer a tipple, they also serve wine and spirits and have live acoustic sets in the evening.

    Clearly, coffee + a good book + good food = Double happiness.

  • 3.0 star rating
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    Nice little place this gaff, makes you feel all educated what with its close proximity to the universities and having a quaint little second hand bookshop next door, the 07 Cafe wouldn't be out of place in somewhere like York or Oxford.

    It's a perfect place to come and get some reading done or with good wifi jump on your computer as the place is never really empty but is always very quiet - except for the odd occassion you gget a bunch of female lecturers in having a cheeky glass of vino at lunch - then it can get a bit rowdy if anybody mentions Ted Hughes!

    The recent good weather has also brought my attention to 07's patio at the rear, an ample space with tables and chairs.  It's a quiet walled space so it becomes a real suntrap - much needed to prevent Liverpool's constant wind spoiling the summer rays.

    The lunch menu is very simplistic with a choice of baguettes, bagels or salads but they don't skimp - proper crusty baguettes you'll struggle to get your chops around.  07 is open of an evening too but then it goes the whole university hog with a cheese and wine vibe - out of my depth there

  • 4.0 star rating

    07 Cafe Bar is a quaint, French-style cafe next to Reid's bookshop on Mount Pleasant. Pleasant it is too, inside, a lovely red door and a chirpy gold bell, furnished with polished mahogany tables and French ballet prints it has a very welcoming vibe with friendly staff and a lovely patio area at the back.

    I sat for an hour with coffee and a good book that I'd just picked up from next-door and it has that je ne sais quoi that really makes a difference. It was rather quiet when I arrived but the service was impeccable and they serve a range of cocktails for £4.95 if you fancy lunching with the girls.

    They offer French lessons every fortnight on a Wednesday at 3 levels so if you want to do something different, it's a great place to start learning a new language and only £6.
    They also have acoustic nights, and I imagine with a few good friends, a bottle of their best red and the lilting sounds of a good guitarist, this would be a delightful cafe bar to wile away an evening.

  • 5.0 star rating

    This place is fantastic - last time I was here I ordered a crisp greek salad and a frothy caffe macchiato and was surprised by how good both these items were. The place is abuzz with students and their visiting parents (the place is an island of sophistication located near the Liverpool University and John Moores campuses - "No Mum, of course I don't just eat kebabs!")

    There is a really great, friendly atmosphere to the place, the owner-managers Tony and Celine go out of their way to make diners comfortable and satisfied. The wine list is select and, apparently, impressive (not that I would know myself - I'm still struggling to get my head around the fact there are, like, three colours of wine?!)
    I have also heard fantastic things about the place as a for hire venue for parties - with live bands on the terrace, delicious food and drink flowing. One of my favourite little places in Liverpool. Brilliant!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Buy yourself exactly the sort of weighty tome for which they say "life itself" languishes between those soft, yellowed pages from Reid.

    Then, new volume clutched proudly underarm, skip next door to the old 07 Cafe Bar.

    Order a hot, soft, crusty baguette - make sure there's melted cheese within - and a glass of full bodied red.

    And soak.

    Soak it all up - the soft initial crunch, the oozing warmth of buzzing flavours as your teeth sink into that delightful quagmire of taste - tongue tingling in anticipation of the wine with which you will wash it all down, having swirled.

    ...all whilst ploughing through your latest literary acquisition...

    ...that's not quite a standard afternoon for me but - bloody hell - would that it were.

    There's absolutely no strife in living the timeless life.

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    5.0 star rating

    Not only 07 cafe bar offers freshly roasted coffee (check out the creamy texture on top of the espresso!!!), offer GREAT wine at VERY REASONNABLE prices, the menu is simple yet effective. There is also a great terrace!!!
    And what's more, they now have an acoustic night on the last thursday of every month!!! Last thursday (31st July) it was full house, and I can't wait until the 28th August!!!!
    The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly with a hint of sophistication and NO false pretention. The music varies from Nick Drake to Madeleine Peyroux and Camille. Not the everyday everywhere music, which is pretty refreshing.
    All thumbs up guys!!!!

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    5.0 star rating

    Great place for a party. We met for lunch one day to discuss traying to find a venue for a friends party, and before we knew we'd made a booking, fallen in love with the terrace and generally bonded! We brought our own food, were spoilt rotten by Celine and Tony, had a live band in the garden, and had the best night ever. I know at least 3 friends who've had parties there since with similar success. A wonderful venue, and our little secret!!

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    4.0 star rating

    I was here over lunch on a weekday. The place started really humming around 12:30. There is table seating for about 20 and stool high seating at tall tables for another 20. The back room contains the bar which could hold about 8-10 at the bar and standing room for another 25. It gives the appearance of a coffe shop/cafe in the front during the day. I ordered the Goat Cheese salad for lunch with a latte. The latte came served in a tall clear glass mug with a thick layer of foam. The presentation was nice and the latte was average. The goat cheese salad had a thick round slice of goat cheese over greens, walnuts, tomatoes, cucumbers and a honey mustard vinegrette dressing. It was worth trying, though I would probably order something different next time. The atmosphere was upbeat and the clientelle was younger, as it is quite close to University of Liverpool. It is probably a place to take your parents if they visit you at university.

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